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bglsrini 2nd January 2008 17:16

Yes,140kmph is too much,I will control myself.The switch loks bad,but its very userfriendly.Its gr8 for operating.

Mpower 2nd January 2008 21:51


Originally Posted by bglsrini (Post 673510)
2.HELLA 4000

The bull bar, is it from a Toyota Highlander or is it Highlander brand. It seems to me that it is blocking airflow to the radiator as it was designed for some other vehicle.

The finish looks good though. How much does it cost and from where??

BUSA 2nd January 2008 21:57

Nice choice, car looks fantatastic, this colour suits the car alot. The bull bar looks awkward though. Why didnot you go for another design which would suit the vehicle better.

Also bull bars can cause problems in case of a crash.

madan80 2nd January 2008 22:29

Congratulations- very nice ride!


Originally Posted by Mpower (Post 674981)
It seems to me that it is blocking airflow to the radiator as it was designed for some other vehicle.

Had the same question - this particular one seems to be in front of the radiator. Will it affect the airflow in any way?

Btw: with the Hella's, foglamps and the 100/130 - i have to make sure I am never caught in front with the lights on!lol:

bglsrini 2nd January 2008 22:40

The bullguard's brand is HIGHLANDER,I paid Rs.8000/- for it.I got it at an auto accesories shop at koramangala,Bangalore.Yes, i realise now that its blocking the airflow.........

drpullockaran 2nd January 2008 23:08

Have you uprated the alternator?
With all the electrical juice that this monster is going to draw I was wondering whether you plan on upgrading your alternator. The present alternator I am pretty sure will not be able to bear the brunt of peak loads. I earnestly suggest you to upgrade the alternator after the warranty period is over or use the fogs, Hellas and 130/100 alternately but never all at once for too long a period. You could end up frying the :DBULLS JUICES(pun intended).

Bye and wear your seat belts.

Godfather 3rd January 2008 01:49

Nice.. Looks good.. Another Safari joins the club..


sreenidhibr 3rd January 2008 08:55

Safari looks terrific - congratulations on your ownership. Does it come with leather seats? Or are you planning to get them as add-ons?

Akshay1234 3rd January 2008 09:21

the bullguard youve got seems to be made for a scorpio.

Holyghost 3rd January 2008 09:30

Hi All, Finally my vehicle (Quartz Black EX 4x4) has been delivered yesterday... It was night 8PM by the time I drove it out of the show room.
The vehicle is so much fun to drive, that I roamed around here and there till I came back home at 2AM :) .

Some issues I've noticed so far..
- AC Fan control knob is heating up a lot while its switched on.
- Sqeaking sound on clutch

The dealer had offered me free Teflon coating... I've put it on hold and I need your advice whether to go in for that or get some other accessory instead of that?

himanshugoswami 3rd January 2008 09:59

Congrats Srini.

a couple of observations:

as some members have pointed out, that bull guard will seriusly hamper the airply to the engine, resulting in a drop in performance and overheating. check with the accessories shop if they can exchange it for one designed for the safari- Goldsun makesone for the Safari and is approved by TM.

also, you seem to have spent quite a bit on "beautifying" your beast, but it seems you forgot one very essential after market replacement- Tubeless tyres. since yours is an LX, it comes with tube type tyres- so in the interests of safety, you should get these changed ASAP

m3_07 3rd January 2008 10:26

Congrats Srini on your BULL. It looks amazing. It was also a good decision to go in for body coloured bumpers with Quartz black.

As some have quoted, you have spent quite a sum of money on "beautification". Since, your's is a LX model, did you change the wheels to alloys???

As far as the crash guard goes, see if you can get something fabricated in "all steel". This I have seen in one of the Merc SUVs & they look fabulous.

Enjoy the bull, low speeds to start with please!!

ashwin_seattle 3rd January 2008 11:07

"As far as the crash guard goes, see if you can get something fabricated in "all steel". This I have seen in one of the Merc SUVs & they look fabulous."

Hah..pls dont compare a merc with a safari at least, friend!
The interiors on a Safari look spartan to say the least. Black safari looks god, but would look even better with wide rubber shod on alloys, and a neat and plain black look.
Cant do NEthing about the interiors though :( That fog switch reminds me of Mahindra jeep taxis that ply on hills.
Wish some day we get ABS,EBD and Airbags standard on all vehicles.


babureddy 3rd January 2008 11:46

welcome to the safari club bro...congrats...good choice on the color...

zucchero 3rd January 2008 11:59

congrats.hope you are enjoin your bull.

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