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johnweeran 16th January 2009 12:30

Indica Vista Quadrajet Aura – First 1000 Km From Delivery to First Service
Hi all,

This is John only Thai to own a Vista. Here is my first report on Team BHP on my new baby.

D – Day:
On Last afternoon of 2008 I received the call from M/s Dhingra Motors, Gurgaon that my car is ready for delivery. I decided to take delivery on New Years Day so told them that I will be be picking up the car on 1st Jan 2009. Asked my local friend (He owns a Indica V2 DLG turbo) to accompany me. Infact he was the major deciding factor for me to pick up a car I hardly know about and got me a discount of 5000INR on Onroad price plus mats, mud flaps and divinity Idol. Total billing amount was 4,88,000 INR onroad

On 1st Jan we got up late (for obvious reasons). Gave my friend a call and there we were standing at the Dealership bang on 12:00 noon. As soon as we entered the dealership I looked at the gleaming Artic Silver Vista with a red ribbon looking towards with lots of lust in those beautiful petal shaped eyes. Buying a new car always gives you goose pimples and the same feeling as you have on the first night of your marriage anyways it is beyond words. Look at the smile of the driver of a new car and a newly wed man you will find similarities, believe me. Any ways lets get back to the delivery.

After all the paperwork and formalities keys were handed over to me with a box of Indian Sweets and a bunch of Flowers. Nice gesture but I think it’s a ritual here as I could see atleast 10 such boxes at reception, but definitely it makes you feel special.

From there we went straight to reliance auto zone which is located in the basement of Ambiance Mall. There we got new shoes for the baby a 14inches Alloys and Remote locking plus reverse sensors. Total damage was as follows:
Alloys 4 set Neon Ice : 11200 INR
Autocop Remote lock: 3500 INR
Reverse sensor: 499 INR
Rubber Mats*: 700 INR
Total: 15899 INR
*My friend advised me to put transparent plastic mats over carpet mats provided by the dealer.
Then I picked my family from home and went to a local temple offered prayers to god and got a orange Swastika on the dash board as adviced by my friend. (Do in Rome as the Romans do). Back in Thailand we also do the same thing we take blessings from monks for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants.

Leaking Rim:
On next morning I noticed the air pressure in of the wheel is less, fearing puncture I took the car to nearby tyre shop where they told me that on the alloys has a small hole from where air is leaking. Took the car to reliance auto zone where they acknowledged the problem and changed the rim no question asked and offered a free car perfume for the inconvenience.

Funny Music System:

Music system which came standard with the car is ok for ordinary music lover like me, me, but is too slow in reading USB and CD. It takes full 90sec before it starts belting out your choicest numbers. FM reception is good.

It also has a peculiar habit of going mute for few seconds and then starts playing again. It happens like after one hour of playing CD or USB. Its like this You are listening to a song and whoof there is silence for 30 sec and it plays again. Kindly advice that is there any problem with system or it is a generic thing. (It happens independent of road Condition).

So far So Good:

So far so good I am getting Fuel efficiency of 16.00 KM/l in city conditions without AC and strictly adhering to max speed of 80KM/H and not crossing 2000 rpm for first 1500 KM. But lately some funny sound has starting to creep in specially if someone in seated on front seat. A sound like some spring has gone loose it is a Tik Tik sound from the area where lumber part and seating part meets. I had a word at workshop they said will sort it out on first service. I have booked the car for service on coming Saturday that is January 17, 2009. and will be soon back with Tata After sales service first Impressions.

Till then Belt up and drive Safe

John Weeran

P.s This is my first ever posting on any blog so please overlook any errors or omission and I am open to suggestions

revhappy 16th January 2009 13:41

Hi John,

Congrats on your Vista!!! And Welcome to the Vista club.


gpa 16th January 2009 13:49

Congrats on your new buy John. Hope to see many more detailed updates from you on this car. you could even try using an Excel Sheet to log all your car's details like fuel efficiency and other expenses.


Volt 16th January 2009 13:58

Congratulations John and a very well written 'delivery' experience there (only you went directly from marriage to delivery :)!).

Wish you many miles of trouble free motoring. You seem to be getting good FE figures, keep us posted on your progress.

johnweeran 16th January 2009 14:52


Originally Posted by revhappy (Post 1132612)
Hi John,

Congrats on your Vista!!! And Welcome to the Vista club.


Thanks revhappy pleasure is all mine to be part of this club. Infact your and cntrl alt del reports were the final thing which made my desicion easy.

Best Regards,


kunal2202 17th January 2009 01:14

welcome to club V john! I bet your love for the vista qjd will increase by the moment.

CtrlAltDel 17th January 2009 14:40

hey...another Vista owner! may our tribe increase! cheers:

BloodHound 17th January 2009 16:20

Congrats John, Welcome to Club "V"! Have a great time with her!

mnhegde 17th January 2009 16:42

@ john : congratulations for the vehicle. thats a good FE you are getting in the city. Waiting for the pics.

abhinav.s 18th January 2009 00:24

Neat review and that too for a first post. Has captured the delivery experience very well. Some pics and the driving experience should sum it all up!

Congrats on your buy and enjoy many more trouble free miles with your new car

PAVAN KADAM 18th January 2009 00:41


Originally Posted by CtrlAltDel (Post 1134032)
hey...another Vista owner! may our tribe increase! cheers:

Must say, i am seeing more of the Vista's on the road in Bangalore than the V2.

Nice car congrats on the buy, happy revving:)

Latheesh 18th January 2009 01:30

hi John,

congrats! happy to see number of Vista owners increasing in T-BHP.

do post some pics of new baby

needforspeed88 18th January 2009 14:46

Congrats on your new buy.Indica vista is fantastic value for money. cheers

adilip 23rd September 2009 20:49

John has rightly compared a just-married groom and the just became car-owner. Only differance is that in first case, the 'delivery' is after the association and in latter one, the association with car is after its delivery.

Fordmanchau 24th September 2009 11:00

Hi John,
Hearty congratulations to you for owning a Vista. Hope you have been enjoying your car thoroughly. It's been 9 months since you had the delivery, of the car I mean.
Can we have more updates on the car with few pictures. You must have been clocking decent kms on your car. Would be nice to get a update.

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