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agm 18th March 2010 01:42

Punto Emotion Pack (Petrol) - Medium Grey
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Hi Folks , first of all i'll like to thank of the team bhi-ians ,without there reviews and all it would not have been possible to make my mind and to go ahead with punto, seriously.Finally got the delivery of the dream machine.The day Punto was launched i decided no matter what one day will sure have this car in my garage and finally it happened today.Everything went smooth except for the delay,i was told that will recieve the car on 25th feb the day we made the booking amount but then it took longer then expected.Have not driven much yet as got the car home late in the evening.Will write everything in details within a day or two. :)

Amartya 18th March 2010 07:19

Congratulations and thank you for sharing the pictures with us. The Punto is a fantastic choice.
Wish you many miles of happiness.

arishi1 18th March 2010 08:18

Congrats!! AGM and welcome to Punters club. Can you post some pics of the interior. Need to see how the 2010 model looks.

arun1100 18th March 2010 08:29

Yet another Punto!!! Congrats AGM.clap:

As I am saying daily to many in Team Bhp, I again say to you "Have a Fiatful Life!"

nkrishnap 18th March 2010 08:57

Congrats AGM. The medium grey looks great as any other color.

Please do post the buying experience, dealership experience and of course the initial ownership experience in details.

Looking forward to it.

neoonwheels 18th March 2010 10:03

Heartiest congratulations, it surely looks beautiful. Keep updating the thread with your ownership report.

bnzjon 18th March 2010 10:07

Congrats AGM on your possession of the most beautiful hatchback in the country.
Drive safe and enjoy the beauty.

ms001 18th March 2010 10:08

congrats AGM the temp registration is from raipur?

sheetumanu 18th March 2010 10:33

Heartiest Congratulations to agm from a would be punter on bringing this beauty home. Lover Her, Pamper Her and Drive Her Safe.

It's not a CAR, it's an EXPERIENCE (borrowed from 'Avatar' reviews)

I too would be waiting for the pics and ownership experiences.

daredeviljpr 18th March 2010 12:08

Congratulations for you new ride. It's a great car, I also own a 1.4 Medium Grey E+. Do upload pics of your car, esp. the interiors. Enjoy your new ride and keep us updated.

agm 18th March 2010 13:01

Thanks so much guys :)

Ms001- Ya i'm basically from raipur,but due to work mostly in ngp.

Till now expirence has been really good , especially with sales guy although he was not aware of few things related to Punto but then they have been quite nice i must admit.

Only hiccup was that the ex-showroom price they gave me while booking was 6.07L but later when i saw fiat website, it was 25k less then what they told me,but later it got resolved.

Need to go through all the manuals,although while taking the delivery fiat guys did their best to explain me basic things,but later when i was trying to set the a/c and also blue n me i was not able to it being HVAC which is something new to me.

Shall upload few more pic soon,especially interior.Was so excited that i forgot to take interior pic.


esteemer 18th March 2010 13:40

That's a great colour choice. Dive safe and enjoy.

Raining Fiats here these days. :D

recshenoy 18th March 2010 14:02

one GP on bord! congrats dude. have a safe drive ahead! Any mods planned?
How GP is selling around your area (Rpr/Ngp) ?

joe1980 18th March 2010 14:05

Congrats on your new car. The color looks awesome. Even I'd buy a car with the same color.

J.Ravi 18th March 2010 14:20

Congratulations and best wishes, agm, on becoming a proud owner of Punto. Happy motoring in Punto!

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