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Default The YetiŽ writes a car story - (and review of Skoda Superb)

Yes, it’s about caaaaars he said, rolling his eyes. I'm going to write about cars.

The YetiŽ is no car enthusiast. If you’re looking for price vs performance or 0-100kmph in blah seconds and all that, stop reading. There are many threads bursting with knowledge about the performance of various cars on Team-BHP. You won’t find all that talk here. I don’t know much about cars.

This is just a story about cars in general. And about one car in particular.

Reasons for purchase decisions, ownership report, comparisons and more. But from a very ordinary, simple point of view, that's all.

Call it a review for the non-petrolheads.

First – the reason for the car.
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Pop corn - check
Coke - Check
Lazy boy reclined - check

All geared.

I am going to have a great time reading this thread for sure.

Sam..please continue
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a b d e f g h ......
Long time no c, Sam!
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PS- For the petrolheads, I will keep providing you some facts and figures and insights (if you dont mind, Sam).. just to keep you in this thread.

This is going to be the best initial ownership report EVARR!
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Dearest Sam,

I have enjoyed all your threads and eagerly waiting to read this as well. You articulate things very well.

Sitting on the edge of the chair to read this story.

Bring it on.

Cheers !
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So finally, its coming on TBHP

Let the show begin Sam !!
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Time to start F5 ing ! ! !
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S is for Sam, Suspense, Surprise, Sloth and Story.
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Default Why do I need a car?

It is a basic question.

What do I need it for and what do I need from it.

I'm not pretentious and do not come from a family with a long lineage of fancy cars. I was raised without a car in the house and the last car my Dad bought for the family was a Fiat Uno, many years ago.

Driving to work is a huge hassle. I live in Bandra and my office is in South Mumbai. Until the sealink was inaugurated, this way was one of my life greatest hassles.
I'm not a good driver. I don't enjoy driving. No in fact I usually hate driving.

I'm also one of those guys who has a back drenched with sweat, even if the air conditioning is turned all the way to the max.

No, for a few years I've had a driver now. I like that. I sit in the back with my ipod, my blackberry and sometimes my laptop.
I have a creative job and I like to dream. Also I like to play music in my car and watch the world go by.

I'm a tall man, I am. Almost 6 feet 4 inches. Usually I sit in the left rear of the car with the passenger seat pushed all the way to the front and the headrest knocked off.
With the headrest on I feel claustrophobic. I like a nice clear view of what's happening around me. Especially in front of me.

Before the sealink, I'd spend about 3 hours of my daily life in the car. That's a big part of my waking day.

Until recently, my daily drive was a Hyundai Verna Diesel. I liked this car a lot for the headroom. Ah, it's nice to have a few extra inches above your head. This was a good daily drive, nice and solid.
The Engine was very powerful, something I enjoyed a LOT while driving.

Not while being driven.

The Hyundai Verna had soft suspension, but in the back seat, it would make a grown man sea-sick. I would refer to the car as my personal boat.
It was awful. A brake would have ripples and the car would sway for a few seconds before coming to a halt. Bah!

The clutch was sensitive. The car was easy to jerk, too easy. The rear headrest was uncomfortable. I got the car without the adjustable headrests.
I don't know how I got that.

I think when I went to buy the diesel Verna there was no model with adjustable headrests and ABS etc.

But to be honest, except for a few initial hassles, this was a great car.

But I'm rambling.

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Default What next?

The first car I ever bought was a Mitsubishi Lancer. A beautiful red Mitsubishi Lancer that I loved.

See that's the strange part. I'm not a car enthusiast, but I like keeping cars clean and beautiful.
I hate people who smoke in their cars, I like a polished dashboard, I like nice alloy wheels and love good tyres. No I don't know anything about performance but like to see tyre sizes and treads.

I love good custom leather seats. Napa makes me feel all sexy inside. Hee hee hee.

I called a friend for my Lancer. He supplies leather seats to Italy. And I bought these seats at his cost for the Lancer. His cost in 2003 was like 30 grand.
Those who know me, knew how I loved that car. You can find a thread I wrote on a car-spa I put that Lancer through.


My weekend drive is an old Land Rover Discovery. I love it very much.

We need 2 cars to go to work. My better half and I.

The decision was made to keep the Verna. It was her decision, it was. Because of this, I was forced to sell the Lancer.

And so I did, with a heavy heart. The 2 saving graces were
  • I asked for a higher price and got it.
  • I sold it to a car lover.
The Verna went to my better half. The Land Rover was for fun.

I needed a new car to get to work.

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at last the yeti writes again, been waiting .......
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Nothing to do in office today. Perfect timing for the thread Sam. Congrats and waiting for more.
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The Yetiblog on Cars! finally! continue, waiting patiently for it!
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Default It's gotta be big!!

It was time to buy an expensive car. A good one.

It was time to buy an impossibly big car, one where I could wave out to the driver if needed, from my seat at the back.

Good morning Akbar, kaisa hai? Kya bole? Bahut door hai tum, aawaaz nahi aa rahi hai.

A car where my knees would touch nothing unless I wanted them to.

And I wanted buttons.

Buttons for all kinds of crap. All kinds of things happening around me. I like that. I want to know what the temperature of the dipstick is. Why? I don't know. But I want to know what my engine is doing. And what the humidity level of the air is outside. I like to know that at all times.

I'm a person that likes cars with a high level of trim but understated.

That's one reason why I've always preferred European stuff. There's tons of technology, bordering on the over-engineered. But it's not in your face.
They have this for everything.
Daily stuff, white goods, electric doors and washing machines.

Lights that switch on when you step out, doors that swing open when you come close. Stuff that goes off after 3 minutes of pressing the button. I love these things about Europe.

In Asia we have big highlighted buttons for everything. Things are light and break easily. They don't have this solid industrial feel.
But I'm rambling again.

With my limited budget I was able to get only 2 cars. The Honda Accord Petrol and the Skoda Superb Petrol.
Why Petrol, you may ask.

Well, the price difference between a Petrol and Diesel car at this level is 4 to 5 lacs. I drive 30 to 40 kms a day. I figure the price difference between fuel cost will take me 8 to 9 years to recover.

Nah. I wanted to buy a BIG car that would smell great, feel great and I'd stretch out in the big seat with a big SIGH and be driven to work.

I like that.

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Nice. Waiting for the film to start.

What a superb idea sirji; Yeti writes about engine-wengine and that too about Skoda.

Sam, pix with you inside the car; to judge space will be helpful. Oh yah, a picture with those trademark red shorts
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