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Yashodeep: what has happened is sad, you since you have asked to change the defective parts, and they did that promptly, you will not have much help in getting a replacement. Ask them to fix the dashboard rattle as they are bound to fix it. If you do not have an extended warranty, get that immediately. I believe 2+2 years extended warranty is standard (at least i got it as standard)

Do not skip a Pre-Delivery Inspection next time. Two hours spent before taking the delivery on the checklist is well worth it. thbp has an excellent checklist available.

And yes, like others mentioned, take it off your mind and enjoy your new car.

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What is current problem with the car? Ratting dashboard and that is it? Then think if it is worth all the hassle of asking for replacement and following it up. Rattles can be fixed (and even brand new replacement car may start rattling after a while). Unless there is major problem with the vehicle, it's probably not worth spending your time (and losing peace of your mind).
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Honda did not reply despite repeater complaint! it is so sad that MNC's are getting worse in ***.
I guess Mahindra & Tata's are improving in this matter as any direct complains boils the dealer.
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I only wish more and more people starting using our pre-delivery inspection checklist? I mean, it's out there and available even to guest viewers. What stopped you?

Irrespective, as everyone mentioned, just the fact that you have taken delivery a month back means the car is yours to keep. I honestly wouldn't be happy with a brand new car that is wearing a replacement door, windscreen and a coupla dents. There was a recent story of a BHPian who was sold a 5 month old Accord, and got a replacement after complaining, but these instances are rare.

Go back and get some other goodies (extended warranty etc. etc.) out of them for this. You've paid for a brand new car and they better make this up to you.
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Its really sad to hear your episode.Really sad.I cant believe Hoinda can pull off such a cheap trick.And not responding tilldate shows their poor customer attention.
I have long followed Honda's philosophy and i dont appreciate their business responsibility.I refrain from any Honda products.

i think you should approach consumer protection forum and lodge a compliant against Honda and the Dealer.
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Sorry to hear about your experience with the dealer and buying a car which was defective. Very Unfortunate indeed. However email the superior's here in Honda, India and the one in Japan. If you have all the relevant papers in hand then tell them you might go to press and if they yet don't do anything about it than on serious do envolve press in it. I know skoda dealers are mischievous but Honda too this is really surprising. Guess everyone is following Skoda dealer's footsteps.
But, I suppose they have fixed the damages and the car is registered in your name now, I have my doubts if they would replace your car.
Try contacting one of the Auto magazine guys see if they can help in taking up the matter to the superiors.

All the best !

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Looks like a case of the dealer banging the car than a manufacturing defect. Even the "double vision" looks like a case of "polishing" the glass to remove minor scratches. (have seen some people using aniline blue aka "robin blue" to remove minor scratches)
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Originally Posted by BaCkSeAtDrIVeR View Post
Looks like a case of the dealer banging the car than a manufacturing defect. Even the "double vision" looks like a case of "polishing" the glass to remove minor scratches. (have seen some people using aniline blue aka "robin blue" to remove minor scratches)
Dont think so, some windshield glasses do have some major distortion. If its in you line of vision you will notice as soon as you sit, but if its on the bottom or one of the sides, might be difficult to identify in the first shot.
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After spending 9 - 10 lakhs on a car, the customer instead of enjoying his new car, has to undergo frustration & mental agony at the hands of dealer & Company!

Looks like Honda is the Japanese Skoda!
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Originally Posted by asr245 View Post
Did you write to Honda India or Honda Japan? If you haven't written to Honda Japan, maybe you should. Tell them that Honda India did not respond so you had to escalate the matter.

A colleague of mine had written to Honda India & Japan when he wasn't happy with the way they (Authorised S.S.) serviced his car. They had the service station re-service his car for free.
Thanks a lot for this suggestion. I will write to Honda Japan right away.
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Maybe if the Dealer had refused support and taken time to address the issue we would have felt better.
That way when the Dealer finally solves the issue, we will feel like we have won a battle.

IMHO and with no offence meant.
You should not have taken this car.

Then when you took it and they addressed the issues really fast, that is decent service.

Going forward, I think the advice given earlier about getting a complete inspection and putting it into a list of things to do for the dealer is an excellent idea.
If there are multiple issues found
Ask them for a free Extended Warranty after they fix all the issues free of cost.

If issues are very minor, then ask them to fix it free of cost.
But I don't think it warrants a free EW.
However still do buy an EW as its always a good idea.

Then take the car for a long drive.

Issues if any shall be known.
Else you will simply fall in love with that gem and forget this episode.
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Originally Posted by A.R View Post
This is certainly absurd stuff from Honda.

But, when you did notice the defects before delivery, why on earth did u take the delivery? There is no point in taking delivery without appropriate inspection (basic atleast). Later no one's gonna listen to you & replacing the car is a remote possibility.
I noticed the defect after I accepted the delivery. In fact, I noticed it as soon as my dad drove the car out of the showroon but I thought the windscreen may not have been cleaned properly. I am sure nobody in their wildest dreams would expect to spot such a defect and actively try to spot it at the time of taking the delivery. Most often, we (as in 'me') would check the doors, the handles, the body paint, the door joints, interior switches, wheels, tyres, boot contents etc. But why and how on earth would I try to check the windscreen.
But when I drove the car at night, that's when I realised something is seriously wrong. And I was the only one who saw the problem. It took me a lot of effort to get others to notice it. I had to visit the workshop to get the workshop GM to see the defect and it only worked that way.

Originally Posted by narayan View Post
Yashodeep - i can't understand points 9 and 11.

you asked them to replace the door because of some dents and they did so. But why are you shocked if they did what you asked them to ?

net net - you now have a car which is perfect in all ways except the rattling with the dash board right ? isnt that something that can be fixed ? i suppose it could be because they removed it for fixing the windshield and have not refitted properly.

am i missing something here?
Yes I was shocked that the dealer replaced the door as I have never heard of a dealer who would do that. Also, technically I had no option but to accept the car with the replaced door as I have taken a loan and I am paying interest, so I wanted to minimise the 'notional' monetary loss.

I checked with them if they had removed the dash for fixing the w/s. They said they have not removed the w/s.

Originally Posted by Yashodeep View Post

6) Dealer responded in 4 days saying they will replace the screen under warranty and fix the dent in the rear bumper.
12) In the meantime, I had written to Honda's Corp Comm dept. about the entire episode and demanded an explanation and possible compensation.
13) Honda has not responded till date.
Even one is truly shocking but what can be said about the cumulative effect of dealer and company apathy and total lack of regard for the customer. Exactly this (pre-sale) attitude experience turned me off Honda in early 2007.

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Also use "Multi Quote" option for quoting Multiple posts.

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Originally Posted by shortbread View Post
I think this is something the dealer/company can sort if you make enough noise.
Originally Posted by Yashodeep View Post
Yes I was shocked that the dealer replaced the door as I have never heard of a dealer who would do that.

I checked with them if they had removed the dash for fixing the w/s. They said they have not removed the w/s.
1. Be deliberate. Explain to the dealer that one customer recomends others.
2. Substatiate everything you day with any / all evidence preferably deal with the same person so that they know the history.
3. They have not remvoed the w/S. I thought they changed it?
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I am really greatfull to all fellow team-bhpians for the very usefull suggestions. From all that I have read so far I will get the car checked thoroughly by a qualified and certified mechanic. Then take the car out on the highway for a long drive and also write to Honda Japan asking them to at least get Honda India to respond if not anything else.

It's going to be hard to wash away the bitter taste but I have no other option. So, I will keep all posted on the developments and hope to seek all your blessings and good wishes for my (dad's) new car!

thanks again.

Originally Posted by StarScream View Post
Apart from what Navin said, get extended warranty. Since it's probably too late to demand a replacement and the dealer has tried his best to address your complaints, extended warranty will protect you from defects for 4 years if you feel you have been handed a lemon.
Part of the sales deal was 2+2 years warranty. I already have the 2 years warranty booklet. Waiting for the +2.

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consider this too: there are million rupees plus car buyers from other segments apart from businessmen,employees etc .I meant especially rural buyers who don't even understand the cheapster tricks dealerships can do.I mean ,how are they able to go through internet just in case to see the inspection list etc.

India Govern ment must come out to address the issues a customer faces buying brand new vehicles especially international brands- the horrible service.
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