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drchernish 3rd September 2009 10:41

Ritz vdi limited edition-fire brick red.she is home
car:ritz vdi limited edition.
colour:fire brick red.
accesories:jvc 2 din cd player(18 months warranty)
alloys-ordered n waiting
tyre upgrade-today
carpets original MGA
security system nippon-MGA
Ganesha idol
art leather seat covers.
AMC package for two years.
teflon n under body antirust coating.
two years extended warranty.will be posting pictures soon.

Su-47 3rd September 2009 10:44

Whats the "limited-edition" part?

prince_pervez 3rd September 2009 10:45

Congrats on the new purchase doc. Would be waiting for the pictures. So what was the price of the package on road like ? If you don't mind.

drchernish 3rd September 2009 11:10

my two beauties
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well as promised,pictures of my two beauties.will post more when with alloys and tyre upgrade.

balajird 3rd September 2009 11:12

Congrats on your purchase doc, please ellaborate a bit on the upgrades and other details like "limited edition" and dont forget the pics.

aks_karthik 3rd September 2009 11:13

Congrats drchernish,

Post some interior snaps with JVC and what is the On-Road cost?

Klub Class 3rd September 2009 11:18

Congratulations DrChernish....Please do post more pictures featuring the interiors.Happy Motoring :)

beejay 3rd September 2009 11:25

Yeah, What is this limited edition? Is the rear wiper optional on the VDI? How much extra do you have to pay for the same, if it is available?

Wasn't this color called Wine red by Maruti? Firebrick red on the Alto was the bright German red.

blackasta 3rd September 2009 12:56

If you do not mind, please peel off that MGA / KTL edition / KTL sticker. They are so very effective at spoiling the look !!

Also, I guess that the limited edition is the dealer edition (KTL edition)?

Correct me if I am wrong.

drchernish 3rd September 2009 13:35

-Yes ktl edition is the dealer edition.will try to peel off the stickers.anyone knows the best method so as to not leave a mark.
-Rear viper is not optional nor available in diesel.maruti thinks diesel owners dont need them.
-This color is a little bit diff from wine red in wagon r.
-Will post more pictures after the alloys n tyre upgrade.going for bridgestone turanza er-60 185/70/14 instead of the crappy jk tyres.Not thinking of michelins because of primarally rough road use.

vijaythacker 3rd September 2009 13:44

congratulations on your Ritz DDiS.Do post more pictures of your interiors , art leather seat covers and alloys.

Takumi-san 3rd September 2009 13:52

so this one is a limited edition?

abhijit 2284 3rd September 2009 14:13

apparently so , its mul made a policy restricting dealers w.r.t launching limited edition. so if the colour is a dealer limited editon does it mean that it was painted at the dealer or in mul?

not to dampen your spirits - a big congratulations is in order

Bubby 3rd September 2009 15:30

Congratulations. Its raining RITZ's on TBHP, looks good in this particular colour and the rear looks are just fantastic.

Congratulations once again :thumbs up

freewheelburnin 3rd September 2009 15:41

Colour looks similar to Hanabero Red in Honda Civic.Congrats on your latest pocession!

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