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chaxy 5th April 2008 16:11

Bolero glx to SAFARI 2.2 ex - FINALLY UPGRADED !!
Dear Friends,

I just took the delivery of the Safari EX 2.2 (pearl white). Its quite an upgrade from BOLERO to SAFARI.

The decision to go for the Beast is ONLY because of TBhp. THANK YOU ALL !!!

Story So far -
In 2007 end when i was planning to move over from Bolero i had Innova in my mind as we generally do a lot of long drives. Moreover i found the Innova build quality and over all package very impressive for the price. BUT then there was something missing in the innova that i am so used to in the Bolero. It is the brute looks and the go anywhere attitude. Moreover i am sure people will brand me as a taxi driver. Then as i was browsing through the Tbhp forums i started following the ownership experiences of the new 2.2. Something very interesting about their ownership experiences.
So i took a test drive of the 2.2 and that changed it all.

Quite frankly, safari doesnt have the best build quality not be as perfect as a Toyota or honda. But its got an Image and lot of scope to enhance and add your own personal element to the car that's really exciting for a guy like me. (exactly thats why i bought a bolero in 2002). AND the new 2.2 engine quite a performer.

Today the beast is in my garage !!

The coming days will be more fun as i venture out to personalize the beast -
on the shoppinglist are Alloys, ICE, ...hmmm lets see..

I just reclaimed my life !! pics will follow....

Thanks again to all of you. :thumbs up

khan_sultan 5th April 2008 16:20

congrats buddy.. enjoy the bull -- do drive safe

I drove the VX 4x4 today for TD and can safely say that it is a raging bull.. The fit and finish of the VX is very good .

undead 5th April 2008 16:22

Congrats chaxy ... MUV to SUV upgrade ah. Enjoy .Safe driving . And dont scare the other cars on the road with your beast .

kkdelhi 5th April 2008 16:41

Excellent! It is guys like you who keep reconfirming my belief that Safari is the way to go now.

Congratulations!!! Post some pics, please. Another Pearl White on TBHP!!

aburagohain 5th April 2008 17:51

congratulations chaxy, that's very nice. which color and variant you finally did go for?
wish you a great drive for a long long time man, do post pics once all the fitments are in place.

DDDHRUV 5th April 2008 18:12

Welcome to the club Chaxy. Good to know that you have become a proud owner of a 2.2.

SumitB 5th April 2008 18:15

I am loosing count of the number of people who have reclaimed their lives in the last 6 months. Chaxy, congratulations. Post some photos soon and cause heartburn :Frustrati

GTO 5th April 2008 18:58

Congrats Chaxy! Time to change your TBHP avatar. How come you didnt go for the 4x4?

bglsrini 5th April 2008 20:35

Hi Chaxy,
Great to know that U have joined the club cheers:. Congrats.......Have a wonderful and safe driving always with your BULL.

ramie2400 5th April 2008 21:41

Congrats Chaxy,thats a great buy,total VFM,drive safe cheers

aadix 5th April 2008 22:50

congrats anna! btw u back in hyd?

HappyWheels 6th April 2008 09:34


Another person bites the bait! :-)

Another Pearl White. Way to go mate.

I guess the seats are not as comfortable that in your earlier ride - you should have removed then before selling!

Pictures, purchase review and experience are in order mate!

Safe driving.

sanjayatarizona 6th April 2008 10:48

WTH. Another Pearl White Safari owner. It's time TATA takes up sponsorship of the Team-bhp.

Congrats to Chaxy for a great buy..

needforspeed88 6th April 2008 13:52

Congrats chaxy.enjoy the beast. Although the safari has some niggling issues there is nothing on this side of ten lakhs which matches its sheer road presence

chaxy 6th April 2008 14:09

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Thank you friends!!

I have been doing a lot of driving today on the bull. I met another happy owner at the filling station who also had a pearl white. The power and delivery of the 2.2 is just too good. For a 2 tonn monstor like this car, the pick up is awesome. Its actually much different from the test dive car i drove earlier. Those test drive cars are generally screwed up so my humble advise to all potential buyers is to consider driving a friends 2.2.

This BULL has more brute factor than my earler Bolero. Also the dealer has promised me 9k worth of accessories. I will be fitting a BULL bar for sure.

Here are the pics -

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