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Default frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

Summing up the stock car:

+ ZESTy package
+ DZIREable Features
+ AMAZEing value for the money
+ Engine that ROARS like a TIGOR when provoked
+ AMEOble, un-offending design
+ Safety Kit to embarrass cars a few segments above her

- Beige XCENTs on interior panels and seats
- SAILs when subjected to crosswinds
- Stubby boot with a VERITO kinda VIBE
- ASPIREs to be spirited as well as comfortable and messes up a few small things
- Sub-4 meter rules means Boot and interior Space is (C)Stunted.
- CS (Curdled Stomach) syndrome under panic braking and oversteering.


frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-chilidavis12x.jpg

Part 1: Dreams
They say a Man never grows up. He only grows larger and gets some grey hair on his head to fit into to the older public.

It was December, 2018 and my Polo GT TSI was going greaaaattttt guns! I used to thank my stars and God, daily, for giving me the opportunity to drive such a beautiful car! I had a hefty list of mods on it, and the car responded very well to every single mod. Trouble is, I had exhausted almost every stable/reliablemod available for this car, be it the drivetrain, or the audio system or even the cosmetics. Every thing was tried, tested and enjoyed thoroughly. Which is why I mention the December of 2018 when a small thought swept my head. I told myself, "I don't really need a new car right now, and I doubt if any car would drive as well, or deliver so much in such a VFM package, as the Polo." (the Polo drivetrain was pushed to perform at 20% more than stock power, and that made a fast car really fast.)

The child in me started dreaming, and day dreaming and Googling and researching, massively eating into Productivity and suddenly, it was taken for granted, that a new car was needed. I work on Kids' teeth, and I know exactly how they make their decisions. I think I took this Car decision in the exact same manner. I am actually proud of that. I listened to my heart and didn't let old people stuff weigh me down!

Part 2: Thoughts become Things

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-howthoughtsbecomethings1.jpg

Now, I spent hours of my day researching about a car that I absolutely didn't need, and obviously there were a lot of other things (like WORK!) that needed my attention and time. I couldn't possibly afford to do that, and within a week of heavy research and poring over internet forums, YouTube videos and online blogs and articles, it actually came to a point where I was sick of finding something better than the Polo.
The Budget I had kept in mind was anything less than 10 lakh rupees (quite expensive for a knee-jerk decision) and that made things pretty difficult because the GT had set the bar so high, that I was peeved, concerned and almost regretted the impulse towards the end.

But, as they say, Thoughts really become things, and I had invited a new car onto myself by thinking about one for so long, that 2 strong contenders came to mind by Magic. Just 2. Out of the 240-odd cars available in India, me, a Petrolhead, just had 2 firm replacements in mind for the Polo:
1. The Tata Tigor JTP
2. The Ford Figo Aspire TDCI

Switching from a Polo to a cheaper car? Expecting more from it than the Polo???? This is exactly what I was moving on to do, and it looked like suicide from far.

Part 3: The Decision to arrive at a Decision

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-52781861a2ac63df73850642980ccd38.jpg

Now, before you start rubbishing this thread and writing me off, let me be very honest. I had ONLY 2 major requirements from my new car:
1. It had to have a TURBO from the factory (be it Petrol or even Diesel), hence also have TREMENDOUS scope for Mods (like my Polo)
2. It had to be more spacious (what I had used as the focal selling point to convince the family we needed a new car)

I am not a Cornering and Oversteer-understeer guy (or so I thought, but more on that later) and from my previous lists of mods, it's pretty obvious that I believe in keeping stock suspension geometry intact. So I went about looking for a car that would be quick in a straight line and become QUICKER as I work on it and add stuff to it as I moved on with it's ownership.
The Tata Tiago and Tigor JTP were just launched, and I was super excited about their arrival. Calls to Tata showrooms, YouTube videos and sleepless nights went in making me realize she could be THE ONE.

Part 4: End of the Honeymoon Phase with the JTP Twins

Name:  honeymoonphaseover.jpg
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IMMEDIATELY, the JTP effect started waning off, and losing it's grip over me after the initial hype around it. I genuinely appreciated Tata's effort, but the moment I sat in the cabin of a regular Tigor, I just decided against it. STOCK entertainment system, NO Android Auto, or Apple Carplay and NO scope of installing it after-market was my BIGGEST reason to chuck the JTP twins out of the mix. That, and the horrendous, cheap new-car smell that all Tatas and Mahindras suffer from. Yes, New-Car smell holds a very important place in my decision making.
I would also like to blame my premature rejection on Tata for not having a TD or Display Vehicle at the showrooms immediately at launch, or I would have gone and booked on the VERY first day (remember, impulse buy)
I have STILL not managed to see a JTP on the road, and I think it's a lot to do with the way Tata is handling its new model launches.

Part 5: The ACTUAL Decision

Name:  finallydone.jpg
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This would seem like such an anti-climax! But wait, there's a straightforward explanation for that.
The Ford Figo Aspire TDCI turned out to by my ONLY choice. By such a long margin that I ended up test driving only one car (I am known to procrastinate, a la (frankmehta gets a CARGASM: Ford Fiesta S Diamond White EDIT - REVIEW on pg10) and (Frankmehta's workhorse : Black Maruti Swift ZDi. EDIT, now with RD Box) and of-course (Frankmehta's VW Polo GT TSI! EDIT: Sold!)
The only car that withstood the 'frankmehta' test was the Ford Figo Aspire TDCI, and here's why:
  • : 7 pages of search results, with no obvious negatives that could detract me from my decision.
  • It ticked both the boxes on my pre-requisites (Turbo and ahem, space)
  • I had owned a Ford before this and the experience was so good that I wouldn't need to think before buying and owning another one. Also, let me admit, selling the Fiesta S prematurely was one of my weakest moments, so a lot of unfulfilled dreams of owning another Ford magnetised me towards one.
  • I hated compact sedans and it required a lot of self-control on my behalf, to not set one on fire when I came close to any, forget about buying one. I was so against them! I used to laugh at how an Aspire or an Indigo CS or the Hyundai Xcent or even the Swift Dzire looked. But SUCH is the Dzire to own a Sedan in India, that the Xcent of an Indian changes rapidly and he suddenly Aspires to own one after comparing the Prices. (not one of my stronger moments in Prose, but this exactly sums up why SO many Hatchback owners eventually decide to upgrade their budget a little and get a car with a boot.) Oh, yes! One more reason to get the Aspire over the Figo was the arrival of a new member at home, and a little boot-space over the hatch would make the crucial difference between frustration of packing so much in a boot, and a sigh and heave of relief that everything just about fit!
  • It had the LEGENDARY 1.5 TDCI mill, the origins of which date back to the decade-old (or even longer) Ford Fiesta TDCI which NEVER gave away how underpowered it was, purely owing to its tractable, low lag and no nonsense way it went about in the city. The lineage and long-term reliability of the engine cemented one fact: This engine could take some abuse! Scores of Lakhs of KMs of real-life testing has been conducted on this drivetrain by real owners without complaint, and this engine has been one of the most reliable ones around. WHICH IS WHAT MAKES IT SUCH A PLEASURE TO EXPERIMENT WITH (eyes light up, adrenalin levels rise and palms become sweaty)

Grab some coffee, boys and girls.
This review is going to be a long one. And an unconventional one, akin to the way I do most things in life.

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Default re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

This review will be less, hitting on the various points already written about this car in various other reviews, and will be more, highlighting the reason why I decided to buy it and mod it.

This review will be broken down into 5 major sections over multiple posts.

1. Decision Making

2. Index

3. Booking, Delivery and post-delivery experience

4. The Car itself, and a little of the ownership experience

5. What I HAVE already done to the car, and what I intend to do further to her, ie THE MODS, ADDONS AND TUNING (over the coming few months)

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Default re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

Booking, Delivery & Post-Ownership Experience

I generally dedicate a paragraph to this, when I buy a brand-new car from the showroom. But this time over, it's going to be one Long Post. You'll know why, after you finish reading!
We all know that the proof of a pudding lies in eating it, but the fun and anticipation while the pudding is baking, along with the excitement of having to see, smell and taste the final product holds as important a place in my heart as eating the pudding.
Let me make this simple for you.

Taking delivery (and all the other stuff leading to it) is a very, very big thing for me. The test-drive, SWOT analysis and the election of the FINAL CANDIDATE (The One) are the ingredients that make car-buying a pleasant process.

Let me recount a few of them. I am sure this will strike a chord with a lot of you guys here!

The Excitement Building Over The Days That An Impending Car-Buying Decision Is About To Be Taken,
The Sweaty Palms While Breaking The News To The Family About The Arrival Of A New Member,
The Countless Hours Before Arriving At The Final Candidates,
The Final Decision, After Eliminating All The Others
The Actual Test-Drives,
The Negotiation With Dealers, Family Accountants And Oneself
The Woozy, Stomach Churning Feeling While Clicking The Make Payment Button On The Rtgs Form While Making Payment For The Car,
The Nights, Feverishly Reading And Watching Reviews Before Buying The Car, And Then Even More Fervently Looking For Self-Approval After Having Made The Payment,
The (Hourly, For Some) Phone Calls To The Dealers After Making The Payment, Painstakingly Painting The Scene In One's Eyes, As To How It Will Be When D-Day Arrives,
The Disappointment In Our Voices When We Hang Up The Phone When The Dealer Says, "One More Week."
The Urge To See How The Car Looks In The Various Available Shades On The Road, And The Absolutely Subjective Decision To Arrive At The Right One,
The Endless Poring Over Accessory Lists Carefully So One Doesn't Miss Out On Anything Integral For The Car,
The Entirely Sleepless Night Before Taking Delivery,
'Waking' Up With A Spring In The Step On D-Day With Butterflies In The Stomach And A Huge Smile Plastered Across The Face,
The Excitement, Yet Hurry To Go And Buy A Thoughtful Gift For The Sales Person Who Was Badgered Almost Every Hour With Whatsapp Messages, Emails, Texts And Calls,
The Crazy Feeling Of Arranging For The Transport To The Showroom And The Feeling That The Moment Is Only A Few Hours Away,
The Insane Feeling Of Arriving At The Showroom, Trying To Get A Peak Of Your Beauty Hiding Somewhere,
Nervously Signing Documents And Ignoring The Sales Person Talking About The Service Etc Of The Car, Just Waiting For It To End And
And..... Finally, Getting To Sit And Smell The New Interiors. Yes! That Smell Drives Me Wild!! A Feeling Of Accomplishment And A Deserving Finish To All The Events That Actually Led To This One.
Last But Not The Least, The Tears And Joy Of Cranking Her Up For The First Time And Gingerly Wheeling Her Out To Her New Home.

Boy, o boy! I have tears in my eyes. It's like I replayed the memories of all the cars I've taken delivery of, in a few lines.

So how did this time go? I tell you what? This was, by far the best car buying experience in my whole life! We have bought cars before the Aspire, many costing much more than her, but no one has made us feel as special, loved and given us an absolutely exclusive buying experience like Rudra Ford did.

I must thank my friend, Hiral Udani for giving me the number to Mr. Rajesh at Rudra Ford, Mira Road when I started hunting for a good dealer. I had heard bad things about Ford dealers, and this one in particular, was the farthest from home, so the last on my list. But Mr. Rajesh, Roshni Kadam and their entire team showed us the importance of customer care.

I remember calling my friend, Arun Shenoy from Zigwheels while returning home, distraught after the Tiago fiasco. All he said was, The Aspire is the one for you. It was 830 pm and I called Mr. Rajesh last, after dialling 3 dealers, none of whom picked the phone. Mr. Rajesh picked the phone, and promised me a test drive at my residence (50 km from Mira Road) first thing in the morning, the next day. I was pretty impressed at his promise, but I didn't expect them to actually turn up the next day. I remember asking Honda for a TD. NO one called back. Anyway, Roshni called me in the morning before leaving from Mira Road and I asked her that I would like to TD only the TDCI Aspire. I didn't express any desire to buy the car, but she was so polite and warm, that I told her that I may book the car if I liked it. She even got someone from the Car Exchange team all the way from Mira Road to Peddar Road!

I drove the car. The TD car felt really special despite having run 5k km (quite a bit for a month old TD car.) All throughout the TD, there was no sales-man banter. She was well-informed and answered a few questions really well. This was the face-lifted version, and she knew her facts and figures well. They urged me to take a longer TD and I was very happy with everything.

They dropped me back to my place and she didn't pressure me into giving a commitment, but just handed the brochure to me and asked what my next step was. I was sold. I spoke to Rajesh Bhai on the phone and asked him to give me a good price, and before I spoke to the folks at home, I had already decided on my impulse buy!

Now I have bought a Ford before, and I made a lot of friends in the management. I decided to make a few calls, and immediately, all the dealerships called me. No one seemed interested enough to listen to me, and were keen on closing!

Roshni, on the other hand, patiently waited for my call. Responded to my SMS and eventually, after i got all the offers, I called her. She agreed to all the terms I put across, and incidentally gave me the best offer!
A hefty discount and Insurance on my own.
I transferred 11k as a booking amount and she blocked what seemed to be the last but 3 Aspire left in the 2018 pool. 2019 Pool would mean that production would start in January and deliveries in late February. I had made up my mind and booked the White Figo Aspire.

The next morning, I broke the news to my wife, and she seemed a little concerned, but she saw the brochure and said she'd love the Grey one. I immediately panicked and called Roshni. She was gracious enough to book the LAST Aspire in the 2018 Pool. Smoke Grey, it was! (one of the best decisions ever! Photos can do the talking soon)

I had initially decided to buy the Aspire on EMI, and wait for a few months before actually getting a good deal on the Polo, selling her to an owner, rather than a dealer. Applied for an SBI loan, again, very prompt dealing by Roshni and lightning fast service on the loan approval. The loan was almost approved when I decided to buy the car without one, and also, decided to fast track sale of the Polo.
I was lucky enough to get a great price on the Polo from Rudra Ford itself, and she even decided to stick to my earlier terms on the outright buy (they generally make more money on EMI sales) and agreed to delay pickup of my Polo.
(that's out beloved GT TSI, leaving us, one of the saddest moments I have experienced
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181222_164145.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-screenshot_20181222_173057.jpg
For me, it was a 5* experience, 4 days into booking the car.

There were a few days of no activity, but that was the delay of Ford sending the car from the plant. Even those days, Roshni was perfect in the follow-up and updated me with the VIN no. and helped me in choosing the Accessories. She didn't even bother to push them down my throat, until I said I'd like to choose a few things.

I had the Essential Kit (mud flaps, mats and trunk mats) which was part of the price anyway, and opted for the Engine Undershield.

Once she noted this down, she called within an hour saying the car can be delivered in less than a week. I was in a wedding and stepped out and transferred the entire amount to them via RTGS without them even asking for it! She called with a confirmation, but I realized i had forgotten the extra 11k booking amount. She acknowledged that too, and promptly had a cheque dispatched to me, couple of days after delivery without any followup from my side.

Payment made, I was waiting for the 'call.'

What happened next, blew my mind and a half!

I received at least 7-8 calls from them, asking me about registration number preferences, which radio station I liked, who I would come with for delivery and what fragrance I liked!!!!!! Whattt? Was I buying a Bentley or a value Compact Sedan. Right before I could recover, the lady called again and asked me to check my Email.

I couldn't believe my eyes! They were hell bent on making our experience SO special, a day before delivery that they couldn't miss out on a single detail.

Have a look at the images!

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-screenshot_2019_0225_230952.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-screenshot_2019_0225_230934.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-screenshot_20190225_230919.jpg

Ford Personalised Delivery Checklist_20181228.pdf

This experience just made it very special.

D-Day arrived, and I managed to reach Mira Road with my family (of note, my 1 year old daughter accompanied us)
Roshni offered to send a car to the station to pick us up, but it was a large station, unknown to us, so we couldn't find the driver. She was very apologetic for the same when we reached, and the entire showroom staff greeted us with a warmth that one can tell, beyond Standard Operating Procedures.

They really did make us feel like we were taking delivery of a much more expensive car, and pressed the right buttons. Even the owner was introduced to us, and it being the last day of the year meant that we had a few deliveries with ours. My name flashed on the screen there, and they pulled all stops to make our delivery a GREAT experience.
There was an unveiling, a CAKE, a Large key, flowers, THE WORKS! You name it!
The entire showroom came out at 2 pm in scorching heat, but there was another surprise! They knew my baby was coming, so 2 women stood with an umbrella to shield her from the sun! NEXT LEVEL service!
We left with emotions too deep to be expressed in words!

Our VW delivery felt like a customer-shooing ceremony compared to this grand, well thought of, warm one!

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181229_134303.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181229_133227.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181229_133547.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181229_133336.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181229_133602.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181229_133304.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181229_133314.jpg

Happy faces
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181229_133833.jpg


We drove 50 km in scorching heat and intense traffic. I was absolutely comfortable with the car in traffic, but did feel a shift from Auto to Manual, but the light clutch and new, revised gearbox felt great.
What impressed me immediately was the way the Climate Control cooled the cabin without much noise or fuss, and the effortless way the car munched all the dirty broken roads of the Western Express Highway.
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img20181229wa0055.jpg

Dad found the lack of lag very refreshing, and we have fond memories of the drive back home. The feeling of getting a vehicle home MUST be experienced by all!
I did feel the car was driving a lot more conservatively than the TD car, and even felt the car wanting for power intermittently on that drive. I was scared that I had made the wrong decision and was quietly trying to figure out the torque curve and power delivery of this engine, but coming from a highly modified 1.2 direct injection turbo petrol, this felt like a step in the wrong direction. I prayed that it was my ignorance, or the shift from a DSG Petrol to an old School diesel manual, that was doing me in.

This is the Aspire next to her BAAP, our Crio.
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181229_161737.jpg

We visited the temple, and made sure the car was parked at home after that, because we insisted on taking delivery without the number. It was a Saturday, and our number arrived on Monday. Plate was couriered to us on Monday and Tuesday evening, the license plates were already fitted. SUCH was the promptness shown my Roshni and team!

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img20190101wa0138.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190101_213611.jpg

Another example of promptness! The car comes with a built-in Fastag RFID Toll Booth tag. The moment I left from the showroom, I got this text.
This is good stuff by Ford India.
I am yet to activate this, and I would appreciate help, if any.
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-screenshot_20181229_163029.jpg

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Default re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

The Car itself, and a little of the ownership experience

A few snippets

Tires and Alloy wheels
Having taken delivery of cars from showrooms before this, I immediately rolled into a Fuel Station and had the tire pressures checked. The pressure is meant to be in the following vicinity
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190214_212810.jpg
But, as expected, it was in the high 50s. Lowered the pressure to 30 in all tires and realized how cushy and sure footed the car started feeling.
The car came with 6 km on the ODO. It was just introduced a couple of months before I made the booking, so I was assured of a brand-new car straight from the factory. The tires were Apollo Alnac 4G, and I have ABSOLUTELY no plans to switch them for another brand or another size.
The alloys which come with the car make it look like a Tata Zest and I just HATED the design. Alloys can make or break how a car looks. These, just kill the looks. I couldn't take these, and I changed them for another set. Pics in the next post.

Stock form drive and FE:

Managed to take her out for a 200 km round trip on the next day itself. I was happy with how the car drove, but I still kept wondering where the 100 horses and 215 nm of torque were. (more on that, later)
This photo was taken on the way back. She munched bad roads with aplomb, and the large speed breakers near Nhava Sheva were welcomed by her with elan! My wife and baby were in the rear passenger seat, both belted in, with my baby in a MotherCare forward facing car seat. They were ensconced in the well-appointed interiors.
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181230_180216.jpg

If this is a sign of things to come with the performance on offer, it's going to be a JACKPOT!
Figures after her first long-ish journey on her 2nd day with 3 people and 10 kgs of stuff in the boot.
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181230_181721.jpg

The drive highlighted the lack of lag that this car has, in comparison to a lot of diesels, notably the Vento 1.5/1.6 TDI and the Maruti 1.3 DDIS FGT/VGT engines. The car feels linear and picks up speed effortlessly.

Of particular note is one deduction. For the first 900 km I drove, I felt an IMPROVEMENT in engine delivery, daily! The engine was getting broken in and as I was mounting up the km, the engine started talking to me a lot more freely than it did on the first day. I was so relieved to notice this as the car really felt underpowered in the first few days.

In-Car Entertainment System:

The In-Car Entertainment system is a Sync 3.0, and has some decent features. Of note are 2 USB ports, and it runs Android Auto or Apple Carplay, depending on which phone is connected first. The system has WiFi but only for updates, and there has not been a software update yet. The touch screen is of a decent resolution and is of the capacitive touch type, which means that screen presses are registered with a very light touch, akin to a modern age smartphone. I LOVE the presence of Dials for the volume and tuning, and a dedicated button to pause music comes as a welcome surprise. I would have preferred a pause button the steering wheel, though, and that's not there. There is also a button to turn off the screen if needed so it doesn't disturb the driver. Before I hand my car to a Valet parker, I switch to the Valet mode which requires a pin to be entered if any features of the system, or car need to be accessed. In all, it's going to be the FIRST time I will not change the head unit of the car. I don't need anything more from a head unit!!! Contemporary, feature-loaded and easy to use. The microphone allows great phone call conversations on bluetooth and they are MUCH better than aftermarket audio systems to talk on.

2 ILLUMINATED USB ports and a charging socket means there's a LOT of ways to charge devices that work off USB.
The sound quality is one of the WORST I have ever heard, even by stock standards, and very soon, there will be a full-blown audio upgrade happening on the car.

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20181230_192223.jpg

Attachment 1852159

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190102_181409.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190102_194914.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190108_174518.jpg

Attachment 1852163

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190108_174758.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190108_181830.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190108_181839.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190108_181857.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190119_110911.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190121_184408.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190121_184414_burst08.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190121_184414_burst20.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190128_151413.jpg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190204_172732.jpg

I have managed to get FULL SCREEN mirroring with my rooted Android phone, which means Video, YouTube etc, all work well on the small, yet sharp screen.

Stock Looks (Spoiler Alert: Read Next post to know what happens to a Figo Aspire when one decides NOT to leave her stock!)

The car is NOT a very handsome looker in her stock form, but I feel the Smoke Grey colour makes her look her look passable enough. The chrome on the bumper and rear decklid take some time to get used to, but they do gel well to make a decent overall look. The earlier Aston Martin grille was appealing initially, but after Uber and Ola Aspires came on the road, it started losing it's exclusivity. The new grille adds a little class and is well integrated into the car. Overall, not a bad sight to have in the rear view mirror (an Aspire is rarely seen in the rear view mirrors. You are most likely to see it overtake you!)
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190101_215203.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190103_184015.jpgfrankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190104_171401_992.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-20190118_201245.jpg

Stock Key:

The Car comes with Remote locking and push-button Stop-Start. While I am not a fan of the latter, the system works effortlessly. The key itself is EXTREMELY well built and has good tactile feedback. It feels built to last and has a BMW'esque feel to it.
Name:  HTB1jnrIc2ImBKNjSZFlq6A43FXaz.jpg
Views: 17800
Size:  22.4 KB

While it does open the boot with 2 key presses of the Boot open button, it doesn't pop the boot open. What I did realize was that when the car is on an incline, the boot opens in spectacular fashion, akin to a power operated boot. Have a look at this video:

Instrument Cluster & Climate Control
The Instrument cluster is a very simple one, and coming from that of a Polo GT TSI, it feels antiquated. It shows the ODO reading, Average speed (after reset), Fuel Consumption (in km/l), and a few notable features, that is instantaneous fuel consumption in km/l whilst the car is moving, and in l/hr whilst the car is idling. This is pretty cool. Some interesting information is also shown, like Key not in vicinity, Accessory power mode active, INDIVIDUAL door alerts, including Bonnet and Boot. The MID also shows distance to empty. The MID is operated by a solitary button on the headlights stalks (in the right place, on the right side) and is not very intuitive to use. It requires one to hold it for 3-4 seconds to reset each value. Poor showing by Ford, there.
The fuel gauge is an analog gauge, and is the most accurate reading I have seen, like the Fiesta (this one, thankfully doesn't drop as fast as the fuel guzzler 1.6S) The gauge
It doesn't hold trip records, and only shows information per tankful, which is again, sad as compared to the highly detailed trip meter of the Polo MID.
The Ford logo looks pretty cool on the retro cluster and even though the cluster tries hard, it still makes it one of the worst bits on the Aspire.
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190102_193827.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190127_102844.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190103_193942.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190222_130251.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190103_193951.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190106_165031.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190108_155519.jpg
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190108_232609.jpg

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Default re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

..... Continued

On-road price & discounts:

On Road Cost Rs. 9,81,529

Discount Rs. 30,000 (not bad for a brand new car)

Old car valuation- Rs. 5,50,000 (matched by Rudra. Most convenient arrangement. I would only have to transfer the balance amount.)

Insurance quote: Matched by Rudra (again, ACE!) (original quote was upwards of Rs. 50k for Zero-Dep insurance, and it was finally brought down to Rs. 31000 (Included in the cost.)

Extended warranties & service packages

All new Ford Aspire models come with 5 years of warranty. This, or 1 lakh km. A company standing by their car for 5 years is a testament in their belief in the product. Honda, please take a leaf out of their book. Our Brio (now the Crio) has silly niggles since day 1.

Ford has a Ford Owners' app for iOS and Android devices which help the owner to manage his/her car. The User Manual download and HTML option, along with timely service reminders make this app a Must Download for a Ford Aspire owner.

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-whatsapp-image-20190226-11.41.49-1.jpeg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-whatsapp-image-20190226-11.41.49-2.jpeg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-whatsapp-image-20190226-11.41.49.jpeg

A lot has been written about the cheaper spares of the Figo and Aspire, and I won't waste too much time on that, but here's a brief idea of what servicing my car would cost, up till 50000 km

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-whatsapp-image-20190226-11.35.12-1.jpeg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-whatsapp-image-20190226-11.35.12-2.jpeg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-whatsapp-image-20190226-11.35.12-3.jpeg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-whatsapp-image-20190226-11.35.12-4.jpeg

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-whatsapp-image-20190226-11.35.12.jpeg

Safety Equipment:
Now, THIS is the reason why anyone would want to go in for the Titanium+ variant. We have a young member who sits in her own car seat, and she is going to grow up in this car. I chose nothing but the safest for her. The only minor grouse here is, that there are no grab handles on the car roof, owing to the Curtain Airbags. Bigger cars with Curtain Airbags have handles as well, but maybe Ford couldn't package them on the car.
(images from IndianAutosBlog)
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-2015fordfigocurtainairbagfirstdrivereview.jpg

Another minor grouse is Ford deleting Height Adjustable seatbelts. I really don't know why they'd do that.X
Name:  FordFigoAspirecurtainairbag.jpg
Views: 17302
Size:  5.7 KB

Automatic Climate Control
Well, let's be REALLY honest. The ACC can't hold a candle to some other cars I have owned. The Polo and the Crio both have a chiller of an AC, and the chilled blast of air they throw out from the AC vents is something I miss in the Aspire. The Fiesta was a chiller too.
This doesn't mean the cabin isn't cooled fast. The cabin cools pretty quickly, despite the large glass area and occupants don't feel hot even in 40 degree summer afternoons. It's just sensitivity of the thermostat that cuts the compressor off soon, and that means the blast of air doesn't feel as cold to the face that the other cars I mentioned do.
I used to feel cold in the Polo at 24 degrees. This one needs me to set it to 20 degrees to feel the same effect.
Also, the vents don't have the same satisfying 'CLICK' that the Polo vents had. The long, awkwardly shaped vents require a lot of adjustment before the direction of air actually matches one's liking.
The ACC panel has 'knurled' Chrome knobs, but they don't exude quality as opposed to many other reviews. I feel their motion and click tactility make them feel outright cheap to operate.

The ACC panel
frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-img_20190108_181830.jpg
  • The AUTO button switches on the AC but forgets to turn on Re-circulation, which is sad, because I am used to pressing the auto button and setting the temperature in my Polo. There is a dedicated AC button, though, which leaves the Recirc mode on but it would have been nice not to press the Recirc button every time I want to switch on the AC from OFF position.
  • There is also a MAX AC button which cools the cabin quicker, but is also loud and obtrusive. I don't use it often.
  • The regular re-circulation buttons exist and there's nothing new there.
  • There is also an ON/OFF button that switches on whatever mode you had on, last before you switched off the car.
  • The temperature adjustment knob has the Rear Defogger switch built into it.
  • That's just too many buttons for my liking

Some Nifty features:
Ford has always been known to spec their cars well, and I shall highlight some decent ones that I end up using on the Aspire.

Let's start with the Auto wipers and auto headlights. I find them a boon, and I feel every car must come with them. The sensitivity of the Auto Lamps cannot be adjusted, whilst the wipers can be tweaked. I DON'T like the quality of the Headlight knob and the soft material coating it's sides. That's going to wear out in a few months. What I also don't like is the fact that one CAN'T program the car to switch on the Front Fog lights automatically along with the headlights in auto mode. One needs to press the button, and that negates some of the advantage of AUTO.

The Auto dimming ORVM is one of the BEST features of the Aspire. I had retrofitted a Jetta mirror in the GT TSI but this does an even better job at filtering out the reflections from Idiots with High Beams on at all times. (Read: Uber and Ola drivers with their DZires and WagonRs). The mirror itself is nice, solid and rock steady and the image is clear, without any vibrations.

The BONNET open reminder is pretty cool and I shall try to post a photo of it when I can take one.

The no. of things this car chimes for, is not even funny. It chimes when the Driver isn't wearing a seat-belt, and then chimes if the front passenger isn't wearing one too (naturally, and Kudos to Ford for that!) The Passenger seat has a very sensitive weight sensor, and keeping a 5 kg bag on it was enough to evoke a seat-belt reminder. This also means that a child sitting in the front seat MUST BE IN A REAR FACING CAR SEAT, or Airbag deployment can result in serious injuries!
I am yet to find the Passenger seat-belt button or Key slot to switch it off.

The car also chimes when the fuel goes low and light comes on.

The car chimes when I drive with the doors or boot open.

The car chimes when I drive off without the key.

The car chimes when I drive without deactivating the parking brake.

There's a chime if I leave the key inside and walk off.

There's a chime when I unlock the car and the car lights up in 2 places with the Ford graphic (the Touchscreen and the MID).

There's also a chime when the car is reversing, and 3 different sounds, owing to the distance from the objects. The parktronic highlights those in different colours, and the stock rear-view camera augments that.

In all, a LOT of different sounds.

The follow-me-home headlights and welcome parking lights are also a good feature to have.

The Remote locks the car silently, but if one presses the Lock button again, the car sounds its horn. It's like it's saying, "Hey, you pressed once already!" The car comes with 2 electric keys and both are identical so you can alternate between them. The Polo only came with one electric key.

The Electric key comes with a normal key built into it, but there's no slot to use it in an emergency. The only place one can use it is while opening the boot from the outside.

The boot opens with an electromagnetic button and not a lever like most cars. The Fiesta had that feature too.

The boot AND the glove box are Illuminated. Thank you, Ford!

The rear seats come with ADJUSTABLE headrests. Thank you, again, Ford!

The doors can be opened by tugging against the handles twice, even if the car is locked.

The steering wheel comes with a VOICE button, which activates Google Assistant, SIRI or even Sync Assistant but it doesn't have a MUTE button. SAD!

The steering wheel comes with Tilt adjustment, but not Telescopic. I miss that from my Polo but it's not difficult to find a driving position in this car.

Putting the car into reverse DOESN'T mute the audio until there's an obstruction, after which it lowers the volume and starts chiming in different tones. NEAT! One negative here is that an ongoing phone conversation gets muted and one can't alert the person on the other side.

Overall build quality, fit & finish, paint quality and panel gaps

Plastic quality used is AVERAGE at best, but seems long weathering and long standing type. It will stand the test of time.
I can't say that about the HORRENDOUS swathes of beige around me. The top half of the dash is black, but the bottom half is BEIGE. So are the seats (unattractive seat covers, and cannot be replaced due to the Airbags built into them too). Worse off, are the door pads, that have a light BEIGE fabric as well as BEIGE plastic. Uggggghhhh, I really wish we grew out of the Beige fad.
The paint quality seems very good, and the luster on my Smoke Grey colour makes the car look much, much better than the other grey cars around. The car really shines when washed and detailed.
The panel gaps, are not very Ford like, and so is the panel quality. I have seen a big gap near my fender and running board, and I must bring this to the notice of my Ford Service Station when I take her next.
The doors and fenders don't 'RING' like Marutis and Toyotas, but they don't exude the 'built to withstand a road roller' feel like the Polo and Fiesta did. There's a lot of cost-cutting in the sheet metal quality, and that's for sure.
The doors don't shut with a 'thud,' but they don't even shut with a 'clang.' Ford has got it right for most, but I was left wanting.
Finish of the steering wheel is decent, and the horn button is easier to press than my GTI steering wheel (I don't use the horn often, but a few short dabs give better results and lesser pollution than a long press)
ONE more point. This car HATES crosswinds. The light build makes the car vibrate the moment a heavier car passed by, or if the car is accelerating against the wind. It's unnerving and irritating, to say the least.
The car sways and bobs while driving southwards on the Bandra Worli Sea Link where cross winds touch 140 kmph. The Polo and the Cruze were rock-steady in that aspect. The Swift and Estilo were horrible. This stands a ground between these 2 extremes.
Chassis flex seems under control with the stock car, but in the current tune, I do feel some load on the chassis and frame while accelerating and braking hard.

Interior space & comfort...front & back (seat support, legroom, headroom & width)
I was most impressed with the Aspire driver's seat when I took a test-drive, and I must say, I have the same to say now, after 2000 km of driving. The Polo seat gave me a backache in various angles. This one cossets my larger frame better and is padded in the right places to support my back-structure better than the Polo. Thigh support is also superb!
Full marks there! My wife has Chronic back issues, and she vouches for the front and back seats of the Aspire over all other cars we have owned.
Legroom is subjective. I felt it was enough when I took a TD, and I feel it's ok now. But we could still do with a lot more, since this is a compact sedan. It's leagues better than the Polo with the over-sized armrest that it had, and ingress and egress is no longer a pain in this car, like it was for the Polo.

Visibility & size of mirrors
Let me just say that the NEW Honda Amaze has the BEST Bonnet visibility while driving and parking, like it used to be with our Ambassadors and Padminis. I fell in love with that aspect of the Amaze. The Aspire, on the other hand, has limited visibility. Blind spots exist due to the large A-Pillar, but who doesn't have them these days!

Interior storage, practicality & boot space
Good stowage spaces, except for one impractical one behind the dash which is accessed while opening the doors.
The rubberized till below the climate control cannot house a phone bigger than 5.7 inches. The iPhone XS Max doesn't fit into it.
The rear seats DON'T come with pockets. Bad boy, Ford!
The front seats have large, well shaped pockets and so does the centre console between the seats. No armrest between the seats also means that the handbrake is easily accessible and doesn't require contortion of the hand like it did for the Polo. The armrest is missed, though, on longer drives only.
The rear bench cannot accommodate 3 people comfortably, due to it's lack of width, but for 2 passengers, the seat is supremely comfortable. My baby's car seats takes up more volume than 1 passenger, hence 3 is nigh impossible at the back (I am glad. No excessive weight on the suspension with extra passengers!)
The headroom is enough for us, and we don't seem to come in the category of those who require oodles of it, owing to all of us being sub-6 feet.
The glove-box is adequately sized as well, and doesn't leave much to be desired. The LID of the glove compartment CLOSES with such a beautiful click that it satisfies one just to open and close it multiple times.
Boot space is average. But then again, as much as I expected. Loading lip is higher, so I have to stand and monitor anyone unloading my 15 kg consultation bag from the car, lest they scratch the bumper while doing so.

Gearshift & clutch
The car comes with an all-new Getrag MX65 5 speed transmission, and I must say that everyone raving over it before I got one, was absolutely true. The gearbox is an absolute pleasure. The accuracy and tactile feel of slotting the lever in various gears is extremely satisfying and the term 'maska' definitely applies to this car. In-gear acceleration feels like a lot of fun, owing to the precise gating and lever positioning. The gear knob is also premium, and the gearbox is a great relief for me, since I had the phobia of going back to a manual.
One quirky feature is having to pull up a ring below the knob, to slot the car into reverse. Have never had that in any of my cars, but the Verna I drove for a while (my father-in-law's car) had a similar ring to pull up.
The clutch is brand-new and feels great. But I will reserve my opinions on the action and weight after 10000 km. I am very satisfied by it right now, and it feels very easy to depress and modulate, without being too heavy or too sensitive.

Overall NVH levels (including engine, wind & road noise)
I am not impressed by the NVH levels at all.
The engine is an old-school one, and the clatter is hard to control. In movement, one can't hear the clatter, but at idle, it's heard even inside the cabin. I could sound a little 'harsh' because I come from the technically supreme 1.2 TSI engine that was the MOST refined engine I have ever had.
The dash has a panel behind the Sync system which 'BUZZES' when the engine is cold, but doesn't resonate with the engine after the engine has reached optimal temperature.
The radiator fan is loud and obtrusive, and feels like it comes on at the drop of a hat.
The biggest grouse has to be the WIND NOISE that comes in from the doors when the car is at speeds over 100 kmph. Horrific and appaling!
The wheel wells are cladded, but the Alnac 4G tires are already creating a din below them. I don't wish to change them anytime soon though.
Ambient noise is well-contained though, and Ford has gotten the insulation spot on! I love the way the crazy world outside becomes a muted hum when I close the doors.

Suspension & ride quality (at low as well as high speeds)
The car eats bads roads for breakfast. The suspension is well-tuned to accommodate loads and tackle bad roads. Typical 'India-spec' tuning. The ride is cushy in the city and a far better experience than the Polo that made noise even if I drove over a mosquito (exaggeration)
As speeds build up, Ford's conservative tuning helps, as this car performs well over expansion joints. It's only large craters than phase the car, and changes it's course if attacked at speed.
The suspension is silent, pliant and soft as well as firm where it's needed. (wait: it's not all hunky dory there. Read the next point)

Handling, on-road behaviour, grip levels, stability, body roll & turning radius
I am not a handling-wandling guy, and I don't attack corners at speed. But even I AM DISAPPOINTED. The Ford hates corners. She cannot dream of carving them like the Polo and I am not happy with that. I took a corner at 60 kmph to see what the car can do, and I had my nads in my mouth! The damn car OVERSTEERED so horribly that I vowed never to do that on public roads again. I was shocked. If I had done this with my Fiesta S, I would be grinning from ear-to-ear. Sadly not, in the Aspire.
Body roll is felt from the word go, and this is not an enthusiast handler's car for sure, in this guise.
In the stock engine, the car has decent levels of grip, but what's coming up in the MOD's section means that the car is JUST not able to grapple with the insane amounts of torque steer due to the excessive power and torque my car is making in the current state of tune.
Stability at good speeds is satisfactory, and not better or worse than my Polo, (except for vulnerability to cross-winds) which felt pretty well planted at speeds.

Braking (effectiveness, pedal feel...)
Stock power: Brakes are great, well modulated, well servoed, with great pedal feel and proper bite. The Bite has been tweaked in the new Aspire and I find it top-notch.
What scares me is how sensitive the ABS is. I am absolutely horrified to see how quickly it comes on, even in normal situations.
This spells HARAKIRI when the car is at higher speeds, and I need to do something about it. The car handles predictably under braking, though.

Current state of tune: Brakes are inadequate. Car picks up speed like it's on fire. To stop it in it's current state of tune is difficult, like controlling a wild horse.
But then again, that's what's the MODS section of this post is for. More on this in the subsequent posts.

Cost of upkeep & maintenance
It's a Ford. I have owned one before. It's CHEAP to maintain.
The car is a DIESEL and tuned for efficiency. Dad and me call her the 'AVERAGE MASTER' as she returns some crazy figures when driven conservatively. Drive her hard, she obliges but with a small dent on some very impressive mileage figures.
In the current state of tune (with a lot of mods) the car gives me 14-15 kmpl in the city and 19-20 kmpl on the highway. Not bad for something that takes less than 8 seconds to touch a 100 km (MOD section, guys, the fun STARTS there!)




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Default re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

Ford being Ford, and me being me, I managed to access what my car will come loaded with, even before I got the car.
I just loaded the VIN no. on and voila, a TROVE of information was visible, and enough for me to munch on, before I took delivery

Figo 2015- / KA+ 2016-, 1.5L SOHC DI TC I4 Diesel DV5, Smoke (Metallic)
Change selected Vehicle
Primary Features
Build Date: 27.10.2018
Vehicle Line: Figo 2015- / KA+ 2016-
Body Style: 4 Door Saloon
Version: Series 55
Engine: 1.5L SOHC DI TC I4 Diesel DV5
Transmission: 5 Spd Man Trans 5MX65 6D-1 Getrag
Drive: RHD FWD
Axle Ratio: 3.37
Emission: Bharat 4
Air Conditioning: Automatic Air Conditioning
Territory: (+)"IND"
Paint: Smoke (Metallic)
Interior Colour: Light Oak Interior
Interior Fabric: Lodha / Light Oak
Minor Features
Rear End Fascia - Level 2
Less Front Door Sill Protection
Tailgate Scuff Plate
Less Cargo Stowage Device
Accesry USB 2 Unit W/iPod Function
Less Interior Pack
Driver & Passenger Seat Map Pockets
Less Hill Launch Assist
Battery Monitor System
With Tailgate Lock
B/C Pillar Decal
(-) Version Packages
Gujarat India Assy Plant Build
Mex, Saf, Export, India Sales
Ford Corporate Badge
Less Marketing Flex Prep Pack
With Side Impact Package
Titanium Badge
Less Exterior Appearance Pack
Marketing Level 1
(-) SVP
Less Safety Packs
(+)"GEN RHD"
Exterior Paint - Solid
For Normal Temperature Zones
"US" Tailgate Badge
With English Language Label
Rear Decklid Applique
Less Fire Extinguisher Fixings
Less Fire Extinguisher
With First Aid Kit
Less Tyre Repair Service Kit
Package Tray - Fixed
Less Service Interval
Pwr Fr Window 1 Touch Up/Dwn-Driver
With Electric Rear Windows
With Tinted Glass All Round
Less Grille-Upper
With Laminated Windscreen
Less Heated Windsh/Wiper Park
Less Illum Power Window Switches
Less Heated Windscreen
With Heated Rear Window
Less Console Ashtray
With Wheel Arch Mouldings
With Standard Instrument Panel
With Integral Glove Box Lid
With Mini Overhead Console
With Full Floor Console
Int Environ Colour-Metallic Grey. With Carpet Floor Covering Level 2
Front Floor Mat-Driver Only
Less Rear Floor Mats
With Instrument Panel Stowage Box
With Full Headlining - Moulded
Drivers Visor Mir/Flap/Tick Pocket
Snvsr-Pass / Mirror And cover
With Door Map Pocket
With Level 2 Door Trim Panel
Less Front Roof Grab Handle
Less Rear Interior Assist Handle
Less Rear Coat Hook
With Load Floor Carpet
Less First Aid Retain Straps
With W/Triangle. Retainer Straps
With Load Compartment Side Trim
With Noise Insulation Pack
Interior Dash Insulator II
Hood Insulator High Series
Ins-Eng Dash Outer Dash Upper
Ins-Eng Dash Outer Dash Lower Hi
With Self Colour Grille #2
Grille - Lower Dark
With Masked Chrome Headlamp Molding Less Roof Rack
Less Exterior Body Mouldings
Less Exterior Rocker Panel Moulding
Less Tail Lamp Lense Applique
Automatic Dimming Rear View Mirror
Dual Ext Pwr Mirror-Power Fold Back
With Body Coloured Exterior Mirror
Blended Seat Trims No.4
Less Under Seat Stowage Facility
Less Drivers Seat Armrest
With Front 2 Way Headrest
With Manual Driver Seat Recliner
With Manual Passenger Seat Recliner
With Fixed Rear Seat
With 2 Way Adjustable Rear Headrest
With Rear Seat Centre Armrest
Less Rear Centre Headrest
Less Temp Control Driver Seat
Less Temp Control Passengers Seat
With Driver 4 Way Mnl.Seat Adjuster
With Pass 2 Way Manual Seat Adjust
With Front Tow Hooks
With Rear Tow Hooks
Less Trailer Towing Attachments
Less Trailer Coupling
Less Device Dock
Less Decal Option 1
Body Coloured Exterior Door Handle
With Soft Feel Gear Shift Knob
Soft Feel Gear Shift Boot
With Child Proof Safety Lock
With Remote Controlled Tailgate Release
Manual Gearshift
With Central Locking System
Keyfree System
With Keyless Start
434 MHZ Door Lock Frequency
Less Fuel Filler Flap Lock
Less Rear Window Wiper/Washer
Rain Sensitive Windshield Wipers
Less Sun Roof
Less Body Tu-Tone Paint
Less U/Body Corrosion Protect
Less Fr Bumper Ped Foam Protection
Front Bumper Body Coloured Plastic
Rear Bumper Body Coloured Plastic
Less Bumper Energy Reinforcement
Front Bumper Lip
Air Curtain Restraint LH
Air Curtain Restraint RH
Less Inflatable Knee Bolster Driver
Beltminder-Driver + Passenger
With Static Front Seat Belt
With Centre Rear 3 Point Seat Belt
With Driver Air Bag
With Passenger Air Bag
With Side Air Bag - Drivers Side
With Side Air Bag - Passenger Side
Less Passenger Air Bag Deactivation
Less Isofix Hard Point Attach
Less Adjustable Frt.Seat Belt Mount
Less Tether Anchorage Restraint
Less Pelvic Pushers
With Steel Spare Wheel
Less Tyre Pressure Sensors
6J x 15 #1 Alloy Wheel
195/55 SR x 15 Tyres
With Wheel Hub Cap
Non Locking Lug Nuts
Market Road Condition - General
Standard Electric Starter Motor
One Touch Integral Start Software
Bharat 4
With Front Stabilizer Bar
Parking Brake Knob Chromed
With Front Disc-Brake/Rr Drum Brake
4 Wheel Anti-Lock Braking System
Less Fuel Kit - FIA
Less Floor Mats-FIA
Less Skid Plates
With Pollen Filter
With Recirculating Heater
A/C Refrigerant-R134A
Less Fuel Water Separator
With Locking Fuel Cap
With Diesel Fuel Capability
Fuel Tnk Filler Nck-Low Carbon
With Electric Power Steering
With Tilting Only Steering Column
Electronic Locking Steering Column
Soft Feel Type Steering Wheel
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Default Re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

Originally Posted by frankmehta View Post
And an unconventional one, akin to the way I do most things in life.
Reading the review made me feel, has the parenthood turned the dentist into an English professor, Congratulations!

Food for thought: Can Aspire engine bay accommodate 2.2L engine?
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Default Re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

Hi Frank,

Congrats on the new buy! Grey is usually not one of my usual picks, but I'd say that it looks great on the new Aspire. The grey on your car looks different from the usual greys that we see on the road. It has a slight purple tinge to it IMO which makes it look great. We had a grey Fiesta which was brought back in 2007. It was called 'Brushed Steel' and even though in one word, it was a grey car, it also had a hint of purple colour in its grey which made it look great.

Any reason why you didn't go for the Ameo TDI, considering the fact that it has a better performing engine and being a VAG, it would be more suitable for upgrades. Was it the rear space? Or the sense of resemblance to your previous car? Or perhaps both the above reasons?
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Default Re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

Quite a unique delivery experience, especially that customised PDF checklist. Never seen anything like it, and I must say this is a great initiative by Ford. I wonder if this is particular to this specific dealer, or if this is a dealer-agnostic initiative from Ford itself. Whatever it is, it must've certainly added a special angle to a new car delivery

I did strongly consider the Aspire as an upgrade myself, but had to back out predominantly due to the thinner build quality and the terrible beige interiors! I mean, the beige was just so visually jarring that it proved a deal breaker for me.

Mechanically however, the car was pretty wonderful to drive. The 1.5 TDCI engine both in the Figo twins, the Freestyle as well as in the Ecosport is just fabulously versatile - delivering a sensible no-nonsense daily city commute as well as spadefuls of fun when the road opens up and the right foot gets a chance to flex a little. Add to it a good steering and gearbox setup, and you have yourself a recipe for driving pleasure!

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Default Re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

Originally Posted by sukiwa View Post
Reading the review made me feel, has the parenthood turned the dentist into an English professor, Congratulations!

Food for thought: Can Aspire engine bay accommodate 2.2L engine?
Oh wow, if that is possible, sign me up. I am getting delivery of a Figo Sports diesel on Sunday, and the stock suspension is great on the sports model.

Was thinking of a remap from Wolf moto or GT Tunerz also.

This thread will be great.

Frank, if you remember, we met in 2010 when I purchased a flat screen TV from you, we met in a mall in Vashi.
Do you want to do a back to back drive of your car and the Figo diesel sports? Let me know and I can drive down to a mutually convenient location.
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Default Re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

That's an excellent write-up and congrats on your new purchase. Aspire is certainly a looker in all colors. I had it in my list but I had to take it off due to NCAP 3-star rating and unstable bodyshell integrity. The diesel is a cracker of an engine and I hope you enjoy it to its fullest.
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Default Re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

As always, a very detailed and punchy initial ownership report from an "autophile".

Way to go, Doc.
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Default Re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

Congrats on new car - ideally from the company of Father of the Cars.
Ford Fiesta (now called Classic) has been in my stable in past & I must say, it was fun driving her around.

You mentioned about change of alloys, Please post nice pics of new alloys - comparison photos of OLD-NEW would be more ideal.

We now know more about ASPIRE than Ford people themselves. However they have no idea, whom they have sold the car. Probably they will LEARN about the things that they can do 'DIFFERENTLY' from your upcoming TINKERS.

Drive safe & congrats once again.

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Default Re: frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+

Excellent review of an excellent car, Frank Mehta Sir! Excellent choice of colour too!

We picked the Aspire T+ TDCI too, and I'm mighty impressed with the performance, ride quality and equipment on offer. The Aspire is an excellent all rounder and I really can't point out a disadvantage that can be a deal breaker! Just like you, we had a Fiesta 1.6 in the garage before (two actually!) and the Aspire is as fun to drive as the Fiesta was. And yes, the fuel economy is awesome too

Ford has literally got everything spot on, the pricing, suspension, engine and comfort.

PS : I'll be pestering you regarding cosmetic and performance modifications

Here's our Aspire in Ruby red:

frankmehta tinkers again: Smoke Grey Ford Aspire TDCI Titanium+-aspire-front.jpg
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