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yogesh sarkar 18th May 2006 13:19

Ladakh, Heaven on Earth
Hi every one, I went to Ladakh in September 2005 on my motorcycle. Finally I have finished and uploaded my trip log, check it out and let me know what you think about it.

To heaven and back

It’s human nature to dream, so is the nature to do what few have done and is considered as a “foolish thing”. There is some allure in doing what only a select few can do, to make it to “The Top of the world”. Once your heart and mind is set on such a task, few things in the world can divert you from it.

For past few years, some thing of this sort had been doing rounds in my head. Ever since I read in BSMotoring of the exploits of their travel writer on Silver colored Bajaj Pulsar 180 conquering the highest and coldest desert in the world. I couldn’t stop picturing myself and my Red Pulsar 180 in place of him and his bike.

As the days drew ever so near for my longest and hardest trip yet. I knew I had something special coming. Soon I will make it to the “Top of the world” (quite literally), do some thing that most will not even dream of.

I was about to embark upon a journey to the vary heart of Himalayas, a place known as Ladakh, land of passes.

Day1 : 4th September 2005 (Delhi – Manali)

Day2 : 5th September 2005 (Manali – Keylong)

Day3 : 6th September 2005 (Keylong - Sarchu)

Day4 : 7th September 2005 (Sarchu - Leh)

Day5 : 8th September 2005 Leh

Day6 : 9th September 2005 Leh – Diskit

Day7 : 10th September 2005 Nubra Valley Part2

Day8 : 11th September 2005 Diskit – Leh

Day9 : 12th September 2005 Leh – Tanksey

Day10 : 13th September 2005 Tanksey–Pangong Tso-Tanksey

Day11 : 14th September 2005 Tanksey – Leh

Day12 15th September 2005 Leh

Day13: 16th September 2005 Leh – Kargil

Day14 : 17th September 2005 Kargil- Srinagar

Day15 : 18th September 2005 Srinagar-Gulmarg-Srinagar

Day16-17 : 19-20th September 2005 Srinagar-New Delhi

Just Touched the Sky: Video of us six riding down from Khardung La(18380ft)

kb100 18th May 2006 13:27

MAN JUST BRILLIANT!!... I envy you!1... I am going to make that trip someday!!!!!..... Steer.. Rudra... Grrrrrrrrrr!!

johy 18th May 2006 14:08

Hi Yogesh,

Thanks a ton for sharing these most lovely pictures and transporting us to another world!

It was beautiful.


The Matrix 18th May 2006 14:34

Hey Yogesh, i was browsing thru ur website..amazing photographs i must say. and some intresting comments in your guest book too :).

deepug 18th May 2006 14:34

Envy you guys. Very exhaustive coverage of the trip. Stunning pictures.Dont know If I would be able to do this in the near future


caroholic1 18th May 2006 14:37

Hey Yogesh awesome pics man.

yogesh sarkar 18th May 2006 15:05

thanks kb100 and johy

thanks The Matrix, regarding the guestbook, damn those spamers

thanks Deepu, if you ever have the chance to go to ladakh, dont think twice just go for it :D

thanks caroholic1

The Matrix 18th May 2006 15:18

Hey Mate, how did it feel to ride through the Khardungla Pass. Share your experience please:

manson 18th May 2006 15:22

beautiful stuff you ve visited there boy, wish to do similar stuff someday, in a car though.


p.s. surely inspiring

Rayden 18th May 2006 15:31

great trip!!!!!

First pics of guys in Ladakh on someting other than a bullet. Nice to see


yogesh sarkar 18th May 2006 15:36

The Matrix the feeling is awesome, although the best ride to a pass has to be Baralacha-La for the rough roads, Taglang-La and Chang-La for the shear feeling of climbing altitude. Although the weather we faced while coming back from nubra mad the climb to Khardung La a memorable one.

First there was heavy rains and then snow, it was so cold that even though I was wearing leather gloves, I was having a hard time operating clutch and for breaks. It was so damn cold and at the end of the ascent I saw four friendly faces.

Never thought I would meet my friends on the highest motorable pass! That made the whole ride worth it. We did make a video while coming down from Khardung La, you can download it from here

Thanks Manson and Rayden

S Pathak 18th May 2006 15:42

Ladakh truly is a paradise for nature/landscape lovers and we Indians are lucky to have such a region within our map. For bikers, it would be a gross understatement to say that this is perhaps one of the most breathtaking yet arduous journeys one can make. I can understand your thrill.

Thanks for sharing.

The Matrix 18th May 2006 16:15

Kudos to your friend who shot the video while riding yogesh. Thanks for sharing it. Hope 2 do sumthing like that in future :)

greatDrive 18th May 2006 16:38

These pics.. remind me of my trip to Rohtang pass...

Great Travelouge...

yogesh sarkar 19th May 2006 04:55

Totally agree with you S Pathak, it’s one of the best motorcycle trip for any motorcyclist who loves to travel.

Thanks Matrix and greatDrive :)

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