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Awesome Review. Really had a smile after reading it. Needless to say, one of the best reviews I've read after a long long time. Keep it up
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Kaushik, if writing is not your profession, then I shd say you are in the wrong profession!
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^ +1 to that.

You first paid a premium for the engine when Honda brought out the first City. Then you paid another premium for the VTEC. Now you are paying a premium just thinking about the Jazz.
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Superb Narrative with a distinctive style of it's own.

Jazz, Jumbo or anything for that matter - expressed this way will deserve an applause for the right touch of humour & it's accompaning analogy.

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what a review.!!!

you must had got out of marks for essay writing during school days.

now, we need more from your side in terms travelogues, reviews and much more.
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Great review Kaushik! Love the tongue-in-cheek style. Really brings back memories of school.
And yes, the Jazz is horribly overpriced!
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ITS a mini minivan lolz jeez!!
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Outstanding review, you really have a way with words, don't ya Kaushik?

1. Do upload the pictures, irrespective of the ones I clicked. There isn't a red Jazz on my thread

2. Did you have a chance to go over a 100 kph? How did you find the Jazz' behaviour there?

3. I'm surprised you didn't feel the stiffness within the suspension. Is that Wadala stretch that smooth?

*clicks 5 star thread rating*

Originally Posted by The Wolf View Post
Yeah, I drove it too)
How about typing out your impressions?
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So we were out car testing since we are in the market for a new car. Cross the Honda showroom at Jubilee Hills and wife sees a huge banner for the Jazz and slams on the brakes.

She wants to check out the car- I am like"no dear, this car is really overpriced, and I dont care if it has the big H, it is not worth 8.5L OTR- why dont we drive down a bit more to the Hyundai showroom and check out the i20 (my mind is already doing hte math and is gleeful at the 2L saving potential).

But when was the last time a guy won an argument with his wife. So, being the dutiful husband, I truged into the honda showroom with a frown on my face.

The sales man must have sixth sense or something because he cleanly ignored me and started to show my wife a red Jazz, explaining all features and promptly arranges for a TD car. I refuse to go for a TD since I am well and truly pissed off now, so my wife goes for a short spin, comes back and tells me- I want this car.

I am like" are you out of your mind? this damn thing costs more than an SX4 zxi- I dont mind spending the money, but not on this under equipped confused looking mini MPV-ish hatch." All this while I was deriving perverse pleasure from seeing hte salesman squirm with me trashing the car.

So we left the showroom, with my wife and I arguing all the way home (yes, we did not go to Hyundai), and this saga aint over yet.

But this set me thinking- Honda may be onto something here. The Jazz has been designed as a car to appeal to the fairer gender and that may end up driving a significant number of sales.

For sure, no self respecting guy will (or should) conside rthe Jazz for himself IMHO, there are many better options available at the same price or at a slightly lower price.

just my two cents.

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Amazing writing skills !!!

You sure should write some Travelogues. You'd be an instant hit with the crowd here with your witty writing.
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Superb review kaushik. Very well written, Honda people should post this to their dealers and they should put it up in their showrooms. If not for the price, the customer might just buy it for your review.....what say??
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Awsome review. You defenitely have your way with words dont you?. Good job, hoping to hear more beautiful reviews from your end. You seem to have more jazz than the H-jazz.
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Absolutely Amazing Review, One of the best I've read till date. Infact if I had the dough I would have simply gone in and bought the Jazz without test driving it after reading this review, Mind blowing. Keep it rolling Kaushik. Cheers.
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Hey, nicely written. Much, much better than those "sponsored" reviews.
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Awesome reviwe kaushik.
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