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allenzaracer 22nd December 2008 03:53

Booked my Safari 2.2 EX 4x4 (mountain green)
Congratulations Abhiknov.

I must say that I have started considering this colour only after seeing the pics that you have posted earlier in your post. The Safari looks awesome in red.

Hope you dont have to wait for too long.

Happy Reclaiming!!

white_vdi 22nd December 2008 08:33

@ abhiknov : where have you vanished? where are the pics man?

Abhiknov 22nd December 2008 12:49

the pics
4 Attachment(s)
The beast is here, and as luck would have it i'd have to go out of town fr 3 days for a site visit. Will take it out for a prowl once i'm back.

getsurya 22nd December 2008 13:01

Congrats. Your safari looks super in red. Happy Motoring!

harimakesh 22nd December 2008 13:21

Implement your blue print to reclaim your life

Safari in mineral red looks fantastic.

Looking forward to see your post on initial owneship experience and the 4x4 drive experience. How much OTR price?

Please post detailed interior pictures especially the interiors of back doors and tail gate.

Implement your blue print to reclaim your lifeclap:

ram.west 22nd December 2008 13:45

hey abhi,

Congrats on the new ride!!! And that beast looks awesome in the colour mate!!
Happy Motoring!!!


SumitB 22nd December 2008 13:59

I am drooling man. Congratulations.

Jeep 22nd December 2008 14:07

Congratulations, Abhi. The paint work looks extremely good.

live2drive 22nd December 2008 14:21

The beast looks killer in red..
Enjoy your ride and drive safe..

bIte tHe bulLet 22nd December 2008 14:28


congratulations, that is officially one of the sexiest safari's i've laid eyes on in a long time!!! clap:

drive sane and stay safe dude...

bIte tHe bulLet 22nd December 2008 15:02


Originally Posted by Abhiknov (Post 1096814)
Where do get to see the pictures of ur beast?

hey abhi,

these are some of the pics up on the site and some on my ownership thread, 'the black beauty cometh'.

the pics are on page 12. congrats again btw! :D

unni.ak 22nd December 2008 15:35

Many Congratsclap: Your Safari looks too good. Start Reclaiming:thumbs up

Dry Ice 22nd December 2008 15:37

Man O Man!!!
Honestly, that color is to die for!
Thats one handsome beast, congrats abhi.

deepgautam_qa 22nd December 2008 15:39

Badhai Ho Abhinav!
Keep posting the pictures of your BIG RED MACHINE!

Cheers!!! :)

jkdas 22nd December 2008 15:49

Lovely color. Congrats!

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