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Default Proud owner of a Red hot furnace Red Palio MJD

After a long wait of more than a month and 2 days, I took the delivery of Palio 1.3 Mjd today. I had booked the vehicle from Concorde Motors, Bangalore on 24th March, and was counting days. Though the vehicle was ready yesterday, my mother was insisting on taking delivery on a Friday

I was scared to take home the new vehicle to my home in Bangalore traffic and had taken the help of a driver. Once I reached home, my self drove it to the temple nearby for the pooja.

I had a Maruti 800 before and driving a palio, I would say, is an alltogether different experience. The power was amazing, braking I would say is excellent. Engine noise was lesser when compared to Indica dicor. At empty stretches, it just breezed ahead. Infact we had two persons enquiring about the vehicle's performance in the signal (had to tell them that just took the delivery).

Sales experience was good as the dealer had told me that a waiting period of 4 to 6 weeks is inevitable for the colour I had booked. No freebies were given except for the Mudflaps, floor mats, dicky mat, idol and perfume.

Thanks to TBhp as I had used the checklist for PDI. Went to the yard of Concorde Motors to do a PDI with one of my friends. I am yet to receive the owner's manual as the dealer told me that it would be ready by Monday.

Planning to do some driving this week end and will post the updates. I am not able to post some pics as they are 1.2 Mb in size, will resize them and upload tomorrow.
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Congrats ! on your new Ride

Palio looks Excellent in Furnance Red .Wating for the pics and Intial Owner report
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Old 26th April 2008, 07:28   #3
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congrats on your new palio...

Please do a run-in for as long as your patience holds.. longer & proper running will give great results in a FIAT...

use SYSTEM D from BP from the beginning...

please update about NVH us at regular intervals...

FIAT. always......
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4-6 weeks waiting period?! Looks like the Palio MJD is looking after its own.
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Congrats!! This is sure going to be one hell of an experience for you having upgraded from the 800 to the MJD.

Treat her well and from my first experience with the Diesel the engine takes a while to open up so just go slow and steady for the first couple of k's.

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MJD is a great engine. Look after it for first 3000 kms. Do not baby it. be under 2200 rpm for first 1000 km but vary the RPM from 1000 to 2200 once in 3-5 min while driving do not maintain constant RPM for longer than a couple of min in first 1000 kms.

You may take it to 3000 RPM till 3000 kms and afte that you can reach 4000. I would not advise you to reach 4000 before 3000 kms but after reaching 3000 you should hit 4000 rpm once in a while to build a strong/smooth engine. I own a MJD in my swift and this is out of my experience.
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Team-BHP Support
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Congratz and do post some pics of the hot chic.
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Congrats on new car buddie !! I think initial waiting period was because
they were importing the first 100 MJD engines ( thats what i read in one of the Forums). I hope this is the beginning of new innings of Fiat!
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Congrats on your new buy. Post some pics and what was the OTR and what all freebies you got along with that?
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It seems like MJD's are raining in here, congrats!!!
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anyone got the details as to how many MJDs Fiat managed to sell since its launch ?
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Default Congrats

on your new ride, a great FIAT MJD.Waiting for the pics. though.


1.2Siena ELX
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Congrats Prasidhi! Excellent choice of Car & Color! Enjoy!

Mag, the waiting period of 4 - 6 weeks was due to the highly popular color choice (Furnace Red).
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Mag, the waiting period of 4 - 6 weeks was due to the highly popular color choice (Furnace Red).
Hey congrats dude, nice choice. Yeah, I am also in the waiting period of 4-6 weeks for that car though mine is Carbon Black.
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Congrats buddy. Enjoy your ride. Take car of your beauty and Do Put up pics soon.
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