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nvldvr 26th May 2010 00:14

Mahindra Scorpio SLE - 10,000 KM Update
My scorpio just touched the 10000 km mark today afternoon. Bought it last Oct, thats about 8 months back. The previous car i owned was a wagon r, and in the 4 years that it was with me, i managed to drive it around for only 24000 odd kms. I have surprised myself by doing 10 k's in less than 8 months with the scorpio. But then thats the beauty of this wonderful vehicle i guess, it just begs to be taken on long drives, and the kilometers just pile on.

Got the second free service done a couple of days back. There was no scheduled replacements of any parts, and it was meant to be just a general check up. However, got the following done:-
(a) Engine Oil replacement - On a voluntary basis. Will do the same during next free service as well.
(b) Oil Filter Replacement
(b) Brake liner cleaning for all tyres - There was a slight squeaky sound coming while breaking at slow speeds. Gone now.

Only paid for the engine oil and oil filter as the labour was not chargeable.

In addition, had the tyre rotation / wheel balancing / alignment carried out from a local Tyre dealer. Rotated and balanced all five tyres. The charges were Rs 1896.00 including the cost of lead weights.

The overall ownership experience so far :-
Absolutely wonderful and satisfying. Have loved every moment spent behind the wheel. The vehicle has behaved impeccably both in city traffic as well as on long highway drives. There's absolutely no turbo lag what so ever, and the engine responds wonderfully to all your whims. Straight line stability is excellent, but on curves, you have to respect the size of the vehicle. Mileage around the city has been around 10.5-11 kmpl and the figure for highways has been an average of 14 kmpl.

The 2.2 L engine - its a gem.
Space - Can move house if you want to.
Comfortable seats - The new seats in the refreshed version are really nice.
My wife will vouch for the middle seat where she
most of her time sleeping during our long drives.
Leg space - Yes, i am 6'3", and the front and middle rows offer
more than adequate space.

None that i can think of really.

Issues / Niggles :-
One small issue till date.
The brake light was staying on even after switiching off the engine. Didnt get it rectified for a couple of days, and this led to another small problem on a mumbai ratnagiri drive that i did shortly afterwards.
At times on that drive, around 10-12 times in all, felt momentary losses of power with the engine check light coming on for a few seconds each time.
Showed it to Mahindra guys in ratnagiri, and after hooking on the laptop, they were able to corelate the 2 issues.
The brake switch is located below the steering column, somewhere next to the bonnet release lever. There was a small rubber beading, around 2mm thick, that had fallen off and causing the brake switch to make at times even when the brakes were not pressed on.
The same issue was causing the ECU to believe that i am trying to brake the vehicle in running condition when i actually was not, thus leading to temporary losses of power.
The guy just put another rubber beading in place, and both issues were sorted out for good.

RajeshK 26th May 2010 07:54


Originally Posted by nvldvr (Post 1905205)
Leg space - Yes, i am 6'3", and the front and middle rows offer
more than adequate space.

Do you faced any issues with the leg room in long trips? Also do you feel any disturbance with the door handles in the driving seat? (For me, it was touching my thigh and felt annoying..!!! )


akshay4587 26th May 2010 08:09

I just got a SLE last week,i find the front seats to be a little short on space,with very less travel.
And the Brake light problem seems to be happening with all the Scorpio's

nvldvr 26th May 2010 09:34


Originally Posted by RajeshK (Post 1905341)
Do you faced any issues with the leg room in long trips? Also do you feel any disturbance with the door handles in the driving seat? (For me, it was touching my thigh and felt annoying..!!! )


I have done mumbai goa n back, and a couple of other reasonably long drives. Have never felt any lack of leg space. Have never noticed the door handle thing either.

getsurya 26th May 2010 10:57

Congrats on crossing the 10k milestone. I totally agree with you that the Scorpio really makes you take the steering wheel quite often for the long drives. Some pictures of your ride would add more glam to your thread!

Happy Motoring.

nvldvr 26th May 2010 11:22

Thanks Getsurya. Going on a drive to aurangabad / ellora tomorrow. Will post pics post that.

nvldvr 26th May 2010 13:13

2 Attachment(s)
Attaching a couple of pics.

4x4addict 26th May 2010 19:33

Thanks for the update. I am happy with my Scorpio too. However, I feel that the vehicle is really cramped if you try to use it as a 7 seater. frankly it is only a 5 seater. The third row eats up too much luggage space, especially the front facing one.

Regarding the service, the second service requires change of Gearbox oil and looks like they have omitted that. After the first change the latest gearbox oil is good for 70,000 kms with the next gearbox oil change at 80K kilometers. Please change your gearbox oil if not already one. The latest manual has this recommendation.

swiftnfurious 27th May 2010 09:40 strong contender in my list ! Lets see what future has got in store for me!

Anyway Congrats and keep on piling up miles. Drive safe too. :)

My swift D did 30 K kms in 1 year as our old 800 did 40 K in 4 years and current Wagon R has done 60K in 5 years! I am leagues ahead of my dad! lol:

nvldvr 31st May 2010 17:43

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Drove to Aurangabad / Ellora over the long weekend. Took the Expressway till Talegaon, and then Chakan-Shikrapur-Ranjangaon-Ahmednagar - Aurangabad route. The route was pretty good all the way with 4 lanes on most parts. However, some 20 kms stretch around Chakan was choc-a-block with truck traffic.
Managed to add another 1 k to the odo. 20 K doesnt seem so far now with a mumbai-delhi-shimla-mandi and back trip due in mid June.
A few pics taken enroute.

ajay_satpute 22nd July 2010 14:20

What is the exact on-road price of SLE?

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