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Default Bought a new Xylo E8 ABS

Hello Everyone,

I am brand new to this thread, and so is my new MUV - A Mahindra Xylo, E8, ABS.

I have been an avid reader of this site, and had been constantly reading the posts on Scorpio's, Inniova's and the new Xylo, thanks to some of your great and informative updates that helped finalizing my Xylo.

Given that this is a community, I feel that I should now post my overall experience on the new vehicle, so here goes (Feedback from all of you welcome, I'll try my best to respond in time):

The initial buying experience:

So I have always been the guy eyeing the new SUVs zoom past when I'm driving my Esteem (still love it, still have it), and nurtured the dream of having the great 4X4 Jeep of sorts, and still couldnt give up the hopes of having an AC, a power steering etc. to go with it.

Well, I explored and found the Xylo to be attractively priced, thanks to a close work colleague who bought an E8 recently - I could do the test drive etc and the overall impression was nice! This guy recommended me to go visit SKS Automobiles on bannergatta road and gave me the name of a sales manager. I promptly booked a test drive, went , did the drive and started speaking of the finance option and colors.

I was most surprised that the sales guy never responded! It was almost as if I was beign given a great favor by parting with 10 lacs and getting a Xylo, no customer oriented service at all! Thankfully, I didnt give up and this time escalated and got in touch with a guy called Amit (God bless him!) and Amit helped me all the way! I would recommend those wanting to buy a new mahindra vehicle contact this down to earth, informative guy to help you select and own your own beast! He also thrown in a good deal of freebies etc. that is the icing on the cake!

The paperwork was sorted, and I got the vehicle in 3 days, registration done! I got the all-black Xylo, and am thoroughly happy with the entire deal. Got quite a few freebies thrown in, and I spent the following as extras:

1. Maxi Care and underchassis coating - around 8k
2. Seat Covers - 16k
3. Rear Spoiler (I'll post pics very soon) - 4.5k
4. Front Windshield UV film - 5k (This is turning out to be a good investment in the recent harsh bangalore summer, the AC cooling is much better)
5. I changed the headlights which are factory fitted to 55-60 watts, to 90-100 and also got the relay wiring done- 1.8k
6. Weather/rain shield on windows - 2k (complements the black color overall)

A mahindra person demo'd the vehicle, a pooja was done (This was surprising, I didnt expect the elaborate ceremony!) and off I went with the big beast!

First Week and my observations:

So I read a lot on the Xylo's braking, swaying like a boat, odd looks and so on. I didnt experience any issues on the brakes so far, they are far better than my esteem, doesnt rock like a boat - I did a 200 km drive last weekend and was amazed with the zero fatigue, am more used to 600 kms non stop drives and am waiting for the 1st service to get over.

Yes - I am driving within the 2000 rpm and below 80 (once 100) mark, doing as instructed. Also had been asked to pump the clutch 3-4 times before starting the 1st time in the day, keeping the engine on idle for a min the first time daily, and the last before switching off for the day.

The AC is superb, everything so far is really comfortable. The dash info says i'm getting a mileage of 9, and I am guessing that will increase post the 1st service. My usual route is from sarjapur road to south end road, and thats always crowded, guess i can live with a mileage of 10 on diesel, my esteem gives me 11.

My Recommendations:

If you are looking for value for money, less costly services, go for a mahindra. I like the scorpio as well, but I personally found the Xylo driving experience to be better, its much more roomier from the inside, and its HIGH! That's one amazing experience from someone always used to an esteem, it gives to different perspective to manuevre in traffic, very useful. I compared, my Xylo is higher than any of the other similar vehicles - innova, sumo, scorpio, tavera, safari (Yes I know they are different classes of vehicles, but am only speaking of the seating height and comfort).

Try this guy Amit from SKS, really talented guy, and gives you immense comfort and the feeling that you got enough freebies and a good buy!

I was initially looking for more color choices, so yes, M&M if you are reading this then you do need to give more choices for the top-end buyer!

While the quality of plastics inside is indeed not nice, I am told that for 6k, you can get a lot of all-wood interiors, so that's my next project down a month or so.

That's all from me for now, I hope my post isn't a boring one, and does give info to others as the earlier posts benefited me.

Cheers for now
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Welcome and congratulations with the VFM people mover and do enjoy the rides in the highways too. Calculation of mileage from tank to tank is the best method, and do post some pictures of your xylo. Happy motoring.
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Default Congrats

Picture would speak a thousand words. Do post a few of them !
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Congrats Ankurd.

Yes the xylo is a real tall vechile .Im sure the view from the driving seat will be awesome and also great for driving .
Post some pics including some interiors also .
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Congrats on the Xylo. Do post pictures of your ride.
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Esteem seating position is really low and after driving I know you must be having a whole new experience of driving. I personally like the low seating position, gives a sense of more control at high speed.

Congrats on your purchase and welcome to team BHP Though all xylos look same still we are waiting for pics do post them soon.
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Congratulations and best wishes, ankurd, on your proud possession, Mahindra Xylo E8 ABS. Please post some pictures.
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Congrats on the Xylo. Do post a few pics with the details covered.
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Congrats mate!!!

Best choice of colour. Its a bit hard to maintain, but the looks more than pay for it.

And yes pictures please.
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Congratulations on your new acquisition. Am sure you are longing for the long drive post the initial wait-in time.
Look forward to the pictures. Do post pictures of the interiors as well.
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Originally Posted by ankurd View Post
Hello Everyone,

I am brand new to this thread, and so is my new MUV - A Mahindra Xylo, E8, ABS.
Congrat ANKURD for your new car.

XYLO is indeed a VFM car. No other MUV offering such feature in this price tag of XYLO.

I think now the XYLO topend E8 comes with ABS and Airbag both. so is your vechile have Airbags or not.
or M&M offering Airbags as an option in E8?

Please do post some pics of your car including interior

Drive safe
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Hey ankur
Nice choice.its a total VFM vehicle..munch many many miles!
Even i own one ,mine is diamaond white e8 ABS,

eagerly waiting for the pictures!!
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Congrats on your new Xylo. Do post the picture of your black panther soon.
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Default Updates with Pictures

Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for all your replies. Yes- the new E8's are all ABS and airbags was optional. I got the ABS model (minus airbags).

Attached are some pictures.

You will notice that the scruff (am not sure of the spelling for this one, basically this is the steel plate on the door step) plates are wider - Mahindra had thinner plates earlier.

The seat covers are g-sport, one drawback - The seat doesnt fold all that easily now, esp the back seat.

The rear and front fenders have a rubber guard to protect against scratches. I havent found the front bull guard to my liking yet, so that's still being searched for.

The footmats were part of the "freebie" package, its the carpet type.

There's the window weather guard that I thought looks cool in a black car and hence added it. I also loved the rear spoilers, somehow felt it adds the look on a black xylo better.

I also got the letter from Mahindra on the 4 years extended warranty!

Still driving in a controlled manner, just hope to cross the 1st 3k kms and then go for a long drive!

@ElantraGT - "Black Panther" - I like it!

Attached Images
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Today we had a look at both, Innova and Xylo.
My question is related to Xylo.

1) How is handing of Xylo as compared to Esteem ? We have 800 and Baleno, both of which have direct steering and Baleno is a good driver's car.

I am afraid about handling of Xylo. Since you were used to a low slung sedan, you views/experience will be valuable for me.

2) How is high speed stability ? I know you have not visited very high speeds, but still, as compared to low slung sedans, how much is loss ?

3) And if you have test driven Innova, how do you compare handling, high speed stability of Xylo to Innova ?

I am inclined towards Xylo as its excellent VFM, but my father is not having full trust on Mahindra. We have to keep this car for around 10-15 years atleast, so its a very tough decision.
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