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digital_druid 5th May 2008 16:05

My new Renault Logan 1.4 GLX
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I had initially been apprehensive about the Logan's looks and was also put off by the scary reports of 'Mahindra' service in my city - Trivandrum. Historically, TV Sundram Iyengar & Sons - TVS have been the only dealers for the erstwhile Premier Automobiles, Mahindra and Ashok Leyland brands, all across the state of Kerala.

After decades of selling home-grown trucks and Jeeps, their sales and service efforts were 'legendary' ;-) Having no sales/service competition for the above brands across the whole state, ensured that they earned a name for bad/shoddy work without the finer points in selling/servicing passenger cars.

As this was my second car after my parent's Isuzu-engined Ambassador, I had intially been looking for a common rail diesel sedan. Since I was going to pay for the car myself, I felt the pinch and also started looking at petrol power.

My engineer brother-in-law also pitched in with his formulae and calculators! He finally deduced that with the 600 odd kms I rack up a month I would have to drive more than 1,05,000 kms in a diesel car, just to break even with the extra 1 - 1.3 lakhs spent for the diesel variant. Only after this would I even start saving money based on the petrol/diesel price difference.

However, after deliberating for almost year with countless test drives, spending a fortune on auto magazines and spirited discussions on what car to buy, I paid for my Renault Logan 1.4 GLX on the 28th of February and took delivery on the 3rd of March 2008. I had a Rs. 47,000 discount on the car and paid 5,02,000 OTR inclusive of registration, insurance and all taxes.

I felt that this was tremendous value for money. I really liked the ride - which is one reason, I stuck with the stock 185/70/R14 tyres but changed to HR 14" alloys. The Logan feels really well planted and has good straight-line stability, though it does understeer while attacking sharp corners. Much has been said about the airy, spacious interiors, so I'll pass.

It has now clocked just 1268 kms but since two months have passed, I have just given it for its 1st service which is just a check-up/top-up for the car.

Will post update later. Also check out the pics below.

Seran Manian 5th May 2008 16:24

Congrates. Yes you are right. I too went thru all those calculation stuff and all that. But could not resist the desire for Diesel variant as I have been with diesel based cars for quite a long while. Good pictures.
What is the real advantage of alloy wheels (other than ofcourse the great looks)?

jkdas 5th May 2008 17:07

Neat pix:)

You forgot the most important thing am Indian would want to know...FE!

And pix of interiors and boot can you?

smack_himanshu 5th May 2008 17:18

Congrats on your new ride.
Looks cool with those HR alloys.

Seran Manian 6th May 2008 18:49

My FE figures after 1000 Kms: 17 Kmpl for city ride. Average speed 30 Kmph. 22 litres - 375 Kms

Sush 7th May 2008 09:48

Congrats buddy. The alloys look great.

VJ_MAVRICK 7th May 2008 09:56

Congrats on your new ride and it looks neat with those alloys. I think this color is popular for Logan. Congrats once again and drive safe.

Dippy 7th May 2008 10:03

Nice pictures druid and congratulations on your new Logan. The car looks really good with the alloys. How do find the overall performance of the 1.4? Does it pack a punch or is it a sedate cruiser?

kingshukt 7th May 2008 14:15

Congrats on the new car. Nice colour and alloys.

Somehow I am beginning to feel that I should have checked out the Logan before I bought my Safari.

Drive Safe and as JK mentioned please do post pictures of the interiors and the boot.

Autocop 24th September 2008 16:23

Nice pics. Your car looks just awesome with those alloys. It would be great if you update on FE, service and overall experience.

snaronikar 24th September 2008 16:45

Congrats on your new car. Nice pics. How about the A** for the Renault cars. Is this OK. Do you expect it to be more desiring from servicing point of view?

pawan_pullarwar 16th December 2008 14:32

Hi Guys, Any thread which gives Logan's ride and mileage report ?

aaggoswami 16th December 2008 14:38


A few queries:

1) How is the FE of 1.4 ?
2) How is performance of 1.4 ? Good enough for highway or not.
3) Were you offered any discount and freebies ?
4) Any build quality issues like rattles etc. ? ACI reported them, so asking straight to owner.

Comments on car.
1) This color actually makes the car look as if it belonged to one segment above.
2) The alloys change the entire look of the car.

shiva_cool87 16th December 2008 14:42

ah...looks good with the Alloys :)

Enjoy ur ride.

pawan_pullarwar 16th December 2008 15:20

There was one common thread for FE for all cars. I am not able to find it. Can anybody help please?

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