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Default Re: Nissan Kicks XV Diesel - Ownership Report

Highway performance update

Odo reading: 3345 kms

This is an update on Ikran. I had to drop my mother in my hometown who got stuck in Chennai due to the lockdown and I had the opportunity to drive from Chennai to Coimbatore and back again the next day. I obtained the e-pass to travel. The good thing about this drive is that I drove solo the way back and I was able to fully test the vehicle's highway performance and not to mention the traffic was 20% of the usual traffic you see on highways due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Nissan Kicks XV Diesel - Ownership Report-img_9149.jpg

The machine is definitely a mile-muncher.

Incredible ride quality
Rough roads, bridge joints, no roads all done. At times, the car felt like sailing, dampening all the undulations on the road. The ride quality is the best of all cars I have driven. Period.

There is minimal road noise that seeps in. The engine noise is well suppressed and the cabin is reasonably quiet. AC works really well even during this hot weather in May.

Ability to maintain 3 digit speed with ease.

I was on 6th gear mostly and if I needed a quick overtake dropped to 5th and it will do the job. The speedo can climb easily to 160 if there was a decent straight.

I was doing a high speed turn and I had to do a mild braking due to vehicles in front and I could feel the ESP kicking in and made it more stable by braking individual wheels differently and this adds to the driving confidence. I felt safe. More info on how it is done below.

Brakes are sufficient.

Steering & Handling

The steering weighs up nicely at high speeds. It gives good confidence and it is precise enough and well-weighted. There is not much steering feedback, I am wondering if different tyres could improve this.

Between 125-130 there is a mild steering twitch and then it disappears (could be just my vehicle, I am suspecting the tyres as during the last alignment they mentioned that the tyres have mild wobble.)

The body roll is well contained. I felt the need to slow on high speed corners only if there are uneven surfaces.

Seat Comfort

I have mentioned earlier that I found it difficult to find the correct seat position. However during this trip I was comfortable and I would say it is fine, I think I got used to it. I didn’t have any aches or the need to change the seating position this time.

I am not that tired after this 1000 km trip which shows how capable this vehicle is. It was comfortable, enjoyable, and engaging. I know it is not a sports car but was happy with its performance.

Potential improvements for Nissan especially now we have the 156 BHP Turbo Petrol:

If I were to improve the highway performance of this vehicle I would reduce the ride height by 10-20 mm and make the suspension stiffer. I guess this will spoil the superb ride quality.

Improve the brakes, maybe rear discs would make it better.

Change the tyres. I feel my vehicle would feel much better on grippier and better tyres.

General information on how ESP works. This time I was able to feel how the braking was slightly stronger in one of the wheels based on the steering position and speed. Please share in the comments if you have ever felt ESP working.

ESP enhances driving safety by providing the following assets:
  • Enhanced vehicle stability; the system keeps the vehicle on track and improves directional stability under all operating
    conditions, including emergency stops, standard braking maneuvers, coasting, acceleration, trailing throttle (overrun), and load shift
  • Increased vehicle stability at the limits of traction, such as during sharp steering maneuvers (panic response), to reduce the danger of skidding or breakaway.
  • In a variety of different situations, further improvements in the exploitation of traction potential when ABS and TCS come
    into action, and when engine drag torque control is active, by automatically increasing engine speed to inhibit excessive engine
    braking. The ultimate effects are shorter braking distances and greater traction along with enhanced stability and higher
    levels of steering response.
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Default Re: Nissan Kicks XV Diesel - Ownership Report

That's a good summary for the highway drive and a welcome break from the lockdown blues in a blue vehicle. Good going mate.
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Default Re: Nissan Kicks XV Diesel - Ownership Report


Odo reading: 4407 kms
  • Seat shape is comfortable. I have initially mentioned in the review that getting a comfortable driving position was difficult. I was wrong, it was just a matter of finding the right position and getting used to it.
  • Sportiness
    This is not a sporty SUV especially inside the city. The turbo lag dampens the fun. In good highways it is different though. When I tried to drive aggressive inside the city during early morning hours, it felt like trying to ride a Royal Enfield sporty, it is possible but it is not an R15. Kicks diesel feels much better if driven smoothly. The new 1.3 Turbo petrol may be different.
  • The rear wheel alloy caps in the center fell off. Not sure of the reason. I have to replace them. There are no other issues, touch wood. The carís cabin is quiet and makes no unusual noises.
  • Space is excellent. I had the opportunity to drive with 4 adults in the back seat for a few kms in a traffic-free rural road. Space for 3 is ample at the rear. Also was able to fit a full sized cycle easily inside by folding the seats.
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