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Good picture and very nice review.......good work....
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saw the AHNC S-MT on display at Hallmark yesterday.
Car is a beauty from the outside. Looks, Front grille, tail lamps, C Pillar design look fantastic, and they will set a new standard for looks in that class.
Interiors look a bit drab. The door trims could have been done better, still they feel of a good quality. Front panel for AC, Music player looks a bit flashy and of the type one associates with another car in the same class. Sound quality is good for the average guy. HVAC controls feel weak, still I am confident they will stand good over repeated use.
Dashboard looks garish with too much use of light strips in the speedo. Even the dials look roughly turned. Fuel consumption meter is an added plus.
As an existing owner of the CITY, one point I an disappointed with is the reduction of front storage space. Also Honda has done cost cutting by removing the cigarette lighter and in its place giving an accessory socket. So bad news for smokers like me who sometimes dont have a light..
Fuel filler flap has no knob and can be opened by pressing the flap. This only works when the central locking is in unlock position.
In the engine bay, there is a distance between the radiator and the engine. Looks like Honda has gotten its extra length there. Air filter gets a sort of intake channel attached to the bonnet lid from the inside.
Front indicator lamps look good, the light is more of a deeper orange than the existing bright orange.
Fog lamps not present, side strips not present, alloys not present.
Ground clearance looks dangerous. I compared it to an ZX standing nearby. However a proper TD on speed breakers/potholed roads will give a better picture.
More updates after a TD, which the dealer has promised me in the next week.
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So did anyone find out yet what the 0 to 100 km/h time on this car is? If its sub 10-seconds that would be quite nice.
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So did anyone find out yet what the 0 to 100 km/h time on this car is? If its sub 10-seconds that would be quite nice.
Theres been no official tests done but i heard the car struggles to put down it's power during launch (due to the crappy 175 stock tyres). So a sub 10 sec time would be diff i guess.

On the other hand, the OHC VTEC had done 9.92 secs during it's road test, with stock 175s. But, that car had only 106bhp and a slightly higher power to weight ratio than the G3HC.


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Hello everyone,,
Finally saw the NHC today at one of dealerships. The exteriors are just too good and its specs speaks about its performance. You would appreciate the looks of the car even more after you see it live rather than in the pics.. But the interiors are not all that great with poor quality plastic used on the dash. door trims as someone has mentioned below are also not upto the mark. What adds to the poor quality is the combination of grey, beige and the silver in the SMT model. The silver which is supposed to give alluminum like finish does not. But i guess you would still want to go ahead with the NHC given the overall package and the fact that the competition is nowhere close to the car.

For the ones, who are not very fond of the dual tone interiors and the integrated audio system (IAS), might want to wait for the EMT version till feb-march, which is 50k cheaper. You would rather invest this on alloys and an audio system of your choice. More importantly for me, EMT model will have single tone (greyish-black interiors) which will certainly look better with the aluminium like silver plastic on the dash.
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Just had a look at the New city at the showroom. Exterior as already said, looks brilliant. The interior trim actually looks cheap but its not of that cheap quality. For eg. the door panels look cheap , but when i had a close glance it did look decent. Honda effect??The seat fabric is of a darker beige .
Dealer said E version only after Feb and they not even taking booking of E version ( obviously to clear City ZX stocks) and also it would be better to have a look at E version when it hits showrooms before booking.
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No F O G lights ?????????????????????
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Old 22nd October 2008, 11:01   #173
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seems the ANHC has reached Bangalore.Sorry if this is a redundant info. Got a call from whitefield Honda just now informing about this.
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Originally Posted by joecherian View Post
seems the ANHC has reached Bangalore.Sorry if this is a redundant info. Got a call from whitefield Honda just now informing about this.
Yes - I got a SMS from Magnum Honda last night on the same.
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Saw a ANHC in silver today on Noida road with no number plate so might be going to the showroom. The driver was standing next to it having a smoke. It does looks good from the outside but not something very special. Infact from far gives a look of a compressed civic. Waiting to see the interiors now.
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Old 22nd October 2008, 18:23   #176
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Originally Posted by gtr34 View Post
No F O G lights ?????????????????????
Actually they are optional. You do get fog lamps in the version with optional sports pack( check out my pic of the silver car with the body kit in page 5).

The city's front bumper has factory fitted cavities from inside. All you have to do is drill a hole at the right place, insert the fog lamp adapter and fit in the oval fog lamps
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NHC is in Dakshin Hosur road till 25th. Saw one today.
My impressions - It was not an ooh, aah, oomph for me

The outside looks are stunning. Under the hood I saw almost 9 inches of free space from the bumper till the engine. Through that if a child wants he can stand inside. Further the protection sheets below the engine will take all the slush and stay there.

Inside, the steering wheel looks similar to Civic's. But it feels all rubbery where you hold and drive. Since I am very much used to my Civic steering, this one reminded me of a cheap eyewash.

The door pads are of very bad plastic, the dash is not impressive either. But the dials are OK. The glove box has too less space, and further the cut/styling between the glove box and dash looks unimpressive as well.

Started and raised the engine, engine sounds pretty silent from outside -does not have that sporty feeling when you do that with a civic.

The boot is huge, but while giving you that space, the steppini is dug to deep down which makes her belly too low at the rear, and could in my opinion scrape a few humps.

The tyres are from MRF, with a profile of 55, which also might trouble a pothole hit.

Yet to drive it, but there is enough to overlook before deciding.

Overall in that segment - may be value for money.
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Honda has updated the NHGC website with an demo of Advanced Integrated Audio System. I tried it and it looks minimalistic with not much complexity. Did anyone else try it? What do the forum experts think?
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Default automatic climate control on european city!!

hey guys,
i just checked and found out that the new honda city which is going to be released in Europe as well will feature Automatic Climate Control, cruise control, a 100 PS 1.4 liter i-VTEC engine mated to a 5-speed transmission, and apparently it will feature a 6-speed i-SHIFT automated manual transmission!
Its really disappointing to know that in india, a car like honda city worth Rs.10lakh is not going to have automatic climate control!
The NHC does look cheap when one looks at minute things such as the door panel,door handles, etc... as well as the AC knobs. The city with the climate control gives such a better look to the interior. The flow of the dash feels completely different.
I think Honda should have kept manual climate control for 'E' and automatic climate control for 'S'. However, i feel that Honda might launch another 'V' model in future for the city featuring the above...
And I also wanted to know whether the NHC would feature electrically retractable outside rear view mirrors, immobilizer, etc..
Anyways, cant wait to take a test-drive of it!!
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Originally Posted by theEnd View Post
So did anyone find out yet what the 0 to 100 km/h time on this car is? If its sub 10-seconds that would be quite nice.
If I remember it right [either the CnB show on NDTV [?] or the Biz India magazine] quoted 11.64 secs. It's still faster than a lot of 1.6s out there. The link here provides the same number: New Honda City test drive | DWS Auto India

Our friends at BS Motoring have driven the car a bit - not a full fledged test drive, mind you - more like a quick driving impression. What I gather so far is that you get 0-60 kmph times of 5.46 seconds, 100 kmph in 11.64 seconds and achieved a top speed of 195 kmph - all figures which they are confident will improve with a run-in car.
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