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Fantastic pics Hari. The Safari looks so at home in those surroundings. Infact the road seems like the odd thing out
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Awesome choice of color @Lukeskywalker and congrats on this wonderful buy.

God, its raining 4x4 Safari's on T-BHP.
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Lovely...congrats Hari! its a nice surprise

Would like to read the intial review...and also what made you go for this beast..

Have fun!
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A big congratulation Hari! Very nice colour combo there.

Where are those last few pictures taken?
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Hari, Congrats.!!! So the 'black lightning' has found the home :-).

Nice intro pictures. In one of the pictures (see below marked in white) I can already see great articulation and readiness of the beast for some 4x4 action.

Name:  10.JPG
Views: 1977
Size:  123.0 KB

So when do we go out on a looooooooooong drive
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Congrats on your purchase, Hari! Wishing you many more miles of happy motoring on your Black Storm! Good that you managed to contain the storm while it was brewing, hehe.
Hope to see your Safari sometime.
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You too, Brutus?! :O

Congrats, let me know when you are treating me, Hari.
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Thanks again guys, will definitely do the writeup of the whole deal pretty soon.

Where are those last few pictures taken?
All snaps taken near my farm about 11 kms away from Yelahanka.
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Old 14th August 2009, 18:24   #24
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lovely pics as always Hari,

congrats again...and now for the treat, i can hardly wait
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Old 14th August 2009, 18:38   #25
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Nice pics.
Safari as a very unique presence and i really like it.

When i was Td'ing it few months back i noticed the brakes weren't too strong and when done sudden braking the car was losing balance, is this with your safari as well?
FYI- i Td a brand new safari with 40-50kms on the odo.
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Hari there's always silence before the storm and here you are with a mean looking machine. Congratulations buddy !! Drive Safe.
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Default center console!

I wish TATA did a better job of the interiors! The center console fake wood treatment doesnt go with the character of this car. Begs for a CarbonFibre treatment or something like in the EX...

IMHO though.

Nice Pics! Look forward to your Experience with the Safari!
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Old 14th August 2009, 19:12   #28
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Wow impressionable pictures and a whole ot of congrats. Its raining Safari 4wd's out here and thats the way it should be if one could stretch.

Safari 2.2 is sure is getting a second wind out here after a brief lull.

Congrats again.

PS: Its about time i start working on that half done letter that was writing to TM asking them to gift/donate me a 4wd...anyway totally ignore this rambling!

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Wow Hari, It was sudden surprise for me (a pleasant one though).

A discussion which started with Magnum (in bhagini i guess) ended up in a Safari (a TATA). how come? I guess you were dead against TATA that time. I mean sangati ka kuch to achha asar hua (read hrag).

Wonderful colour combination. Did you sell the Optra / Accent?

Wish you more and more miles on this Beauty (as mjothi said lets forget bulls and beasts for the moment). Anyway keep my treat as due till i am back.


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Originally Posted by Lukeskywalker View Post
Thanks again guys, will definitely do the writeup of the whole deal pretty soon.
Very very unfair

Buddy we were waiting for your call and another round of Safari Guys meet.

Anyways a Big Congratulations.

DONT do anything with that color combo, that looks a killer.

And nice to see the Beast already in action.

Wishing you a peaceful, fruitful, tensionless, wonderful looooong time ownership.
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