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A.G. 29th June 2019 10:55

Re: The Built Tough Ford Endeavour 3.2 Titanium - Ownership Experience
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Originally Posted by NaXal (Post 4611711)
I guess for the stock intake, the front bumper acts as a barrier for heavy rain water getting into the intake.

To add to what @Manuuj has shared, the original intake snout is the mounted at the highest point in the Engine bay right above the driver side headlight. The air is drawn from the engine bay as the front of the bonnet has a rubber seal. The lower part of the original intake snout which goes into the air box is loosely fit and there is a small hole for water exit as well.


Originally Posted by Manuuj (Post 4611814)
I usually would cover the snorkel head with a plastic bag while washing the vehicle with a hose to prevent accidental spray directly into the snorkel head.

Good tip, thanks.


Originally Posted by Manuuj (Post 4612050)
Update: There is usually a little water that does infact enter the Air Filter Box which has drain holes to allow this water to drain out. The actual Air Filter sits a little higher so that little amount of water does not get it wet.

Sharing pictures of both the original and the new air box showing this drain hole

Original Air box
Attachment 1888644

New Air box (drain hole visible just below the new intake entry)
Attachment 1888646


Originally Posted by Manuuj (Post 4612050)
Snorkels are not foolproof by any means for deep water crossings. The main purpose for installing one is to get cool clean air from the raised intake. Engines love cool clean air..specially big diesels.

Without doubt the snorkel is providing cooler air and hopefully it is relatively cleaner as well.

Originally Posted by Manuuj (Post 4612050)
The Endeavour comes with 800 millimeter wading capability which is quite good. This means that the Air Box, Breathers and Electricals are protected up to that depth as standard.

The engineering that has gone in the Endeavour has clearly taken care of this as far as 800mm water wading is concerned. You can spot 3 breather pipes in the engine bay and the fuse box in the engine bay is mounted up top (marked in the picture below).

Left to right - Original intake location, Breather pipes, fuse + distribution box
Attachment 1888643


Originally Posted by Manuuj (Post 4612050)
Some people mount the Snorkel head facing forwards while some prefer it facing back. The Gurkha comes with a snorkel fitted from factory with the Snorkel Head facing backwards.

Atleast that’s not an option in the OE Snorkel for the Endeavour as the Snorkel head is integrated in the Snorkel. Not sure what advantage sacrificing ram air effect with the Snorkel Head facing backwards would have.


Originally Posted by Manuuj (Post 4612087)
They stated in this video that the Air Box comes equipped with a valve which i understand must be a Non Return Valve which would not allow water from entering the Air Box from the drain holes.

As shown in the picture above, the original air box just has a drain hole and there is no Non Return Valve. Even the original intake snout is loosely fitting in the original air box, so not sure how a Non Return Valve would help even if it was there as water can enter from this point as well in the original air box if the 800mm forging depth is exceeded.

Here is another interesting video which shown the Ranger being tested thoroughly for the 800mm water wading.

Sharing a picture of the parts received back after snorkel installation
Attachment 1888645

A.G. 12th July 2019 14:54

Re: The Built Tough Ford Endeavour 3.2 Titanium - Ownership Experience
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Fifth Service Experience:

The fifth service which included the inspection coat of underbody anti-rust treatment as well was done earlier this week and again Harpreet Ford (Sahibabad) had a very short turn around time. In addition to the schedule, the fuel filter was replaced while the brake oil change was not done as it was already done ahead of schedule. With the advent of monsoon, the sunroof drain was also inspected for any clogging. The total bill came to Rs. 8,709/- with Shell Fully Synthetic Oil being used.

Fuel Filter after 10K Kms
Attachment 1893365

Sunroof drain
Attachment 1893366

A.G. 5th September 2019 17:20

Re: The Built Tough Ford Endeavour 3.2 Titanium - Ownership Experience
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Made 2 trips of close to 2300 Kms each in a month. While one was a family roadtrip to Rajasthan (covering Pushkar, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Udaipur and Jaipur), the other was to meet fellow Endeavour owners (a few BHPians among them) from Pan India at Bandhavgarh (M.P.). Sharing a few pictures from the trips.

Umaid Bavan Palace Jodhpur
Attachment 1912935

Army Storme towering over the Fortuner and Endeavour
Attachment 1912936

Parking it too close to the planter due to limited space
Attachment 1912937

City Palace Udaipur
Attachment 1912938

The final trip stats which included close to 3 hours of idling
Attachment 1912939

The entire collection of Endeavours at Bandhavgarh
Attachment 1912940

Lining-up for photoshoot
Attachment 1912941

The convoy going on trail
Attachment 1912942
Attachment 1912943

Getting the mud
Attachment 1912944

The highlight was an owner's RC F-150
Attachment 1912945

Final Trip stats
Attachment 1912946

A few videos from the trip

Post the trips, cleaned the air filter and found that the remains of bugs encountered on highway which would have entered via the Snorkel
Attachment 1912934

A.G. 16th December 2019 16:01

Re: The Built Tough Ford Endeavour 3.2 Titanium - Ownership Experience
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Tyre replacement again – getting stinged by Pirelli’s Scorpion:

Over the course of close to 45K Kms with the Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8, these tyres were developing a wear pattern resembling close to that of overinflated tyres. The shoulders had a tread depth close to 8mm while the center of the tread had a shade above 5mm of tread. The main culprit here was rim width – 8.5J was simply not wide enough for the 285/60R18 tyre. This resulted in the tread on the edges being always sort of pulled-in leading this unusual wear pattern. Rim with 10J width would have been ideal solution.

Wear after 45K Kms resembling that of overinflated tyres
Attachment 1946177

While this issue was already under observation, the punctures had really become a menace until a fateful night all hell break loose. While driving at 1 am, I could see on the TPMS that the Front Left tyre was loosing air. Found a repair shop at a petrol pump and despite repair, the leak started again after a few kms. Since the spare was smaller size (265/60R18), using it was out of question. Only solution was pumping air every 20-25 kms (by when the pressure dropped from 40Psi to 24 Psi) for the next 90 Kms of the journey. Later that day it was found that tread itself had developed a bulge which most likely indicated to failed / broken steel ropes internally.

Bulge in Tread at the outer edge
Attachment 1946178

It was evident that this tyre would need to be changed but with the harrowing experience of not being able to use the spare, it was clear stock size was the best solution. Also in favor of the stock size was the overinflated look alike tread wear. Since the tyres in stock size were needed like yesterday, there were only a few options – Falken Wildpeak, Yokohama Geolander G015 and Pirelli Scorpion ATR. Selected the Pirelli since I had no previous experience with Falken and @Mu009 was facing issues in his Geolander. Had used the Scorpion ATR for quite some kms on the Pajero Sport before selling it off on the same tyres. During their stint, never faced any issues with them.

Multiple plugs were used to stop the leak before finally making it to the Pirelli Center in Delhi
Attachment 1946179

Look from the inside
Attachment 1946180

Getting stinged by Pirelli’s Scorpion
Attachment 1946181

Tyres removed and ready to be changed – the difference in width evident
Attachment 1946182

First one done
Attachment 1946183

And the other side comes on it’s tyres as well
Attachment 1946185

Tread pattern
Attachment 1946186

Claimed treadwear rating
Attachment 1946187

Before leaving the tyre store, correcting the tyre size back to stock using FORScan
Attachment 1946188

The initial observations with the Pirelli Scorpion ATR are good with lesser road noise and good grip, especially in wet. Being stock size, atleast the spare tyre is useable now in case of emergency.

A.G. 18th December 2019 16:39

Re: The Built Tough Ford Endeavour 3.2 Titanium - Ownership Experience
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Sixth Service Experience:

The sixth service threw a curve ball when it was diagnosed that the front upper arm bushes need replacement since one of them had lost a collar and other had signs of cracking. Apart from this, the wiper blades were additionally replaced. In addition to the schedule, the fuel filter was replaced while the cabin air filter and engine air filter were cleaned. The transmission oil quality and quantity was visually inspected via the provided dipstick.

Part of bush collar missing
Attachment 1946879

Upper Arm removed for bush replacement
Attachment 1946880

New wiper blades prices
Attachment 1946881

Transmission oil dipstick
Attachment 1946882

2 Endeavours getting serviced side-by-side
Attachment 1946883

A couple of door visors had broken and they were replaced too along with the addition of cargo cover. Including these 2 accessories, the overall service bill came to a shade above Rs. 25,000/-.

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