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Anshum 17th September 2009 22:52

My new i10 AT Asta: Initial report
Hello BHPians,

THANK YOU for helping to make this decission. When I decided to go in for a new car, I was almost sure to go in for another Swift. However, it is only after reading your wonderful experiences that I have decided to go in for an i10 Asta AT with sun roof- the feature rich fully loaded version at almost the same cost of a Swift Zxi (After the discount ofcourse ). I should be placing the order this Sunday and the delivery should be in next 15 days. The dealer is offering a 39 K Cash Discount ( Including Corporate Discount) and Teflon, Anti Rust, a Set of Oval Speakers as add on.

Thanks to Tejas, I did tell him that I want absolutely No STICKERs on the car. Again, Thanks to all of you, for the first time ever I have decided to go in for Alloys as well. The color is decided- Oyster Gray and I think GreyOyster has made an excellent choice of Black Striped Chrome, very similar to stuff I have selected over the web until now. At this point, I need your expertise to help me with this.

1. Whats a better upsize: 175/70/R13 (GreyOyster) or 175/70 R14 or 185/60 R14 (Tejas). My novice eyes are unable to note the difference and I request your help.

2. Correspondingly, please advise on the size of Alloys. The tyre guy advised me to stick to 13", but I read through the blogs that 14" work just fine and the Hyundai UK site does suggest that AT comes with a 14" there. I am not sure how much is the impact on looks of the car as well. There are a few I could shortlist on web, not sure which of these are available in Mumbai.

a. Welcome to Neo Wheels
13" Craze, Ice, Rally, 14" Sunrise, Torque. All - Black Machined

b. Apollo - India - Products - Alloy Wheels

SE-66, SH-05,S929, S332

c. Ford Alloy Wheels,Honda Crv Wheels,Mercedes Alloy Wheels,Civic Alloy Wheels,Supplier

H253, H 326,H 335,YL 815,YL 894,YL 895,YL 896

The only reason to go in for the alloys is the looks ofcourse, but I dont want any compromise on the suspension and only a tolerable compromise on FE. Your suggestions on strength and style which will look good with Oyster Grey will be great help. Also, let me know what deal I can look forward to crack!

3. Finally, the tyre shop is offering 1500 for the stock tyres and 100 only for the rim. Is that a good price. The Alloys are costing around 13,800 for set of 4 (without bargaining) and 3300 for yokohama (with 14") or 2850 for yokohama (13"). The buyback will be adjusted against tyres. Going through the blogs, I feel I can get a better deal on Stock tyres being BridgeStone (Hopefully! The tyre guy said Hyundai sometimes give junk JK also !!)

The tyre shop is just opposite the dealer, in case I like the alloys there and he gives me a deal any better than Milan (Anand Tyres- Neo Alloys).

Looking forward to your suggestions.


Anshum 17th September 2009 22:54

Hello GreyOyster,

I love the seat covers, they are a great dual tones for the beige interiors and dark grey exteriors. Need your help with one thing. What is the aluminium rod fitting you mentioned for the seat covers? How does it helps?


Tejas@perioimpl 18th September 2009 09:00

Anshum, congrats on your new car! i'm sure you will love her!

Go for the 14", they will make the car look much better. As for the width, go for whatever suits your pocket the best. Remember, a wider tyre will make a weeeeee bit difference by reducing the FE but definitely the car handles better.

I highly recommend Pal Tyres at Lamington Road (next to Apsara Theatre). He has superb variety and is very honest and professional. Speak to kenny and give him my name and he'll go out of his way to help you and give you the best deal.

I think i got a little bit more for my stock tyres but don't remember. Check my thread.

blackasta 18th September 2009 09:48

Congrats Anshum, and welcome to the i10 A/T club here at teambhp.
You can put in 14" tires (185/60R14)+wheels, absolutely no issues.
What yokos are they offerring for 3300 a piece?
Also get some seatcovers/mats/door sil guards put in real quick.

cvvikram 18th September 2009 09:54

Congrats on the purchase of the beauty! You will love her to drive in the city.

Safe Drive.

mobike008 18th September 2009 10:20

Congrats on the i10 purchase and welcome to the club. It's a lovely, zippy car for the city and i am sure you will enjoy its experience. How much was the final OTR price?

Btw, the stock tyres should fetch you more than Rs.1500. IMO, if they are Bridgestone's then it should get you atleast Rs.2K/Tyre since new ones cost around Rs.2.9K or something.

Anshum 18th September 2009 12:16

Thanks everybody,

Guess it will be 15-20 more days before I can share my first experience, will be giving the token amount this Sunday in all probability. OTR will be 5.66 Lakhs (5.5k extra for registration).

Thanks for quick suggestions, Guess I will set out for 14" tires (185/60R14) as recommended. Thanks mobike008, shall try to speak to other tire dealers and try to manage a better buyback deal. Guess there should not be much difference between Bridgestone and MRF..

Any suggestions on selection of alloys shall help, at your convenience. If possible, have a look at the links in the first post and suggest.


JayD 18th September 2009 13:14

Congrats on the new buy anshum! The i10 AT is the best city hatch in the market now. And its good that you went for the asta model with all the safety features, its worth the extra price.

Regarding the wheels, go for 14'' wheels, they not only look good, but the wider 185 tires will give better control. Also, some 13'' rims may not fit the AT model since it has a bigger brake caliper up front. Not sure on this, but remember reading it somewhere. Pls post some pix once you get the car! :)

anilkalvani 18th September 2009 13:49

Congrats Anshum on getting the best & cheapest city AT ride available. Just remember not to get freaked out with the initial FE figures, it will ease out eventually. I opted for Michelin XM1+ 175/70 R13 and not 14" as the two-three places i went to discouraged me to do so and even iraghava suggested i stick to 13". You can search for my thread for my i10 AT's buying & ownership experiences. Have fun & drive safe!

P.S. Man i have lost count of the number of i10 AT's on t-bhp. Infact even on the roads, i spot a lot of Automatic i10 nowadays. :thumbs up

ampere 18th September 2009 18:48

Congrats on the purchase! I got the Sportz AT 2 months back, as a second car for my wife. Have not stressed it out enough yet, but yes, its amazing piece of machinery to drive in city. I did not do any upgrade.

Nothing much to report on the performance yet. But the mileage was about 9-10.

Once again congrats for the purchase.

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