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Default Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

Greetings everyone,

This is my first ownership review on Team-BHP so please do pardon any faux pas in my posts.

Flashback - May 2010 - Venue - Audi Mumbai Showroom (Worli)

Had to drive down to Cooperage (South Mumbai) for me moms bi-annual health check up at her doc's, decided to take the family rusty trusty zen for this assignment owing to the notorious parking issues in south Mumbai, the visit was surprisingly smooth and we were out of the clinic in 30 mins sharp (this must be a record as these visits always tend to drag on), anyways moving on as most Mumbaikars would probably be aware there are 'n' number of roads to reach the suburbs from townside and this particular day decided to drive down the Worli/Prabhadevi route to reach Thane (33 kms from South Mumbai) and both me and my mom share a love for good cars and i happened to mention that we will be passing the Audi Mumbai showroom (which has been closed now btw owing to issues between the dealer and VAG) and pondered the fact that since today we had ample time on our hands it may perchance be worthwhile to step in for a bit and take in some sights, which they had to offer in the showroom (mind you at this point in time there were no serious considerations at the back of my mind to purchase a premium piece of German engineering, although wet dreams/fantasies had been occuring with alarmingly increasing frequency) A Teutonic call perhaps from a higher entity??

So parked the Zen in the showroom driveway and the expression on the security chaps face when we pulled in my late 2003 model Zen Lx (generously dented thanks to Mumbai taxiwallas) was priceless. However, my mom's presence (she was dressed more elegantly) seemed to change the tide and we were very politely (i must say) welcomed in and immediately greeted by a very nice lady who escorted us to a product manager. We got the pleasantries done tea, coffee etc etc and I explained that i had heard recently in the press about the new model A4 and would like to know more about them. The chap gave us a nice brochure took me around to an A4 parked inside and we got talking and talking and talking. The guy knew the car well and i had known about the car having just returned from spending 3 years working in England.

When the sales manager mentioned that Audi had recently started assembling the A4s in India namely, the 1.8T, 2.0T and 2.0TDI some rusted component in my brain started coming to life. This rusted component is the section in my brain, which handles the mathematical and financial aspects of my day to day life. Hence, needless to say i am not very good with money!!

Had a look at the price list and must admit that the prices were indeed quite close to what i could afford if i was a bit frugal with my savings for another 5-7 months or so. Didn't decide to take a test drive back then as was still pondering whether to make such an extravagant purchase (pardon me i am a Gujju) and didn't want the dealer to pester me for a sale once i had the drive, so took the brochures, price list and told him i need to think over and will also discuss with my personal banker with regards to finance options and bid farewell.

The way home all i could talk about was this feature and that feature the auto hold system the TFSI engine technology and how the car spoke to me from the outside as well as inside. Also made my mom pronounce Vorsprung durch Technik the right way and gave her another 25 mins lecture on fine nuances of German pronounciation i.e. "V" pronounced as "Fi". Finally, got an ultimatum to shut up else no dinner

To be continued........
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

The 2nd installment:

Ever after my sublime visit and my first sit in this new generation A4 all my hours awake as well as asleep were embedded in the A4 so decided to consult the family elders with regards to my wish to acquire this German beauty and frankly was hoping for severe resistance owing to conservative nature of most gujjus but the resistance was suprisingly not forthcoming and the responses all round were that i should go for it. My mom was however quite disappointed with her son's decision to so meticulously consider a decision to buy a car but show no interest whatsoever when looking for a bride. I told her to think of the A4 as her German daughter-in-law and was met with a tight slap so left it at that, there are certain lines, which i dare not cross with her

Shortly after, all hell breaks loose suddenly one gets reports in the press with regards to the scandal between Audi Mumbai showroom and Audi India, disappointing and sad news of people who have paid millions (in Rupees literally) and were waiting for ages to get their cars. Having read this a chill ran down my spine i mean if i decided to purchase during my visit i might have also been in the same boat and would have been near suicidal. So thanked my stars and guardian angel and left it at that.

Time passed and summer turned to autumn but my heartache kept on increasing. Could not bear the separation the memories of that hot sultry day in May ran afresh in my mind the oft repeated fantasies of me on the Expressway with the speedo at 180+ me in Utopia and alls well with the world (getting a bit senti here). In the interim was making repeated trips to Europe especially Germany on work and would see my beloved A4 and turned misty eyed every single time.

Flashforward - To a day in October 2010

At the office just finished lunch, get a phone call on my landline could not recognise the number on the caller id so thought oh lord no not another telemarketing call but decide to pick up and what followed was life changing, it was my personal banker (PB):

PB - Hello Sir, Good Afternoon
Me - Good Afternoon, howz things?
PB - Fine
Me - Good
PB - Sir! i am please to inform you that you have been pre-approved for
an auto loan.
Me - Hurrah! What Car?
PB - Chevrolet Captiva.
Me - Huh! not seen one sorry what kind is it?
PB - Its an SUV.
Me - Oh! i see. Sorry not interested, i am promised to someone else.
PB - Probing further, would sir be interested in another car perhaps.
Me - Oh sure! but surely a sensible bank like yours won't fund that car for
an early 30s nut case like me.
PB - We can always try sir.
Me - Oh what the hell, i get laughed at a lot so one more won't matter. I
say Audi A4 2.0 TFSI.
PB - !!! the line goes silent.
Me - Now worried, has the poor chap had an attack, more importantly
would i be held responsible
PB - Suddenly comes alive, says he need to speak to a higher authority (i
thinks who? the lord himself) The HOD of loans dept.
Me - Ok! Knowing what the outcome will be say in a meek voice say ok
whatever, let me know if workable.

And i go home.

Next day the PB calls saying that it seems possible (Me thinking, what a shady bank no wonder we have a financial crisis!!) i say ok send over the forms and lets see what happens.

Meanwhile, get the news from a family friend that a new Audi Showroom "Audi Mumbai West" gets inaugurated. I think the showroom got opened a short while back but i got the news only in the fag end of October. Decided to check it out, some time soon, very soon.

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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

October now turns to Mid-November

Festive season hence no time to go and pay homage at the new Audi Showroom. One lazy sunday in November wake up and mom asks whats the plan for the day and something inside me clicks and i say lets go for a drive.

Now the new Audi Showroom is in a western suburb of Mumbai called Andheri and quite a bit away from where i stay in Thane. Had no idea where this new showroom was and was absolutely poor in my road knowledge of the western suburbs so it was a good 2.5 hours when we reached this showroom (partly due to no roads in place thanks to the new metro rail line work) this time around took the A-Star Zxi for the duty thought lets make a presentably impression this time around since my A-Star was only a year and few months old then (remember my previous post about the security chaps priceless expression )
Anyways step into the showroom with a salute no less mind you and once again a pretty young thing from reception greets us and tells us someone would be attending us shortly. This time i make a beeline straight to a R8 parked there and was absolutely awestruck by the sheer quantity of gorgeous German models around me the A4s the A6s, Q5s and Q7s my mom had to remind me on numerous occassions to 1. Put my tongue back in and stop drooling and 2. Close my mouth lest a fly should go in, done.

Soon enough the sales manager greets us and the pleasantries start again. Got the introductions out and i inform him about my previous visit to Audi showroom in Worli and put across my thoughts of acquiring an A4 2.0 TFSI. Got in a demo car i think it was a diesel and once again talks on features, performance etc etc. Got that done and said ok lets start on the bottom line, they were quite gung-ho on making a sale of 2.0 TDI but made it clear that i intend to drive this beauty myself and was keen on the performance aspect and may not be putting on as many miles to justify a diesel.

Ok! finally managed to get a quote on the 2.0 TFSI including any offers (there were none) and left with yet another brochure, pricelist and proforma invoice. Now where did i keep those darned loan application forms??
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

The morning after..

Monday morning go to the office have my assistant dig up the loan application forms get on the blower with the now infamous PB and a meeting with the loans dept representative transpires for later in the day.

The representative turns up at the annoited hour and get the paperwork done and he promises to get back soon, was duly informed that it could be as long as a week before a decision can be made by them and also the sanction amount (i was asking for as much as 90% finance, which seemed a bit far-fetched).

Meanwhile, during the week the dealership calls start pouring again, all things considered i must admit the follow up at the dealership is most thorough and they kept me on my toes to get a decision expedited for the loan ASAP. Finally, the judgement day arrives and get a call on the 23rd of November from the PB saying that the loan has been sanctioned and a letter to this effect will be e-mailed soon. No suprises on seeing the letter got 85% finance and not the 90% as requested so a bit more cash outgo burden and bit more effort on me to convince my chingoos CA to allow me to part with my cash but as you can imagine this point on i was obeying and following my heart with the sensible brain safely relegated to back burner.

Ok now finally to fix up an appointment at the dealership once again this time with my godfather in tow to negotiate/finalise the deal in "gujju style". Follows shortly....
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

Fix up a meeting at the showroom finally for the 2nd December and the haggling with Sales Representative (SR) starts:

Me - Whats the best you can knock down
SR - Nothing
Me - You can't be serious
SR - Believe me sir, there is no margin on the A4
Me - Now with tears, really nothing at all
SR - Well there is Extended Warranty Programme around ~30K we can
throw that in.
Me - No, not interested i don't believe that my car will break down so soon
SR - Shocked, you never know sir!
Me - I propose to get the insurance done myself i have a quote of INR 60k
less than what you have quoted.
SR - That is not possible
Me - Give them the underwriters name to cross-verify
SR - Goes to check and i sip my tea and check out the beauties in the
showroom (the wheeled variety that is )
SR - Comes back and matches the insurance quote
Me - Ok now that is the insurance done, what about the dealer margin
SR - There is none
Me - With tears again, please there must be something we can do.
SR - No, we have nothing to offer on A4.
Me - Mister i am serious, if i don't get any discount we may not have a
SR - Let me speak to someone senior
Me - Checking out the R8 engine (yet again!!)
SR - We can knockdown another 60k
Me - Ok, thanks i will have a decision by the evening and leave.

Go to the office speak with the family elders get their blessing and call up the dealer to come and take a token amount check of 1 lac for the booking. The full booking amount is 5 lacs, wanted to wait for my fav aunt to fly in from abroad as wanted her to handover the booking amount cheque.

3 December 2010 the order form for my Ice Silver Audi A4 2.0 TFSI with black interior is filled up and signed to block the car at the factory.

9 December 2010 pay the balance amount amount to 4 lacs at the showroom and was promised that the car will be delivered on my b'day 17/Jan. Leave the showroom on cloud 9 and start counting the days.
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

Ok! i realise that this is now dragging on a bit so will cut to the chase here.

End December get a call from the dealer saying that my car has been invoiced by the factory and they would like the balance amount now, a copy of this e-mailed to me for confirmation. Get on to the blower with the bank the chap comes around to collect the cheques, which mind you took a good 2 hours to prepare i.e. sign, write the payee name etc etc, with promises that the disbursement will be done ASAP, finally get a confirmation from the dealer a week later that they have received the ECS from the bank and i had to pay the balance amount (registration charges, octroi etc) so i drive down yet again to make the payment. Also, the same day finalise on accessories such as body cover, premium floor mats, mud flaps etc and was assured that the vehicle will be ready for collection on the mentioned date.

Decide to pre-pone the collection to 16/Jan instead of 17/Jan owing to 16/Jan being a sunday and considerably less traffic on the road so the drive home should be relatively hassle free. Wake up early on the 16th (highly unusual phenomenon for a sunday) and have the driver drive us down to the showroom, all the formalities done at the showroom, took the following snaps of Meine Silberschönheit, enjoy and once again apologies for the long winded built up to this climax, just wanted to share the complete trials and tribulations with all.
Attached Thumbnails
Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)-100_0716.jpg  

Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)-100_0717.jpg  

Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)-100_0723.jpg  

Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)-100_0724.jpg  

Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)-100_0725.jpg  

Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)-100_0726.jpg  

Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)-100_0727.jpg  

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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

Let me be the first one to congratulate you for your 4 ringed beauty autobahner.You have great writing skill and have the ability to keep the reader glued to your words.Keep it up!!What is the On road price of this beauty?

Do post your driving experience and interior pics soon.
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

Congratulations on the A4. It looks great. Lots of happy miles with it. Do keep posting regular updates. Please post some interior pictures. Thanks.
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

Heartiest Congratulations Autobahner! You have very good writing skills and do post your driving experiences with the A4. Did you opt for 16 or 17 inch wheels? Also what are the other interior options available? Regards.
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

It was hardly dragging. Great write up I must say, I enjoyed it. And congrats on the beauty. Now how about a remap soon to take it to 250bhp?
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

Herzlichen Glückwünsche! (Hearty Congratulations)

Audi's here in Germany are seen as power horses. The look itself on any Audi A series makes one think about the power behind it.

Would request you to post some more pictures.
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

The best ownership review I have read in a very long time.

Congrats on the beauty, just loved your way with words.

The one thing you should have taken no matter what is the additional warranty which you were getting free. Extended warranty in a complex german car is something you just need at any cost. Things do go wrong as the cars have issues in indian driving conditions and the repair will burn a big hole in your pocket. Please see if that is still available as a goodwill.
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

Congratulations autobahner on your new possession. Your thread was very interesting and I would need to appreciate your writing skills which made everyone to stick with the thread till the end, you have made the break up of every event very nice in different post, it was more like each chapter.

Now coming back to the car, why have you turned down the additional warranty offer?? I know it would be tempting to get a cash discount instead of additional warranty however our complex German cars makes things very complex sometimes, So its better to be on safer side than feeling sorry later.

Please do update the thread with interior pictures and initial run-in experience. If you don't mind please mention OTR price post discount.
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

This is the best part about Team-Bhp. That you get to come across such people with awesome story telling skills. It is at times like reading the script of a film, the purchaser is the hero and the car is the hero-ine. Awesome write up mate.. Wish you endless miles of happiness with your Silberschönheit. Congratulations on the purchase.. I suddenly have the urge to get one for myself

I love your Audi A4..
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Default Re: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Meine Silberschönheit (My Silver Beauty)

Congrats on getting the A4

I must admit this is one of the best Buying/ Initial Ownership write-up that I have come across in recent times. One can actually see the emotions that you were going through & a lot of us can even relate to some of them (Like the German Bahu bit )

Do Keep up posted on the overall ownership experience.

Have Given this thread a well deserved 5 Star rating.

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