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Wow... what a beauty!!! At just 7k kms she is a virgin. Be gentle during the run in @8.1L its a steal. Congrats GTO!!

I enjoyed reading why the different cars were rejected by you.

I have to show this thread to my folks who are surprised that I am again thinking of going for a used car. My first used car was the one which I used for 'haath saaf karna'
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Hey GTO,

Thats one hell of a sweet deal there

The car indeed looks stunning in White.

The used car market is the best place to get your dream car at an affordable price
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Old 10th March 2010, 00:45   #48
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4 hours and 4 pages of Congratulations, GTO you have some fan following man. Everyone including me were waiting for the purchase. The real fun will begin when GTO starts the mods. We are hangin in here GTO keep it comin!!

and yes Congratulations!!
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Old 10th March 2010, 00:59   #49
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Kudos to you GTO---for getting such a beaut for a price so pocket-friendly.

I also liked the unque sticker that reads 'Gto BHP'
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Congrats GTO on such a dream buy. Your car has made me drooling and I just can't wait to ask this.

I was about to start a thread on the same topic, but your thread has tempted me to put my query here. Sorry to bug your thread but I am riding the similar boat like you (Well almost similar)

1. I have always liked the civic since it was launched.
2. I could never justify the price for a new civic.
3. I drive a Swift VDi back home (in Haryana).
4. And last but not the least, I want to present a (used) Civic to my father, bought from my own money as a replacement of Swift.

My budget is around 7-7.5 lakhs and I want to buy as soon as I am back home (intended August 2010).

I look forward to all my friends to help me out in this.
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CONGRATS GTO!! So it's finally here.

I should confess that I already knew and was wondering why is it taking so long for you to post?!

Anyways, as usual, a great writeup to start with. Why do I get this feeling that in a few years time I might end up buying a used Civic, 07 white color, 75k kms (approx) on the odo, well maintained, and a t-bhp car, as my next car?!

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Old 10th March 2010, 01:05   #52
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Good stuff man. I'm waiting to see what rims this one gets.
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Old 10th March 2010, 01:18   #53
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Nice catch there GTO. That Civic with only 7k on odo is quite a find.

So you have finally added another chapter to your honda story Looking forward to the mods. Which is it first, wheels, exhaust or remap?
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Wow ! Great but GTO, Heart felt congrats ! Approx 7.5k Odo is a gem of a car and is a steal at that price.

Love the "gto's BHP !"
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Old 10th March 2010, 01:44   #55
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Hmm... I am getting super tempted to find and buy a used civic
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Old 10th March 2010, 02:10   #56
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Congratulations GTO. Welcome to the Civic club.

You are spot on with the likes and dislikes. Doesn't matter with the low torques... Rev her all the way man!!!

Just back from a 800 km journey in less than 2 days in my Civic. Even after 3 yrs of driving, I'm still in love with it.

Take her for a long drive. You'll just love the drive, the control and the car in total...

Enjoy her. Drive hard and drive safe.

P.S. I don't think I saw anything about the tyre conditions, how are they? Planning any changes?
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Old 10th March 2010, 09:22   #57
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Congrats GTO. Thats a cracker of a deal. Civic is still my dream car and hope to acquire one soon.
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Old 10th March 2010, 09:23   #58
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This is as good as getting a 45% discount from Honda straight! Awesome deal. Congrats. Can we have a quick comparo of OHC vs.Civic and C vs.Civic, right from the owner of all the 3 (ex-owner for OHC though!) ? Will be lots of fun.
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Old 10th March 2010, 09:53   #59
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I am risking a prediction.

Lots of TBHPians looking to purchase a new car are going to consider buying a higher segment used car. When the highly respected super admin has made such a move, it definitely is going to have an impact on TBHP.

Congrats GTO on your buy, your thread and on showing the way. Round of applause!!!
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Congrats Rush, she looks brand new! 7k on the odo at 8.1 lacs - man, that's a mouth watering deal

Have fun with your new love & will wait to hear more about the rear suspension mods - has she scraped any speed breakers so far?

Unique sticker, what more can I say
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