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Default A Swift VDi story. 11,000 km update @ post 55

Here is my little story of the car i just bought. Here we go...

I was tired of my dying fuel guzzler 2002 Palio 1.2 ELX and was after my dad's permission to buy a new car. Though i too am the earning member in the family but he is my dad and dad is the boss of house.So after watching me pled him for almost six months or so he finally gave me the nod. And begun my hunt for a new car. I didn't knew what should i be looking for as owning three different cars(Palio, Santro and a Viva) in the same house i didn't knew which segment i should have been looking for. I was confused been a Fiesta Diesel, SX4, NHC and Linea. The first three were going in for fabulous discounts due to various reasons and recession being the primary one.

I am not a major style freak but i wanted something with more power and FE compared to a Palio. So immediately SX4 was out of the equation. Everything else was a little over my budget but not something i couldn't manage. But then my good friend Manish made me look at his Swift D. Not thinking about an hatch i somehow didn't really liked the idea. But being a true tech geek i thought why not do a little research on the net about the sedans. And that was the time i finally registered at Team BHP.

Immidiately after registering i managed to spot quite a few Swift D "worshipers". So i asked myself...Huh... It is that good... Lets find out. Started reading the threads and slowly an steadily made my mind to go in for the Swift. And on 27th of March 2009 finally went ahead with the booking with a TD. And after booking the car without a TD i became a little more confused. The same can be understood in this thred.

The shocker while booking. The salesguy told me that it would take 2 months months for the delivery. I was so surprised as i was in the mindset that due to recession the availability of the cars would be sooner then expected. Feeling stupid i realized that a good car will sell no matter what. But still i requested the sales guy that see if he could deliver the car before 2 months and he promised me that it wont exceed 2 months at any cost.

On 16th of April i called up the sales guy for a quote as i thought to file my papers with my bank to process the loan well in advance. I again inquired about the delivery and he told me to be a bit patient and he would do the best possible. On 20th the sales guy gave me call asking me how soon can i get my loan approved. I said the very next day and then he dropped in the good news that i can have my car before the end of the month. I was quite happy hearing that. He again called me on 24th March and informed me that i can do a PDI of my car on 25th. Since i had to go out of the station and could only return on 26 i told him that i would come by 27th with all the papers and the DD. But unfortunately on 27th the banks were closed and on 28th i found that my loan was still not processed by my bank.

I decided to chase my branch manager and he promised me that my loan approval will come from the headquarters by evening. At 4:00 in the evening he informed me that my loan approval has come and he gave me another good news that being a old customer and having a Current account with CC limit with the bank my loan amount has been approved with a 10% ROI instead of 11.5% as earlier informed by him.

Today i collected all the required papers from my residence and visited my bank for the DD. The manager told me that i can collect the DD by 1:00 as there was some election training going on with the bank. I decided to visit the dealership for a PDI and as soon as i met my sales guy he informed me that he has already done the PDI for me and i can check the vehicle if anything needs to be taken care off. I told him that i would be getting the registration done by myself and i would drop in the DD after 3:00 in the afternoon. I went to my office and finished some pending work and then went to my home to have my lunch. At 3:30 the sales guy called me up and asked me weather i would be coming with the DD today or not. I told him i would be there by 4:30. I went to my bank and the branch manager was ready with the DD. Went to my dealership and handed over the DD to the salesguy and he asked me this " Sir what will you have as it would take another 15 minutes for me to get your car ready for the delivery". This was an absolute shocker as i was in the impression that the delivery would only be done next day.

I thought for few seconds and told him that i will be back in 30mins and he can prepare my car in the meantime. I went to the nearest shopping mall. Picked up a decent perfume and got it gift wrapped. Called my close friend and told him that in another 2 hours i would be 1 driver short as i myself had arrived alone to the dealership in my santro. And he told me that he would be there in 15 mins. Went back to my dealership and gave the gift to the salesguy and after about 45 mins from that i got the car keys in my hand. The sales guy took the liberty put in Mudflaps, Mats, Stering Cover, Car purfume and gods idle in the car. He then made me understand all the paperwork and the service intervals. Then a sweet lady came and congratulated me and handed over me a box of sweets. By that time my friend had arrived. The lady then performed a small puja and the supervisor of the dealership gave me a demo of the car. The car was finally filled with 5 Ltrs of fuel and after a handshake and a tip to the cleaner i left the dealership.

TBH the car buying experience was a good one and i don't have a single horror story to report till now. I also talked to reliance people and got my insurance done in the morning directly with them instead of the dealership and got a good discount of Rs 3000 as what i would have paid extra if i would have got the insurance done from the dealership. I wouldn't have saved that money if it was not for the thread i posted yesterday on TBHP for which i got an infraction. But i am happy that the TBHP saved me a good 3K.

Now the next challenge is to get the registration done with the RTO office by myself as if i would have got the same done with the dealership it would have cost me a good Rs. 2500. But that is tomorrow.

As for today like somebody else posted on the forums "Oye VDi, VDi Oye"

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Congrats man and Drive Safe with those monstrous engine.hehe
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Congratulations Switch. U ve got yourself a monster believe you me.
Livin the Vdi Loca All of us really.Cheers
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That's one of the smoothest buying experiences I've ever read. Also, the dealership seems out there to please! Congrats on getting your VDi, enjoy the turbo kick and drive safe!

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Congrats man, you finally got it, post pictures
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Congrats mate! Do post pics of your monster. All the best do drive safe. Wishing you miles and miles of safe and enjoyable drive
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congratz dude!

the DDiS is an absolute beast which will give you best of both the worlds - excellent power and fun to drive and great fuel economy too!

do post some pics
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Well Switch,

Congrats on your new car.Expecting some new pictures and a interesting Registration story as well.

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Congrats on the buy!

Now, since it is a pleasant experience, why don't you name the dealer! Come on, we can give credit when it due. And also the sales persons name.
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and please use the turbo well while running in. forget the nonsense of <2000 rpm running in!

Till then, oye vdi - vdi oye!
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Well as for the running in i have following this as posted by a old member on the forums:

1. When running it in, don't get carried away, don't be too easy on it. If you want the engine to stay fast, make sure you always drive between 2000-3000 rpm. That will keep the torque band well excercised.
2. Every now and then push the car a little, it helps the engine, just dont push it over maybe 3200rpm for the 1st 1000km.
3. Don't underdrive the car! A lot of people are of the opinion that driving at low speeds is good, forget the speedo, make the tacho your friend and drive according to that between 2-3k. If it falls below 2k, downshift and as you close in on 3k, upshift. Gone are the days where you should run in based on speed, tachos are the right way to do it no matter what speed you're at.
4. Don't drive the car in any one gear constantly, its bad for a new engine so keep shifting, even if it means you need to slow down or speed up a little. Work every gear.
5. Don't push the car in the 1st gear
6. Make sure you pick up the car in the 1st gear ALWAYS from a complete stop or when you stop to go over a speed breaker. Picking it up in second is bad during the run in.
7. Tyres - Change them to 185/70 - 14". The stock tyres are rubbish and will make you loose confidence at speeds of over 80. Also, keep a check on the air pressure.
8. The Service Light - you'll notice it in the DDis, dont start the car until it goes off. Also, the ECU is designed to detect any interference so if you're getting any electrical work done, make sure you disconnect the battery or the ECU will trap errors.
9. Post you're first service(oil change, tightening etc) your car is ready to be pushed. But gradually. Remember, don't accelerate like its going out of style, rather, push the car purposefully. The car makes me very happy when I'm driving it in the power band so I inch towards 3.5 k gradually rather than just accelerating. Harsh acceleration is bad for the engine life but once in awhile, its completely ok.
10. Lastly, your run in decides the life of your engine so forget about the economy. Some people will get stagerring figures, some not. Concentrate on how you run the engine in rather than FE. FE will come but how you run your engine in decides how your car will perform for the rest of its life.
As for the dealership it is Vipul Motors Noida Located in Sec 18. And the salesman name is Umesh. Nice guy to deal with.

On to the Registration story:
Originally my dealer asked me Rs 2500 or so as the registration charges/logistics charges whatever name you would like to call it. I denied the same to the dealer as took it as a challenge on getting the registration done by myself. Took all the documents along with the papers and forms which i got from my dealer.

Before visiting the officer i had to go and get a photostat done for few papers. I asked the guy who was handeling the photostat machine that if there was a lisening person who could help me get this job done by charging me a little money. He directed me to one who asked for Rs 1800. I simply declined and went ahead to meet the RTO bymyself. The officer saw my papers and told me that your papers are almost complete and i do not need to ask around people to get this job done. He simply directed me on how to get the whole process done and told me that i don't need to pay anybody anything extra. I then took the impression of the Chasis no on the papers with a lead pencil and deposited the papers. But here comes the bummer. The computers on which they allot the numbers was down. The officer on the chair told me that i need to come tomorrow again as nothing can be done. I guess this is the only bummer during the whole buying process.

Will update the complete story tomorrow. And will post some pics in sometime. Also a good thing happened. A fellow BHPian PMed me yesterday night showing interest in buying my stock tyres+rims+caps. We both have happily agreed on a price and i would be passing him the same as soon as i upsize the tyres with alloys.
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Forgot to mention: The driving license which was issued to me in 2003 had broken into pieces as the time has progressed. Its made of very brittle plastic and every time i need to give a id proof to someone i had to join the pieces to get a photostat. I took this opportunity to get a duplicate license made as i was in the RTO office. Did all the formalities and i will my lisence by tuesday next week according to the officer who sccepted the form. Now i wouldn't have got this job done if i wouldn't have come to get my car registered by myself. So something good did come out of the whole process.

Request to mods: Kindly add this post with the previous one as i dont have the rights to edit my previous post.
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Congrats on the new car. Just a couple of suggestions- do take a lot of photos of your car when it is new and looking nice. In a few months time when it has gone through the grind of daily driving you would wish you had good photos.
Also start maintaining a log book of your issues, expenses and experiences with the vehicle :-) will come in handy when you put up a detailed test drive long term report.
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what discount for NHC ? never seen one at honda bombay.
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congrats switch!
swift is a very nice buy and wont disappoint. i guess i missed what color your car is. and some pics also with alloys.
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