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bglsrini 15th December 2007 14:08

My Bull - TATA SAFARI Dicor 2.2 VTT Lx - Booked, Bought and Now Reclaiming my life!
Yep, I have booked my dream car on 1-12-2007.My BULL its a TATA SAFARI Dicor 2.2 VTT Lx (Quartz Black).Always I was dreaming of owning a Tata Safari and my dream has come true.Think I have taken a right decision.I normally travel minimum 100km per day and some of the roads are really bad.

The dealer has promised to deliver my vechile on 10th and now postponed to 19-12-2007.waiting for it...........Hope,I have made a fair deal

They are giving me body coloured bumpers,fog lamps and doormats,idol.I requested to fix remote for locks,analog clock and sun control film.

I have planned to fix the following:

1.Carry Boy - Bull Gaurd - need rate guidance
2.Hella 4000 - need rate guidance
3.ICE - Pioneer 6950 - Rs. 7200
- speakers-Nakamichi - Rs.12000 ( 2 sets)
- Amp - 4channel-JBL - Rs. 6000
- Amp - 2channel-sony - from my previous car
-Tweeter - Rs.1800
-Sub woofer -pioneer - from my previous car
-RCA Kit - Rs.1200
-RCA chord - Rs. 1400
4.Red Soul M6 car reverse/parking sensor - Rs.15000
5.V-Cool front windscreen film - Rs. 8000

Me,my wife and my daughter are eagerly waiting for my BULL.

I need ur opinion about the ICE and other accessories.



dadu 15th December 2007 18:23

Congrats and welcome to the club, youve got most of the acc done already :)

Is you parking sensor with camera ??, should be looking at the cost.

snaronikar 15th December 2007 18:29

Congrats..I do not know what all other parameters you hve considered before finalizing. But it is a good vehicle and you will enjoy the ride. It sure is a "BULL".

narayan 15th December 2007 18:29

congrats post in your buying experience and photos when u take delivery...

the safari defenetly seems to be getting a new lease of life thanks to the new engine and a lot of good reviews in our forum...

enjoy the bull ride..

jayz 15th December 2007 19:11

bglsrini,congrats on your BULL, do remember to go through the pre delivery inspection threads and dont forget to upload some pics.

bglsrini 16th December 2007 12:22

dadu,yep the parking sensor is with a camera.Thanx for all your support and I need guidance regarding the carry boy and the hella 4000.shall upload picture of my BULL once i get it

HappyWheels 30th December 2007 15:46

bglsrini - any update? Did you keep your date on the 19th???

bglsrini 1st January 2008 15:43

not really happy wheels,i got the delivery on 23rd only.i am posting my thread about my experience today.

bglsrini 1st January 2008 19:34

At Last MY BULL is here - TATA Safari DICOR 2.2 VTT LX - BLACK
Atlast my delivery of safari was postponed to 23rd december by the dealer.I was totally upset since I was travelling from 20th till 23rd.But,what to do? I planned to Sabarimala.Me and my daughter took a train to madurai on 20th night from bangalore and reached madurai on 21st morning.There My brother's DICOR waswaiting to pick us up.We went to our native which is 1hour drive.There we refreshed and started at 12:00p.m To Sabiramala with my Dad,brother,bro-in-law,my daughter(6),my sister's son(6) and our driver.

Me and my brother were taking turns in hisDICOR.It was a great journey.But,at tamilnadu/kerala border it was a huge traffic jam near a small bridge.If we would have caught in the jam it will minimum take 3 to 5 hours to clear.We suddenly got an idea and saw the roadside on the right full off stones and potholes.I started driving our DICOR on that.It was gr8,we did not have any impact and The DICOR took as straight at the front crossing 80 to 130 cars/buses/lorries....etc.Even lot of scorpios were standing.We skiped inbetween and were out of the jam.Same way allthrough the journey we escaped at 3 places.The road in Kerala was Bad.But we did not feel it.Our DICOR took us gracefully.This is when I realised that I have taken the right decision of going in for the SAFARIcheers: .

We reached back our native on 22nd night and I was to take a plane on 23rd morning back to Bangalore.So,I reached madurai airport.....But the flight got delayed and I landed at bangalore only By 1:30p.m.

The dealer gave me:
1.body coloured bumpers
2.teflon coating

I fixed the foglamp in bumper at cost with the dealer only.

So,I asked my wife to get the delivery of MY BULL(safari) and she drove it home and my driver then took it for fixing the accessories. 6950

2.lancer tweeter 2way amp
4.JBL 4 way amp

5.Nakamichi speakers front and back
6.sub - 10" pioneer
7.Red Soul M6 car reverse/parking sensor with camera
8.V-Cool front windscreen film
9.Hella Horn
10.Headlights changed to 100/130

Then i took my car to a workshop to fix HIGHlander BULL guard and HELLA 4000.He wanted 2 days so fixed the date as 26th December.Then we came home and night at 8:30p.m We went to Ganesha temple with my wife and daughter and did pooja for Our SAFARI.Again I did not have time to explore my Safari and left it at workshop on 26th morning.There i fixed:

2.HELLA 4000

3.MOMO Pedals

4.special switches for FOG lamps/Hella(on on left is on,other on right is off)

and took delivery on 28th night.

On 30th We had a family get together at Mahabilipuram.So we started on 29th at 12noon from Bangalore.we went through hosur-krishnagiri-chennai.The road was gr8 and I touched 120-140kmph.Itwas a gr8 drive,Again we started on 30th evening and reached Bangalore in the night.The Drive was absolutly fun for me,mywife and daughter.We enjoyed our BULL.He is great and we love to have him with us.Hope to enjoy my BUll a lot.

doctorkats 2nd January 2008 01:57

hope you enjoy driving your Safari.

CrAzY dRiVeR 2nd January 2008 08:37

Congrats on the Safari! :)

HappyWheels 2nd January 2008 09:23

Hey bglsrini,

Congrats on your new possession!

Your Bull looks great, very beautiful. (Black is always beautiful!).

Would suggest that you control yourself (I know it is too much to ask! Too much of temptation over here, isnt it!) and keep the pedal away from the metal. 140kmph might be a little too much, as of now. Let the guy run-in.

SumitB 2nd January 2008 11:00

Congrats on the BULL. It looks great.

Is it me or are the switches for the fog lights look like they are done in a hurry? They look flimsy.

HappyWheels 2nd January 2008 11:24

[quote=SumitB;673978]Congrats on the BULL. It looks great.

Is it me or are the switches for the fog lights look like they are done in a hurry? They look flimsy.[/quote]

same thought here.

it would have been better if they were for the Nitro that you might have fixed! lol:

PatienceWins 2nd January 2008 11:31

Congrats. It looks great with the Bull Guard and Fog Lamps.

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