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The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

There is no such thing as accident; It is fate misnamed- Napoleon Bonaparte

There is no greater satisfaction than cruising along the highways with a lovely song playing in the background. This was the idea that was instrumental in going for a diesel car when I was thinking of changing my first generation Ford Figo 1.2 after completing five years of ownership. The first generation Figo was a hoot to drive with it’s brilliant hydraulic steering and planted ride. But the petrol motor felt little underpowered on the highways and since I was more on the highways every now and then, the urge for little more power and torque resulted in my thoughts of going for change of vehicle.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-d9e51ce431c24fb1bd1c720a7cee9fe8.jpeg

I was extremely pleased with the Ford brand as a whole due to almost fuss-free after sales service of Figo. I was enjoying Figo and bang in 2013, Ford launched Ecosport amid the frenzy that we all are aware of. Crazy pricing along with snazzy design and a segment first car blew everyone’s mind. Waiting periods for Ecosport were unheard of for any vehicle at that time, some models even had the waiting time of almost 6 months !!

I was smitten too for a long time but then Figo was doing a good job and was relatively new as well. Figo was only three years old then and it was no point changing a car that young. Ecosport sold in huge numbers, frenzy came down and I also kind of got along life and Figo, well forgetting about Ecosport completely but it stayed in my back of mind.

My highway drives with Figo increased and as such, the need for a better fuel efficient and powerful car also increased gradually. As much as I enjoyed driving the car, it was also burning a hole in the pocket while on the highways since Figo 1.2 was not known for being fuel efficient much. Five years of owning the Figo and it was around that time that Ford also announced the launch of Figo Aspire.

As far as I remember, the Aspire sedan was launched first and probably in August 2015. The Aspire had the same engine specification as Ecosport and we kind of finalised Aspire 1.5 for upgrade from Figo. It was a nice looking car and suited our budget as well but the only problem was the ground clearance which was only marginally better than Figo. The ground clearance part of Figo was another sore point and it was quite a task to avoid scraping the underbelly when encountered with bad roads and ill designed speed breakers. I remember, way back in 2013, the Banka-Dumka section was so bad that my Figo almost sank in the huge craters.

Now comes the accidental part which kind of altered the whole scenario. One fine day, we had a talk with the sales manager of the Ford Dealer in Calcutta and who is also a very dear friend now. We decided to go for a test drive of Aspire but upon reaching, the car had gone for another TD and hence we were kept waiting for some time. Now, during the wait period, I had the cursory glance again for the vehicle I loved initially- Ecosport. Asked if it was available for TD and the answer was a yes. Sales Manager Sunit immediately arranged a TD of Ecosport 1.5 and I was now taking the Ecosport for a drive instead of Aspire.

Going around the set route of TD first and then veering little off route towards the open spaces in Rajarhat, the car that I forgot about, after falling in love, came back again in the conscience and how !! The high stance and the driving dynamics were brilliant and the steering response was not bad either. The steering was an EPS unit and it was little weird coming after using the brilliant hydraulic one in Figo. The engine brought a smile to face and the torque was linear too. Some flooring the accelerator after, returned to the showroom and booked the Ecosport without any second thoughts.

The car was in my thoughts from the time it was launched and somehow it came back to me again. Only issue, the car was due for a mini-facelift in October and prices were supposed to be increased too. We just booked the car without even checking the car, we had initially came looking for

So that was the accidental part in the whole thing and from September 2015, Baahon has been an inspired purchase ever since. Although the price went little over budget, the discounts and deals made the decision easier. The buying process was smooth as ever and I got some healthy discounts too just before the facelift launch plus some handy accessories too. All in all, it was great buying a Ford again and glad that it was Ecosport.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-7ee1f25e743145bb834a8f223b114d15.jpeg

My only grouse- Ford decreased Ecosport prices by a lakh around the launch of Brezza and within three months of my purchase. That was painful to take although they came up with the mid-life facelift giving a 100 PS engine plus some little goodies here and there, it was of no use to me

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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Choosing Ecosport Titanium was somewhat cathartic since it was always in the radar, ever since it was launched. I remember the hysteria it generated, the showcasing of the car in the malls before the launch across cities also played a major part. That it was the flag bearer of a newly created segment added to the glory of the car even more. Many cars are in the segment now and it is to Fordís credit that they still have kept Ecosport relevant with desired facelifts and changes.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-c183c7ad8b3f40b4a5c55e15c0943b6b.jpeg

The review of Ecosport is already so detailed in the forum that I donít think I can add anything more about the car as such. I will though list some likes and dislikes (yes, there are some) of my own and the experience through the last five years.


1. The good looks that the car possesses is what makes the car so appealing. Even now, seven years after the launch, my first generation car still looks fresh and doesnít look jaded at all. To be honest, I still find the first generation look better than the recent facelift.

2. The proportionate structure of the car and the spare alloy wheel at the tailgate makes the car unique among all the other ones in the segment. To duck under the 4 meter rule to an extent of 1 mm and coming up with a proportionate structure speaks volumes about the Ford designers.

3. Driving dynamics are suited to the point and with that magnificent 1.5 Diesel engine, the car hits the sweet spot every time you floor it on the highways. Turbo lag is almost non existent.

4. The AC unit is perhaps the same that was used in Figo. Itís a chiller and the Auto AC works like a charm. The cabin temperature is always comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.

5. The stock audio unit is one of the best that I have heard. Me being little old school, still enjoy the CD player and the whole CD collection is put to good use on the highways. The amount of bass the speakers produce is quality stuff for an audio lover.

6. The alloy design is also perhaps one of the best from OEM. In fact, such beautiful was the design that the facelifts were never able to match the original design at all.

7. Lumber support helps greatly in the long drives and should have been provided for the passenger seat as well. I wonder why Ford deleted the option from the facelift.

8. The ground clearance of 200 mm helps immensely in crossing the tricky places and is a boon. The water wading capacity of 550 mm also comes in handy when making river crossings and it has come in handy on quite a few occasions for me.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-80e95c9174a94a5e91f8234d7cd5cdc6.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-412950268df646a090531dbe19e202a6.jpeg


1. The ride quality over bad roads is not that plush and terribly bouncy sometimes. The suspension is on the firmer side and it results in not so good ride over bad roads.

2. The retractable parcel tray was a great idea but over the years, it tends to lose the elasticity and is prone to making flapping sounds. And perhaps, thatís why, Ford decided to replace the retractable tray with more than usual hard top like tray.

3. The thick A-pillars do created problems early on but with some practise, one can easily go around the blind spots.

4. Boot space could have been designed better to scoop out some more space although folding the rear seats or even the 60-40 split gives more than enough space.

5. The head lamps are pretty sleek in their looks but their throw in the low beam is awful and surely could have been better. I am still running with stock head lamps though but will change for some better equipement in the coming days.

6. The side opening mechanism of the tailgate is still one of sore points of otherwise a very city friendly car. It becomes a royal pain to open the tailgate in closely parked situations.

7. The dimensions of the car makes the rear seat little uncomfortable for the fifth person to sit in comfortably over long distances. The noticeable floor hump also doesnít help much.

8. The tailgate regularly needs servicing of its locking mechanism. Somehow, the tailgate gets jammed whenever dust accumulates over the locks. The service guy puts a tape and greases the lock whenever required.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-c6a9b835278046d0a17d438b1a56f22b.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-461bf9e0979b489bbc661e0c525fcd19.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-43bea083bb4a4fc5ace4566cb7b0acd5.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-902f02e5d7774140aa4d4645d2beecce.jpeg


As I mentioned before, I previously owned the first generation Figo and bought it from the same dealer here in Calcutta. The dealership experience has always been good and in case of Ecosport also, it was no different. The promised timelines were met for every commitment they made. Right from the time of booking till the delivery was made, I was kept in the loop for every development. Since I was also selling my Figo with them, the whole exchange process was a smooth affair.

The car was already in their stockyard when the booking was made and I was promised delivery within the period of seven days after completing the registration formalities. Went to the stockyard within two days and did the PDI checks formulated by the forum (although back then was not a member but such was the reach). After a satisfactory check, gave them the go ahead for the registration. Only after the satisfactory check that I nodded for the VIN allotment and the subsequent registration. So Diamond White Ecosport 1.5 Titanium was the variant for us. The Figo also had the same colour and it kind of was a continuation going forward.

Finally got a phone call after few days that the car has been registered and that I can choose the date and day of delivery according to my convenience. Ford were also running some scheme for Ecosport which included loyalty and exchange bonus and I got some benefits for the same. The final price of the car came to around ₹ 10,60,000 after the following discounts:

Exchange bonus- ₹25,000
Loyalty bonus- ₹10,000
Insurance- ₹18,000

The freebies included the usual essential kit and body care package specified by Ford. I also managed to negotiate a semi-leatherette seat cover and wheel cover and which amounted to roughly around ₹19,000. The third year extended warranty was also free and part of corporate discount.

Additional accessories purchase :

Nothing except the Chrome liner for the windows. There was this whole chrome package for the car but I chose to forego the rest except for the windows. But yes, I did purchase the fourth year extended warranty for ₹ 18,000.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-cffa18b527e34e18884b98f335a83cf6.jpeg

The D-day came and it was Saturday. The only disappointment with the dealer is that they donít make the delivery process a moment worth remembering for their customers. Nexa redefined the delivery process with some premium treatment for their customers although those have since then trimmed down much. But even then, the dealership would do well to treat their customers with little more finesse. Anyways, thatís just a nit-picking bit, since I myself am not fond of over the top delivery procedures. Ford though, to their credit, have improved on the delivery process part since then.

So, went in the Figo and came back in the Ecosport. The first drive back to home was kind of a mixed feeling. One one hand, it was the joy of driving the new car but on the other, it was the sadness that engulfed for letting go of a very dear car.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-67591616e9834bd183506947ebb0146e.jpeg


If good looks draw you in, the rest of the part has to be taken care off by the heart to make an impression. Here, I am talking about the heart of the matter i.e the brilliant 1.5 TDCI engine which is the heart of Ecosport. This engine is one of the best small engines to come out of Ford stable. The drivability around the city is good with composed driving. You can drive all day in the third gear without much downshifting and that says a lot about the engine. But itís the longish throw of the second gear that is helpful in moving around the city traffic without much fuss.

Itís on the highways that the engine excels and turns into a real charmer. You can maintain triple digit speeds without battling an eyelid and this engine shines through on the highways. Although sometimes, overtaking manoeuvres get tricky when you have to downshift to maintain momentum otherwise this engine doesnít even blink. Power delivery is linear and the torque consistently builds up and comes on its own once the rpm goes past 1800. Highway drives are immensely pleasurable and this engine does the job fantastically well. EPS unit weighs on perfectly with increased speed although itís not as good as the hydraulic unit of old gen Figo. Drivability is excellent and dynamics are extremely sorted.

Power delivery is linear as I said and the turbo kicks in once you go past the second gear and the speed come upto mark. Ecosport is quite revv-happy in its diesel avatar and performance is above average. Ecosport is clearly a highway bum and is meant for relaxed driving. I have always driven the car at 90-100 kms/hr band and have got the best mileage figures.

The gearbox is fairly satisfactory but not on the VW level at all. The longish throw of the clutch becomes an impediment on steep hill roads although not something to worry about. The car still manages to pull on fairly steep roads on its first gear well enough. Ford has since made the clutch very light compared to what I got in my car. Initial complaints about heavy clutch were taken in right spirits by Ford and rectified accordingly.

NVH levels are sorted to a great extent but road noise from the MRF tyres always came through after certain speeds. Also, wind noise becomes an issue after those very speeds and I would perhaps think that is because of the thick A-pillars. Diesel engines have come a long way and the constant idling sounds of the engines have been greatly reduced. Turbo lag is minimal and turbo is best enjoyed in the band above 2000-2250 RPM.

Ride quality at high speeds is good and Ecosport glides through over good roads and bad patches with utter disdain, the ground clearance of 200mm comes in handy. What is bad is the ride quality at slow speeds and over bad stretches. The ride becomes extremely bumpy and body roll is felt as well.

Turning radius is not that great for a car this size at 5.3 metres when Creta and Duster have the same despite being a longer car. Itís the handling where Ecosport simply excels and shows its class. On road behaviour is spot on and the dynamics are all great. The car remains planted and stable well supported by an able chassis and proportionate body

EPAS steering with Pull drift compensation as Ford tells us has its good points. The steering feel weighs on good as speed increases and feels meaty enough to hold but it lacks the preciseness of the hydraulic unit of previous gen Figo.

Lastly, the engine as I have now is the 91 PS unit which has since being bumped to 100 PS. As is my view, the heart of Ecosport is this brilliant unit and it justifies the success of the car.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-b13059644d304703828a16dce30e9c6b.jpeg

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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Baahon has now crossed 95,000 kilometres and if not for the lockdown, would have gone past the lakh mark by now. It’s been a absolute delight over the last five years for a car which has just the normal services to show for, apart from the usual routine mechanical work.

The car has been driven over the years with great care and I feel excited every time I take it for the highway runs. My usage is mixed and could be termed 50:50 for the city and the highways although it’s the travel through the highways that makes us happy and I am sure that feeling resonates with most of us here. Safety was and is always the primary concern for me. Right from the time I owned the Figo, the safety aspect was kept at the top in deciding for the car. Safety has come a long way since then and I am glad, Ford was one of the first few manufacturers to make safety requirements like Airbags and ABS standard across variants.

My going for the Titanium version again was for the same reason of safety requirements. Two Airbags, ABS, ISOFIX, and the solidly built body of Ecosport were reassuring as always. Also, the emergency brake hazard warning as a feature is brilliant and comes in handy in case of sudden braking at high speeds. That Ecosport was loaded with features was an understatement back in those days. Perhaps it was ‘the’ most feature loaded car under the price of ₹ 15 lakhs at that point of time.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-37e6fae46b344ebf830ef803e6c9f3dc.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-6a50cb1d88d74674a4f402b269bbec6d.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-2cddb01138114224b71fbe1bc1bc487b.jpeg

The exterior and interior styling is the biggest USP of Ecosport according to me and I somehow still find the styling spot on. The butch looking front with the chrome grills looks great just as the fenders which give the true blue SUV vibes for a car that size. The wheel at the back completes the look and makes it a looker all the way. The US spec Ecosport somehow feels incomplete without the spare wheel

The interior styling is to my liking just as the exterior is. The cool keypad type design at the dash is great and responds wonderfully well. Specially while playing the brilliant audio unit and specifically the CD player. You choose the song number and press along the keypad to get your desired song, love it. The overall look of the cabin is great and feels airy and bright. The colour combination consists of three colours and looks good. The plastic quality could have been better but looking at the overall package, it’s decent enough. I remember the pathetic red dashboard in Figo and was glad that Ford didn’t think of plonking that dash colour on Ecosport !!

Fit and finish are great for things like the leather wrapped steering wheel and gear shifter knob. The cushioning on the door pads are great too. Just that there are areas of little inconsistency like the cluster in front of the steering wheel which is little flimsy. The central console could have been designed better although the cubby holes are great for storing Knick knacks. The cubby holes and the plenty of storage areas are a boon. That every door can hold a litre of water is very useful for long journeys as well for rear passengers. In fact, the front doors can also hold a two litre bottle pretty well. My favourite cubby hole is just below the steering where some sin products are stored away from the prying eyes. The cooled glovebox comes in handy some of the times but I will not count on it much.

One of the best things of the car is the humongous ORVMs. They are also very smartly designed for Indian roads where the mirrors fold the other side in case of a hit and saves the blushes of a broken ORVM in congested roads. Smart thinking I must say from the manufacturer. That ORVM is also among the ‘child part policy’ of Ford where you don’t have to buy the entire assembly in case of any damage and specific parts can be replaced without changing the whole ORVM. The IRVM is though small and the rear visibility is just manageable.

Another useful thing is the tilt and telescopic steering wheel. You can adjust the steering to your best seating position and that feature is wonderful considering not many had that feature early on. Even the mighty Endeavour doesn't get it. Adding to the fact that seats are comfortable and snug, the driving seat is one of the most sought after in Ecosport.

Parts and equipment changed over the period of five years

1. Factory fitted MRF ZV2K tyres ran for around 90,000 kms and still had the tread depth of around 3 mm left. One tyre had to be replaced early due to sidewall rupture though. May be I stretched the change of tyres a bit longer than recommended but for that, I hold my friend who works for a tyre major, responsible Went for Good Year Assurance while replacing and they are doing decent work as of now.

2. Battery replacement happened at around 42,000 kms and perhaps it’s time for the second replacement after crossing the 1 lakh mark.

3. Stock clutch replacement happened at 85,000 kms. The clutch in Ecosport has its fair share of stiffness in the first generation but has since then corrected by Ford to a large extent. I only felt the stiffness once Baahon crossed 75,000 kms mark but went on driving till it became hard enough to demand replacement.

4. Tie rods were replaced at 90,000 kms since they had taken quite a hit during the drive to Bumla. Driving with damaged tie-rods is not advisable at all and should be replaced on priority. Next major work due is perhaps the rear suspensions and probably they will need proper overhauling or replacement as the need be.

5. Break Shoes were replaced at 60,000 kms and are going strong till now. The brakes are good and work without any fuss. The ABS kicks in when necessary and does it’s work without any drama.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-d22efb7d0092465391dedab2ab5d3c9c.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-04eccdf3893745e19c1dbf8b9c280e2f.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-3fd3ef8cbee1454393038b78a0c7bf06.jpeg

Apart from the above major replacement of parts, the usual services at regular interval of 10,000 kms were done diligently. My regular service costs have never gone beyond ₹6000 ever and only once it crossed beyond when plethora of filters were changed including the AC pollen filter. Ford has introduced the Service promise calculator these days and that is reassuring too. My upcoming 1 lakh kilometer service is showing an expected cost of less than ₹5000 !! I only laugh at people when they tell me that Ford service is ‘very costly’ and which they have merrily believed from the sales guys of companies which I will not name but I know people will understand.

No other niggle ever happened other wise and it’s been like that ever since. The recent cyclone Amphan damaged Baahon during the lockdown when the roof of the parking collapsed, resulting in some damages and the resultant insurance claim took care of the same. The servicing cost of Ford were extremely pocket friendly till date although the service advisors try to hoodwink you sometimes into some catchy things like AC duct and vent cleaning which is nothing but a hogwash, it’s been a fairly rewarding servicing experience.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-56f4a75e5244446ab062708decb34953.jpeg

The service center experience has been smooth over the years, beginning from the Figo days and has carried over till date. That I have had a fabulous service experience will also be a substantial consideration when I decide to do my next purchase whenever it happens and I sincerely hope Ford comes up with vehicles that they are known for in future.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-2ba795fd6de5464a948b78ef85b28701.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-e8f7560243704fb38d2298c4ed4ea106.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-be8dfa7776d2444ca305afaac6c7bb71.jpeg

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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

There are many things that make Ecosport one of the most loved cars all around. I will jot down some of the things that I absolutely love over the years.

1. The build quality of the car has to be experienced to know. Love the way the door ‘thud’ comes up. Even after so many years, people still can’t close the doors properly the first time. They invariably have to push the door twice to close it properly.

2. Love the MID and which is dot matrix type . The way it displays every detail right from which door is ajar or the service due message after every 10,000 kms is precise and handy both. The small size works for me too since I am not too fond of the touchscreens that are so in vogue now .

3. Microsoft SYNC is a charm to use but sometimes it doesn’t take Indian names too kindly while dialing phone numbers. Bluetooth works fantastically well too. Ford has since then updated the SYNC to achieve even better results.

4. Love the way the music plays from my Apple Music. The sound quality and the richness of it is simply fantastic. That I can also change the music settings with preset default music settings like Pop, Rock, Classic etc and also have the equaliser change option, reminds me of the Philips Powerhouse Stereo system and which is still functional and plays wonderfully well.

5. The reverse parking sensors are accurate to the point of infinity. I have never felt the need for a camera (which incidentally I don’t prefer much anyways). Never had any problem at all reversing the car even once and love the accuracy of the sensors for that. Besides, the sensor takes into account the wheel at the back as well and that gives additional protection

6. I have never felt any kind of body roll even after driving for long distances ever. Every journey has been comfortable and the snug front seats are fantastic anyways.

7. The rear seat recline mechanism comes in for comfort of the rear passengers pretty well. Ford has now deleted this wonderful feature from the facelifted cars. I fail to understand some logics of auto makers regarding deletion of features specially.

8. Most important love is the 1.5 TDCI engine. This absolute hoot of an engine deserves all the accolades for Ecosport being such a best seller. Such refined engine deserves love and nothing else but love. Pure joy while driving this brut of an engine.

9. The fuel efficiency of the car is incredible for the size and weight. In the city the mileage varies from 14-16 kms/litre and on the highways it’s usually between 19-22 kms/litre. I am not very heavy footed and light footed ones will get even better mileage I am sure.

10. Driving dynamics of the car is completely sorted. On smooth highways, the car just excels. The refinement of the engine shines through and it brings a smile every time you push the engine. The low end torque though could have been better. In steep inclines, you are hard pressed to use the second gear for its longish throw.

11. During the city drives, you can drive in the third gear in the range of 25-35 kms/hr and the engine doesn’t stall and thus avoiding the constant need for downshifting. The gearbox is not smooth like a VW but holds fort nevertheless.

12. The emergency assist system where the SYNC calls the nearest emergency station in case of any mishap is also wonderful. Although, never heard of its use till date and that is good in many ways I guess.

13. The fuel computer displays real-time mileage figures and also the DTE, Average speed, outside temperature as well as econometer which is conveniently displayed in the cluster.

14. The blue backlit indicators look great on the dials and gives the console area a bright feel. In fact, the whole central console or the keypad like styling area are backlit with this colour which gives a vibrant and fresh feel for the car.

Baahon getting featured on the official social media handles of Ford India many times over the years were another little joys of life that we savoured. Here are two of them :

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-dbb5d4255ab84393a5de9f84c58625a4.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-f3800e003e8141b2aee7cebf7c13c435.jpeg

Some expectations from the beginning of ownership and I guess some of them have been addressed by Ford now.

1. The hand rest for driver should have been there for the co-passenger as well. What’s the purpose of giving the driver a hand rest while robbing the co-passenger. The stupid idea since then has been rectified but still not perfect I guess !!

2. The gear shifts could have been better in such a refined engine.

3. The clutch function is better now and is very light compared to what I have in my car. Truth be told, I have not experienced much discomfort because of the heavy clutch but it surely gets super heavy towards the end of life. Although not a deal breaker at all for me but many will argue otherwise.

4. The engine should have been provided with a cover for even better sound insulation. The global Fiesta came with an engine cover for the same and could have been used here also.

5. The dead pedal area is nice but should have been covered with a rubberised base. The carpet becomes extremely messy if your shoes are wet or carrying mud inside the sole.

6. My car doesn’t have the electrical ORVM fold and which has since being added to the facelifts. I always miss this handy feature when driving in tight lanes or congested places in the cities.

7. The wheel cover that I negotiated for free during the purchase has been taken off. The cover is a nuisance and makes jarring sounds every now and then. Besides, the bikers and cycles invariably would hit the cover once in while, making the paint peel off from the surface. Have removed the cover now and the jarring sounds have gone too. Also, during the highway runs, it becomes cumbersome to take the cover off and then take the spare wheel out in case of punctures. The new design of the spare wheel cover is good though but I am not sure how that will hold in the long run.

8. The NVH levels are satisfactory and the tyre noise is audible only after you cross triple digit figures. The wheel size though is unconventional and could have done better with more standard 215/65 R16 size than the 205/60 R16 size.

9. Height adjustable seat belts would have been great. Even the Aspire gets it !

10. The sump guard below the engine compartment gets soggy and heavy when wet. It would have better had this thing was made of metal instead of low grade absorbent material.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-215ff05e340e4c89bd9fa5d9abf82366.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-3c32db6b71a04ea1a85c713b464bae45.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-c2c5899959c1404cbc2d347eac8c49d6.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-18563dcdea91403e9da4bdb228951756.jpeg

The Driver and the Registered owner in two frames for greater clarity
The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-c423c8c7f1e34b559a20d98bd294aabc.jpeg
The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-c5cb6919729b49268bde142d3e1c275d.jpeg

It’s because of Baahon that we have been able to travel the length and breadth of the country of which several parts still remain to be savoured. The journey to my place where I grew up every now and then, places like Tawang, Bumla, Mcleodgunj, Dalhousie, Amritsar, Pondicherry, Borong, to name a few are special and so are the places that Baahon has traversed with us, making each journey pleasurable. In fact, Baahon was once instrumental in taking us friends to attend a wedding reception at a short notice to Guwahati and despite driving continuously for over 24 hours, we did end up just in time for it. It’s because of this wonderful vehicle that we got to experience views like these-

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-a3c6de1a7c7b49489a8e803fb35d0447.jpeg

It has been a fabulous experience of five years of ownership and as things stand, I intend to keep the car for as long as possible. Let’s see what’s the next few years has in store for us and will look forward to how Baahon fares going forward. Hopefully, Baahon will return the love that is being showered on him over the years and I intend to keep adding to this thread every now and then whenever possible. Thanks for reading through.

Rain soaked Baahon clicked today
The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-be70790c0f1b46f5a92ba286d79db223.jpeg

P.S- I have intentionally not put up any interior pictures since they are already known to us, this being a five year old car now. Have just jotted my experiences with the car.

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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing!

Your car is going to our homepage today

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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Owning a car and using it to it's fullest is an achievement vs frequently buying cars and not using them at all. Fortunately most BHPians lead by example, and you sir have been an inspiration.
However, I don't agree with one of your points where you mentioned the older generation looks better
I'm attaching a picture for reference

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-capture_20201002093843.png
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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Great review combined with stunning pictures of Baahon. My upgrade scenario was same as yours. I upgraded from prefacelift figo diesel to ecosport tdci & hence agree to most of the points in your review. No wonder ecosport is a natural upgrade from figo for most of the owners. It comes closest to figo in build quality & driving dynamics in C-Suv segment.

Thank's for sharing this wonderful review. Rated well deserved 5*. Sharing a few pictures of my Beast.

At Silk Route,Sikkim
The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-img_20180501_100916_hdr01.jpeg

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-img_20180502_09043601.jpeg

Casual visit to Paris
The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-img20180527wa011601.jpeg
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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Amazing report on your car, I have been greatly inspired by your travelogues and our steed has also given us happy 99k kms and it'll soon cross 1 lac kms after which i'll compile my own ownership reports of the car.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-odo-ecosport.jpg

Ours was one of the first Ecosport's on Indian Roads
The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-imgecosportedit.jpg
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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Your photographs can easily go into the sales brochure for Ecosport. Nicely done.

I moved from a Ford Fiesta 2012 to an Ecosport 2019 - primarily for the engine and the GC. Once you go Ford....

I wholeheartedly share the frustration of Ford just messing with new buyers tinkering with the variants or out of the blue discounts. e.g. between 2019 and 2018, they moved Android support up one variant into Titanium+. So I was given a choice of a year pre-aged model with ~1L off the price + Android Auto OR go for a new one at full price without Android Auto.

The 2017? facelifted front looks much better IMHO.. over the slit eyes front.Your MID reminded me of my Fiesta - the new MID is also stunningly last decade so nothing to worry about. but hey these are personal preferences.
Waiting can be forever - e.g. the RE Meteor that has been coming soon since 6m+. The car has definitely got it where it matters and you cannot put a price on that.

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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Such a wonderful ownership review. Ecosport is such a car that tugs to the heart way more than the head.
We recently purchased a pre owned Ecosport S and the experience has been splendid.

Just sharing a snap, because I can't resist flaunting it!
Attached Thumbnails
The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-whatsapp-image-20201002-2.39.07-pm.jpeg  

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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Great review Dada. Rated 5*

Your car can give complex to trucks written 'All India Permit' on it!

I was fortunate enough to get a small ride in Baahon and I must say, after 95,000 km it runs like new. You have maintained the car in an excellent way.

Wish you many more happy miles ahead.
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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Nicely written review. Wish you many more miles with the car.
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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

What a wonderful thread, and what epic photos by everyone. An amazing way to enter the weekend

Here is one from my library on the day we got the delivery. I have moved to Europe and still drool over an eco sport!
Attached Thumbnails
The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-whatsapp-image-20201002-17.50.21.jpeg  

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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Lovely ownership report of a truly amazing machine.
The Ecosport is still the best driver's C-SUV today, despite being the oldest in its segment.

It has been almost 3 years and 45,000 Km since we got our Ecosport home, and it has been an epic journey so far. Puts a grin on my face every single time I take it out.

The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km-d7ab2f45f0194a488796e431472c5c22_1_105_c.jpeg
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re: The story of Baahon, my Ford EcoSport 1.5 TDCi | 1,50,000 km

Excellent review Abhi for an awesome car, rates 5 stars for the first hand ownership review and the excellent pictures. Your experience can very well be a case study for Ford Ecosport and I am truly serious.

Beyond build quality and engine what I liked most in the EcoSport is the adventurous design in fitting the spare on the tailgate. In fact I like the version without the spare wheel cover like yours.

The car has sorted dynamics and I believe has one of the best power to weight ratio in its segment making it probably the fastest.

From your review two things stood out to me
1. The low service cost, will give Maruti owners goosebumps
2. 90K KM on stock tyres, wonder if its the MRFs or your careful driving
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