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Originally Posted by extreme_torque View Post
Do you have the torque curve so that we can compare torque post 1500 rpm for both.
Here you go. There seems to be no difference till 1750, except that torque curve keeps climbing upwards and then flattens out more gracefully. Fiat Grande Punto
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BSM seems to have got a completely different car from what others have tested.
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Originally Posted by extreme_torque View Post
The BSM review says that its quicker to 100 by 3.8 seconds!!!!

Fiat launches Punto 90 HP
For urban driving in scary traffic infested metro's, 0-100 does not matter as much as:
1. 0-60
2. 20-80 in 3rd gear
3. 40-100 in 4th gear (This also only on the highway)

and of course, torque chart as you mentioned.
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30K for a better engine I feel is good pricing. I am sure it will be the best on highways compared to its competetion.
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BS Motoring had a production car for test and not a pre-production car. Maybe that's the reason why our timings differ from other publications. The car was pitted back to back with a Punto 75 in similar conditions before the numbers were achieved.

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Though current launch is only limited to emotion pack varient, when we see at fiat-india website Fiat India various tyre specifications can be found as below.
Attached Images
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The difference of 30K + discounts on EP of 40k + taxes will amount to a difference of atleast Rs.80,000/- +. As per the dealer there will be no discounts on the 90HP variant.
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I am eagerly waiting for GTO's review on the car, With due to respect to Sid on the fantastic review. I am looking forward to make a comparision to see which parameters meet & which dont.

More reviews the better! GTO pls bring it on!!!
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From Fiat's official press release:

Fiat brings power back into fashion:
  • Launches Grande Punto 90HP MULTIJET
  • Expands network to 175 dealers across 130 cities
  • Fiat Grande Punto 90HP MULTIJET to be the most powerful diesel hatchback in India
The car to be equipped with a Variable Geometry Turbo engine that offers high power and superior fuel efficiency.

Delhi, 16th July, 2010: With high power comes the true driving experience. Keeping in mind this very thought, Fiat India today unveiled its latest offering in the premium hatchback segment: the Fiat Grande Punto 90HP MULTIJET. Armed with a 1.3 litre Multijet engine, powered by a Variable Geometry Turbocharger, the car will be India’s most powerful diesel hatchback.

Already setting the standard with its gorgeous looks and style, the Grande Punto 90 HP is poised to power through the competition and create a new benchmark for diesel hatchbacks in India. The Punto 90 HP MULTIJET’s engine will provide drivers with ‘class leading’ power of 93 PS and torque of 209 NM along with excellent drive dynamics – Ride, Handling, Braking and also superior fuel efficiency of 20km / l. The 1.3 litre Multijet engine, a validation of Fiat’s technological prowess, is also the only ‘locally produced’ Variable Geometry Diesel engine in this category.

To make the driving experience even more fun, the Grande Punto 90HP comes equipped with Dual Stage Airbags, ABS with EBD, Automatic Climate Control, Blue & Me technology, Integrated CD/MP3 player with USB, Alloy wheels with the widest tyres (in the category), Chrome plated door handles, swanky Red stitching on the seats, and a host of other exciting and new age features.

Customers will also have a choice of personalisation through a special accessory pack for the Punto 90 HP that includes a Rear Spoiler, Chrome Exhaust Tip, Stylish Body Decals, Sporty Aluminium Pedals, Leather Seat Covers & Punto branded Door Sill. This accessory pack shall provide discerning customers a ‘sporty feel’, along with the opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

The car will be priced at Rs 6.79 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi).
The Grande Punto 90 HP, delivering 93 PS of power, will be positioned within the ‘performance diesel’ segment and will compete with existing and future brands in this segment

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rajeev Kapoor, President& CEO, Fiat India said. “The launch of the Grande Punto 90 HP MULTIJET is testament to Fiat’s commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction. Through this new variant, discerning consumers will be given the perfect opportunity to enjoy both ‘high power’ and a ‘fun to drive’ experience. The Grande Punto 90HP MULTIJET will aim to consolidate our position within the ‘performance diesel’ segment which has been relatively untapped unto now. We are confident the Grande Punto 90 HP MULTIJET will mark a new chapter of power driving in the premium hatchback segment.”

The Grande Punto 90 HP MULTJET will be available in 5 electrifying colors: Bossa Nova White, Exotica Red, Medium Grey, Fox Trot Azure and Tuscan Wine.

The car will be aggressively priced at:
  • Delhi (ex-showroom) Rs.679,000
The Fiat Grande Punto, since its launch last year, has taken the market by storm with its beautiful design and impressive styling. With its design being attributed to Mr. Giorgetto Giugiaro – the ‘car designer of the century’, the car has won numerous accolades in the Indian auto sector, the latest being
  • Car of the Year Award 2009 for Premium Hatchback - ET Zigwheels.
  • Car with the Best Styling & Design by UTV Autocar Awards - 2010.
  • The Most Beautiful Car of the year by BBC Top Gear -2009
The car’s sleek and aggressive looks have made many a head turn and many a jaw drop. With both critics and buyers taking dearly to this vehicle, the Grande Punto has made a sizeable mark in the Indian auto scenario. The new Grande Punto 90 HP MULTIJET along with the existing Fiat models are available through 175 TATA-FIAT dealers across 130 cities and can be booked from 18th July 2010 onwards.

Fiat now expands the Grande Punto range to 10 variants with a choice of 1.2 & 1.4 litre FIRE engines in Petrol and 1.3 litre MultiJet (76 HP) & (93 HP) engines in Diesel, thus offering ‘a Punto for everyone’.

With the promise of superior power and fuel efficiency, the Fiat Grande Punto 90HP MULTIJET is all set to light the Indian roads on fire thus assuring yet another significant step taken by Fiat in India.
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Default Attached Literature

I am attaching copy of the literature for Punto 90HP.
Attached Thumbnails
First Drive: Fiat Punto Multi Jet VGT 90 HP-punto-90-hp3.jpg  

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Official prices: Fiat Punto 90 HP Multijet
Ex-Showroom prices-
Delhi - Rs. 679,128
Mumbai - Rs. 701,741
Bangalore - Rs. 688,549
Chennai - Rs. 683,136
Kolkata - Rs. 685,239

Source: Overdrive
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the OTR price in Bangalore will cross 8L once road tax ( 15% ) and insurance is added. :(

I got my MJD E+ Punto in Oct 2009 for 7.03L OTR. Insurance was free then, and tax(road tax and even excise) was less.
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The pricing is quite fair. The 30K difference is what we had predicted too.

I think that the BSM report is to be trusted, and in line with our expectations. Very simply put, the 90Hp cannot be slower than the Linea with the same engine (in the same state of tune) and same gearbox.

I'll wait for GTO's input on this car before passing a final opinion.
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IMHO, the Grande Punto 90HP shares the stage with the i20 CRDi only in the price range. In all other areas the i20 literally smokes the GP. Why can't Fiat take some notes from the Swift DDiS ECU mappings and incorporated it in the GP 90 to make it more fun given the brilliant chassis it has to throw around.

Panel gaps look very annoying and irritating on a 8L + car. Buckle up Fiat or part ways with TATA as it seems Fiat's quality department is supervised by TATA.
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Just test drove the VGT Punto. Was basically an EP version with the Linea's engine thrown in, and of course with the red stitching with the chrome door handles. So, hw did it go??? Lemme dwelve upon two important parameters which are our main concerns right now.

As mentioned earlier, there was absolutely no change in the interior to the FGT EP version except for the chrome handles and red stitching on the seats. There was no white speedo dial facia though. More than tht however, after going thru Sid's pics, specifically checked for the awkward panel gaps. I was surprised not to find them as glaringly bad as the ones depicted earlier. The quality was definetely acceptable if not class-leading. The interior seemed well built with no loose beadings or falling plastics. All in all, its much better put together than Puntos of the yore. I think its unfortunate tht Sid got a lemon as far as the interiors go. The steering was meaty and great to hold as usual. The dead pedal and clutch seemed too close for comfort.

The Drive:

So, Hw was it to drive???

I drive a Verna and a S10, which except for the power are as opposite as cars can get. And I had also driven my friend's Swift diesel extensively and also an FGT Punto a few times. So, there were a few cars to be benchmarked against which gave a fair idea wrt drivability.

Firing up the engine, the first immediate thing that hits you is the refinement and NVH levels which are definetely better than the FGTs of Swift and Punto but not probably on par with the Hyundai's diesels. The ODO had 95 kms btw. Slotting into first, the turbo lag was just like any other was the 2nd gear where the lag was noticable.
It was only at around 2000 rpm tht the car actually took off. So, crawling speeds were a slight bother where gear changes were required but was manageable as its the same story with most of the modern vgt diesels. The Verna/i20 were jst a bit more responsive below 2000 rpm i felt. No probs once we were in the powerband...the car jst took off smoothly. There was no mad surge felt in the Swift or even the fgt punto for tht matter, jst a linear wave which just takes you to speeds pretty quickly. A long winding road with not much traffic showcased the Punto's true talents where it would ride on the wave and exhibit class leading dynamics. Nothing would make it budge and hardly felt a thing taking some curves on the wrong side of century. Compared to my Verna which wud become nervous n twitchy, this was a revelation. One important thing I noticed here was despite being hardly run in, the revs build up smoothly upto 3500 rpm after which it gets a bit gruffy. Even with jst 95 kms on the odo, it felt as eager to build speeds as a Swift diesel and did it with grace while at it. Believe me...this engine would be great once its run in properly. The gear box was neutral, neither notchy nor as sporty as swift's. It would work for me. Braking was good and up there with them all.

First Impressions: Lets face it...Its not in the league of an S10/Palio GTX as far as hot hatches go, they are still the benchmark, until the Polo 1.6 arrives atleast. But this is the only Fiat car at present which comes closest. Dynamics are class leading, Power could have been better, but not as bad as ppl have made it out to be. In fact, its pretty good and shall get better once run in. Its a properly loaded car which is built like a tank and goes like a torque train. Just becoz we had higher expectations doesn't make it a bad car. It wud end up doin 0-100 runs in late 13s or 14s as against 12 we had expected it to do. But as many have already stated, what is power when it cannot be effectively used? This car would post the best track times than any other production hatches at present and tht for me is wat constitutes a hot hatch.

Summing Up: Now, let me ask which other manufacturer is trying to atleast make an effort and give it a shot for the enthusiasts? Among the hatches, Fiat is the only one till now who've attempted to give us an GTX/S10 and now the VGT Punto. I don't remember any other car maker, who despite knowing tht Indians crave for mileage, cudnt get to manufacture 'Made for India' light bodied cars but instead gave rock solid tank like hatches and suffered on FE. I don't know of any other car maker who despite knowing the avg joe prefers light, easy to maneuver steerings, still always gave us heavy, meaty and communicative steerings. I dont remember which other car maker took customer feedback and enthusiast's cries and tried to atleast improve upon its products. Autocar, Motoroids and some other websites have already mentioned tht the quality of the plastics is much better than earlier. And do u think this almost 8 lacs OTR car is going to sell in great no.'s??? No!!! I don't think this model would bring any significant difference to Fiat's sales charts. They cud hav done without it too. This was simply an 'attempt' to bring a relatively more powerful engine without compromising on the FE . An attempt by Fiat to get back to the enthusiast community. An attempt which not many manufacturers are doing right now except put some gaudy decal and call it sport while it handles like a boat.

And for this, I give it to Fiat! Get on the Linea Tjet then....

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