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Old 10th December 2009, 08:53   #16
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Congrats on your purchase. A very capable vehicle indeed. And like the others have asked, what are those "blue" headlights? Are they blue halogen or HIDs? Also what is their wattage? Do feel they are better/brighter than conventional halogens?
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Heartiest congrats!

This is really a very capable (& comfortable) off-roader. The same spec vehicke (M Hawk/ 2.2/ MH/ 4x4) has just won the Raid (K Prasad). I had the opportunity to drive one for off-roading session with Mr. Sudhir Kashyap, and it is delight! Despite weight, the vehicle just cruises in sand too! You will have a great time! Just watch out, due to long wheel-base, the groung clearance is an issue.


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Old 10th December 2009, 10:17   #18
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man your teasers are very very good and crisp report. Congrats and some more pic of the beast please
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Old 10th December 2009, 11:20   #19
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anshuman ,devdath - i think it's normal blue color Halogen , dunno the wattage , will check and revert.

Thanks Shishir .. looking forward to meet all of you guys in the next B'lore meet.

OCT 10 :
Venue : India Garage.
I need a Scorp 4WD.
Sales guy - Sir, no 4WD , Take 2WD na , besides i have all the colors,and delivery within 4 days ..
me : i need 4WD , call ur mumbai office plz and check.

He calls, talks to someone,changes the tone.

SG : sir, it's available ,but 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
I went ahead and booked it.

After 1 week.

Me : i heard m & m offering extended warranty .
SG : No saar , not available for 4WD..
Here , i need to thank the m & m Guy whos in Charge of India Garage.

i called him told him that i know that they are offering extnd warranty
and i know others got it in delhi (transalate as SS-Traveller) , so don't tell me it's not there.

He says he will try , and after 4 days , he calls me and tells me he will get it for me... !! NICE!!

After 6 weeks , another call from the sales guy . sir, it will take 2 more
weeks. hmmm... my BP started to shoot , still i kept quiet.

Last Week :

Sales Guy : Sir, Vehicle has come , but stuck in the Trailer since the
Hydraulic lift not working !! it will take 2 more days !!

i shot a mail to the m & m Manager in charge of Blore asking if this was True. he confirms it...

just my BAD fate !! what else !!

All these while i was talking to various managers in m & m, writing them mails , and they were really prompt in answering the queries .

Why ???

is it because my Co is tied up with the entire m & m very well ? dunno...!! OR maybe its just luck...

Insurance : 39K ... TAT AIG (yes, i know it's high) !!

What do i get from it ?

100% Bumper to Bumper Coverage , ( including plastic parts.) & Loss of key.. (Yes, m & m charges around 15 to 20k for a spare key !!) In case of Accident , claim upto 10k for other mode of Travel and Transportation .
Loss of personal Belongings upto 10k ..

In case of Theft , Full refund except Insurance amount. (including road tax.)

I Checked outside with most of the other Black Pearls (or lets call Pirate Ships) (courtesy : stolen from Pirates of the Carribean Movie) , normal insurance comes around 25k , add the additional coverage mentioned above, the amount comes more or less the same. Bloody Pirates .... !!

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Most people walk away from dealerships dissapointed with incorrect responses from idiotic/untrained sales persons. Glad you kept following up directly with M&M. This is the only way to get the correct facts and have your booking/delivery issues sorted out.

It seems to be that the delivery truck being stuck at the border is a common excuse that dealers are using these days.
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Congrats on the 4 wheel powered beast. Share more pics of interior.

So after SS-Traveller, you are the second one with mHawk 4WD and first with the new color lights etc ?

Share more interior pics, headlights ON, Instrument cluster apart from the others.
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Old 10th December 2009, 14:39   #22
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Originally Posted by vraghuz View Post
anshuman ,devdath - i think it's normal blue color Halogen , dunno the wattage , will check and revert.
Regarding the wattage, The only ones allowed legally in India are 55/60W. Please post the brand and model of bulbs. Thanks.
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Hi Vr ,
Congrats dude !
you might be quite excited , hope you can post some more pics and throw some more light regarding the ride ( torsion bar ) etc ...
cheers !!
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Old 10th December 2009, 18:10   #24
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Congrats !

How come you are able to get the new features with your Scorpio. People have been reporting that the production hasn't started yet.
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Old 14th December 2009, 12:22   #25
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congrats on your new buy awaiting the interior pics and more ownership reports
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Old 14th December 2009, 13:18   #26
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Hey Raghu,
Would love to see your scorp in flesh some time.
Lets catch up in one of the OTRs.
Thanks for confirming that one still needs to go for the top end model if he wants a 4X4. Wonder why this compulsion from M&M. I personally wouldn't want all those hi-end technology and unnecessary electronics in my 4X4.
OT: By the way, in your saber tooth pic, i see a silver invader standing next to your vehicle. Was it new (unregistered)? Wonder how they are able to sell new Invaders in B'lore. Or they've cracked the emission issues?
Cheers and enjoy your scorp,
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Old 14th December 2009, 14:49   #27
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congratulations on your mhawk on 4's.Surely this was something many wanted from mahindra to offer in scorpio.Do share more of interiors,beneath,new blue lamps,instrument cluster lights pictures.Too many askings but do share.
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Old 14th December 2009, 14:56   #28
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This thread will be locked shortly since it does not contain enough pictures, Okay can we have some interior pics please...
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Old 14th December 2009, 15:02   #29
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Congrats on your MHawk. The Scorpio has been constantly upgraded since it was launched. Every new model keeps getting better and better. The only thing I don't like on the latest model is that walrus tooth. Anyways have fun and drive safe. Do post some interior pics too.
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Congrats on the 4WD mHawk, she looks great!!

Did they have a complete Black one? i.e, the side Cladding also painted balck? and is it true that they have only the Black and the White in the 4WD mhawk?

Enjoy the
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