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Default Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET - The Fiat Linea T-Jet

Greetings everyone!

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Association or companionship, platonic relationship or submissive endurance, live to love or till death do us part; my liking for my beauty on four wheels knows no boundaries and needless to say thereís; no love lost either. Guess I am turning too melodramatic, or is it that my compassion for my diva is worth every praise I shower on her. Take it or leave it but thereís no way that we can deny it. My FIAT Linea FIRE was certainly the love of my life. (And yes my better half has learnt to live with it. She knows my Linea is her surrogate). Funny it may sound but I sincerely love her that badly.

Change on the other hand is the only thing that is constant. And with technological advances coming into picture I didnít want the love of my life to live in jeopardy. When those walking the ramp can undergo Botox and those on the silver screen can have a Facelift, when liposuction can make you look younger by 10 years and when everything comes tagged with a Version 1.0 attached to it there laid every logic for me to upgrade and make my love life happening as well.

Yes! I too underwent a change and opted for the Version 2.0 of Linea Ė the ďLinea T-JetĒ.

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Am I sounding too obsessed; so be it. But my arm candy definitely has to be up-to-date to give a tough competition to all others on the street. So when I traded my Linea FIRE for a Linea T-Jet I definitely got a boost in my arm to embrace my old wine in a new bottle. I was thrilled to the core to show my prized possession among all my friends. And she too was by my side always like my true companion matching every move I made. Someone has rightly said incredible matches are definitely made in heaven.

But was the transition from Fire to T-Jet so smooth?

I would be honest with everyone. How would it feel if one is asked to breathe in an atmosphere of different concoction of gases minus the oxygen? How does it feel to have all your senses tonsured and then asked to see, feel, smell, taste and hear around? How does it feel to have your body in flesh and bones and remove all the haemoglobin enriched blood from there? Impossible; right? Absolutely, I underwent a similar turbulent phase from the last Christmas of 2010 till the first week of February 2011. My Linea Fire was away from me ďas ifĒ I underwent a bypass surgery and I was asked to survive without my heart in place. The battle of survival was one of the toughest I came across as I seriously wanted to embrace my Love once again. The solitary phase of those 2 months was too much to handle but then I came out of it victoriously when I was successful in acquiring my rejuvenated, refurbished, relived Fiat Linea with a new heart called the T-Jet. I had my re-birth the day I acquired her after the phase of isolation. And thereby blossomed my love life once again.

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Why did I sell the FIRE for TJET?
I loved the Linea since its launch in India. In fact, many months prior to its launch, I admired her Jaw dropping, drop dead gorgeous looks in the net and scoop pictures. I always loved FIAT for its rock solid cars. Thatís the reason I bought home the Linea 1.4 FIRE in June 2009.

I had owned the Linea 1.4 NA petrol for 18 months and sold it "just" for the fun and excitement of owning the TJet. The other reason was the underpowered engine. The 1st and 2nd gear were an irritant in the city and it lacked punch. Once you slot her into the 3rd, she is fun to drive. You will never have the underpowered feel. However, I enjoyed her company thoroughly.

I booked TJet just for her Power, Acceleration, Punchy Mid Range and the feel of turbo kick. I would say, love at first 'drive'.

I lost 30 percent on depreciation but what I got in the trade off is the additional Turbo kick!

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Booking Experience:
Dealer: Concorde Motors, Velachery, Chennai
Booked on: 12/Jan/2011 (opted for the 2011 model)
Car reached the dealer on: 31/Jan/2011
Registered on: 02/Feb/2011
Colour: Sunbeam Beige
Finance: Company Lease

The booking experience was excellent. The sales guy (Mr Raman PS) was very helpful. He kept me updated on the status of the car every 2 days. The car was delivered in pristine condition with no spots or markings, he ensured no dealer stickers were put on the rear glasses, and all paper works were ready when I reached the dealers place. He gave me a call after 2 days of delivery to check if everything is fine with the car. He was ahead of me in arranging for everything. He did everything perfectly as if he was the one purchasing the car.

One of the rare customer centric sales guys in the Concorde sales force (other ones care a damn for customers).
I would rate the sales guy 10/10 (& 7/10 for the dealer).

Freebies: Extended Warranty + Roadside Assistance + Floor Mats + Boot Mat + Mud flaps
Discounts: Corporate Discount (Rs. 4000) and Cash Discount (Rs.6,000)
Others: customary box of chocolates and 5 litre petrol coupons

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Ownership report:
Just 10 days old and she is in her run-in period. I am very very careful not to cross the 2500 rpm mark (around 100 km speed). But just canít stop revving her resulting in a couple of occasion touching the 150 mark.

I am in love with the turbo and believe me, it is very linear.

I am just waiting for the Run-in period to get over. Might plan for a long drive just to complete the run-in so that I could be myself and I could explore the beast in the machine.

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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

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Good to Great:
Tjet plus has the following features which my earlier FIRE didnít have
- 114PS & 207NM Turbocharged engine
- Italian Leather Seats & Door trims
- 16 inch Alloy Wheels
- All wheel Disc brakes
- Spare wheel is a full sized Alloy!
- 170 mm Ground clearance
- Improvised Soft touch plastics and Loads of chrome in the cabin
- Improved Air conditioner. Itís a chiller

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Feel Good:
- Drop dead gorgeous looks
- Amazing Power and the Turbo Band
- FIAT build quality
- Perfectly weighted Steering
- High speed handling and cornering
- Decent Ground clearance of 170 mm
- Refined NVH
- 'Windows Microsoft Blue & Me' with steering mounted controls & USB port
- Collapsible rear windscreen curtain
- Air vents for rear passengers
- Instant Fuel Consumption on MID
- 'Follow Me home' Headlamps
- Dual Airbags, ABS & EBD
- Auto Climate Control. Air conditioner is a chiller
- Foldable Key
- Electric Mirrors
- Rear seat hand rest and cup holders
- Height adjustable Driver seat and armrest
- Exhaustive 'MyCar' customisation menu
- 500 litre boot
- 50 months warranty and 24*7 road side assistance
- Low maintenance cost (based on previous experience)

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Let downs:
- OE Speakers though the HU is decent
- Where do i find the bottle holders?
- Noise of wind passing through the door and ovrm during high speeds
- Headlamps need up gradation. Good for city drives but doubtful for highways

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Accessories fitted:
Autocop Reverse parking sensor

Accessories/Mods in the near future:
3M/VKool tints
Illuminated TJET Door Sill plates
Under-body coating
Speaker upgrade

Ownership as of date:
Distance covered: ¨ 300 kms
Kitna deti hai: 11 plus in Chennai city with 100 % AC on.
Driving: with a very light foot (am conscious of the run-in period)

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Special Thanks to
- GTO for his excellent review. No magazine has ever reported such detailed review of the car. His reviews influenced me to a great extent in taking the bold decision of trading the FIRE for JET.
- Forum member Dr. Ashwin Kumar (Handle: Geeash) who was with me during the booking phase and for all the pain he took to do a detailed PDI of my car.
- Forum member Mr. Satya (Handle: Satya_SC) who introduced the sales guy and was patient enough to answer my technical queries.
- Of course, my family who after the initial resistance agreed & stood by me while trading the 1.5 year FIRE for the JET.

Finally, hats off to FIAT for the brilliant engine. This is the Best driversí petrol car in the lower side of 10 Lacs.

Wish me good luck and Blessings in abundance.
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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

Some more pictures (sorry for the low quality pics).
Will post High quality ones after the photoshoot planned in the near future.

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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

Congratulations Bnzjon!!! I can feel the thought process to get that opening post right, and nothing better than the awesome pic (to start with). All the pictures and write-up does immense justice to the handsome machine.
Looking forward to the follow-up posts

All the best, and happy motoring!

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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

I don't know if its the camera/angles but I never liked Linea until I saw this initial ownership report of yours with such amazing pics. The 205s make the car look so solid.
Many congratulations for owning such a sexy car!
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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

Congratulations! Nice pictures and write up! That's a bold decision and I am sure you are enjoying the beast! I drove it the other day and man, I was spellbound. No words!
Drive Safe and enjoy the rocket!
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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

Congratulations on the upgrade, drive safe and have a pleasurable motoring experience!!
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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

Nice writeup! Enjoy the beast in the car, congrats!!!

And about that long drive to complete the run-in: make sure you vary the RPM, and do not drive in a constant RPM for more than a few minutes during run-in.

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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

Congrats Bnzjon on your private jet.Looks great in sunbeam beige.I was actually waiting for your review .The only sore thumb is the cheap looking mud flaps.Drive her safe.
Enjoy it maximum.
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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

Congrats Bnzjon on your new aquisition. Looks brilliant and the spec (Feel good factors) you have mentioned is a jaw opener. some of them are not even available in a higher segment cars (foldable keys etc)

Enjoy! All the best! Drive Safe!
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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

Oh Jesus! What a brilliant car and such a detailed thread. This is the best part of Team Bhp. Hats off to GTO and Team.

I find it astonishing to see people selling off their otherwise brilliant cars like FIRE Linea, MJD Linea for the Jet. Some Dude has sold off his Civic for a T-Jet! This is super exciting!

Ok guys, here is the news. I just sold of my '09 Corolla and Booked a T-Jet at Concorde. After attending the Aero India show I am now waiting to fly my Civilian Jet!
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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

Fiat Linea T-Jet.
Its stylish lines all converge on one point.
Your heart.

Stylistic elegance to the power of 114 horses.
Your eyes are not deceiving you.

While you may not realize it, but every new encounter begins with a moment of eye contact which allows you to gauge whether you are attracted to the newcomer.

Even more remarkable is the fact that the first three seconds are decisive.
So, lets see that first meeting with the T-JET again in slow motion.

Second 1: The muscular dual parabola headlights and the new face of Fiat representing 112 years of heritage sparkle at you seductively.

Second 2: Refusing to give way easily, you cast your gaze across the rest of the T-JET and are struck by the contrast between the perfectly contoured sides and the dynamic curve of the arching roof.

Second 3: You take a step backwards and can hardly believe your eyes. This car is an extraordinarily attractive combination of a practical family sedan and a sportscar-a synthesis of sportiness, power, performance and comfort.

Second 4: The T-JET has won. You get in.

T-JET. The technology of seduction.

Brilliant writeup, straight from the heart!
Congratulations and wish you years of miles ans smiles with your new seductive beauty!
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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

NICE... Another T-Jet on the forum. Congratulations

Mind sharing how much you sold your FIRE for ?

And Counsel, congrats on your booking too. From a Toyota to a Fiat. That is something one does not come across very often, especially in our country.
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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

Heartiest congratulation Bnzjon for new beauty and enjoy every mile of it.
Can you feel difference in first and second gear compare to Fire engine ?
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Default Re: Fuelled FIRE into my (T)JET

Hearty congrats for your excellent purchase, bnzjon. The linea is one car which is admired by each and everyone who has seen it! And a very well written review too! Have fun with her and wish you many more happy miles ahead!

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