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Default Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

During July 2009, Amir Khan, R Mahadevan, Sharman Joshi and Karina Kapoor were in Leh.

What were they doing in Leh?
...Shooting for the movie 3idiots.

How do I know that?
...I was also there in Leh at the same time.

Yes. I was in Leh during July 2009. A trip to Leh was my old dream. A very old Dream.

How old?
...Well! I was aware of some region named Ladakh but didn't know much about it. During 1998, I got a chance to watch Dil Se Movie. Leh and surrounding area were amazingly captured in that movie. I decided then and there in the theatre that I would visit this place someday. It was 1998 and I got a chance to visit Leh during 2009, after 9 years !!

Back in Leh, one evening, I was hanging out with some Israeli folks at some bar. We were discussing topics like motorcycles to Che Guevara and Heavy Metal to the chanting of Om Mani Padme Hum. It was the last night of my trip. When I told those Israeli folks that I love travelling in mountains, one of the guys asked me about Spiti.

...Ok, I knew there was some district named Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh but that’s it. I told him the same. They all laughed at me. They told me many things about Spiti like, its a tribal belt in Himachal Pradesh which is also known as Little Tibet. The roads in Spiti are just like Leh or tougher than Leh. They all insisted me to visit Lahaul & Spiti and Kinnaur once. Point Taken.

We came back from Leh. Spiti, Lahaul and Kinnaur were echoing in my mind. After joining my routine life, the first thing I did was to search Lahaul and Spiti on google. I was shocked with the result. There was an entire world north of Shimla. A beautiful world.

I got this image after googling Spiti. How could I ignore this stunning place? I decided to Visit Spiti-Kinnaur & Lahual Region. But when?
Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue-00.jpg
Photo Courtesy: Google/

Back then, I was working for an MNC, so leaves were an issue for me. However, I started getting details of Spiti. I studied everything, noted down numbers of hotel, drivers, made a list of attractions. Back in 2009, there weren't any Travelogues of Spiti (at least I didn't find any). I bought a Lonely Planet's HP related book and started planning my trip on the base of that.

Finally, after two years, I got leaves, everything was ready from my side (Even travel companions).

This is a more than five years old trip but I remember many things. However, this will be a photologue, where photographs will do most of the talking.

So, Here we go...

Some teasers:

Name:  T1.jpg
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Name:  25.1.jpg
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Name:  126.jpg
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Name:  135.jpg
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PS: Permissions to upload photographs at social media/forums were taken from locals. All the photographs were taken after prior permission from locals.

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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

Night Stay At Shimla-Kufri.

We were a group of five people travelling to Spiti. Our plan was to reach Delhi (by Air) and hire a vehicle to reach Shimla. For journey after Shimla, we were in touch with a TATA sumo owner from Shimla.

We hired a Tempo Traveler from Delhi to reach Shimla-Kufir, which was our starting point at 365+12 km from Delhi. Delhi to Shimla is normally a nine hours drive. However, due to several breakdowns and some traffic jams, it took us 14 hours to reach Kufri. It wasn’t a boring journey, once you enter in the Himalayas, nothing is boring.

A breakdown at Chandigarh.
Name:  0000.jpg
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Our night stay was planned at one of the tent accommodations at Kufri. It was raining cats and dogs. We reached Kufri at 2000, had our dinner and retired to our small but comfortable tents.

My personal tent at Kufri.
Name:  1.jpg
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Journey Started.

Kufri is a small town located 13Km from Shimla. It used to be one of the famous places for Skiing. As per owner of our tent accommodation, Skiing was forgotten because of Potato farming.

After a nice & comfortable night stay at Kufri, we started our journey by a hired Sumo. Heavy rain and fog were limiting our visibility. We were travelling parallel to Satluj River. Our target was Sarahan Village 150Km from Kufri.

We started from Kufri.
Name:  00000.jpg
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We started our journey by a hired Sumo with heavy rain and fog.
Name:  2.jpg
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Finally, the rain stopped and amazing views and Satluj river greeted us.
Name:  3.jpg
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We were driving parallel to Satluj River. As per our driver, Satluj is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the world.
Name:  4.jpg
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Stop at Rampur village.

After Kufri, our first tea stop was at Rampur village. A small but commercially important Village. We spent more than half hour there. We met some locals and talked to them about their lifestyle.

At Rampur, We were welcomed by Snow capped mountains of Srikhand mountain Range.

Dhaba owner at Rampur village.
Name:  8.jpg
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Folk music players at Rampur village.
Name:  6.jpg
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Srikhand Mountian Range.
Name:  7.jpg
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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

At Sarahan Village.

We reached Sarahan Village at 1600. Sarahan is a quiet small town built into the hillside with spectacular views all around at Mountain Range at 7100 feet. The town is known as the gateway of Kinnaur. It is also well known for “Bhimakali Temple”. A beautiful multistoried structured building, a fusion of Hindu and Buddhist architecture.

We checked in at Dharamshala of Bhimakali temple and started exploring the village. We visited some local houses, a palace and witnessed an amazing sunset on the mountains of Srikhand Mountian range. Our night stay was at Bhimakali Dharmashala, which was on the campus of the temple.

We were roaming outside of campus exploring the village. When we came back at 2030, doors were closed. We had to bang that door to get the attention of caretakers. We had amazing food at Dharamshala and called it a day.

At Sarahan Village.
Name:  9.jpg
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Ancient but well-maintained Bhimakali Temple Dharamshala.
Name:  9.1.jpg
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Small but beautiful Sarahan Village.
Name:  10.jpg
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A local house at Sarahan.
Name:  11.jpg
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"Sarahan Palace" was home of Royal Family, who used to come here to worship "Bhimkali Mata".
Name:  12.jpg
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Bhimakali Temple, a fusion of Hindu and Buddhist architecture.
Name:  13.jpg
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Size:  74.2 KB

Bhimakali Temple.
Name:  14.jpg
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Yours truly, clicking around at Sarahan Village.
Name:  YT1.jpg
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Exploring the village and visiting locals.
Name:  YT2.jpg
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At Bhimakali Temple.
Name:  15.jpg
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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

To the "Land of God".

We had an amazing night stay at Bhimakali Dharamshala, Sarahan. After a late breakfast, we started for our next destination, Rakchham village by crossing Sangla Valley.

We were going towards Kinnaur, also known as "Land of God". It is known for its serenity and beauty of the lush green and rocky mountainscape having Satluj, Baspa and Spiti river snaking through it. The stories of Pandavas and their link with Kinnaur is a great attraction.

We started from Sarahan.
Name:  16.jpg
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There was a small temple on the road to Sangla, named “Durga Temple”. Surperinslgly, there was a Gujarati priest. He was very happy to see a Gujarati group at his doorsteps. He welcomed us. He was at this temple from last 11 years and well-known in Sangla area as “ Barfani Baba.” We spent one hour with him, listening to his stories and shared his smoke.

Durga temple with a Gujarati Priest & his two-storeyed house.
Name:  17.jpg
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I shared his smoke.
Name:  17.1.jpg
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At Durga Temple.
Name:  17.2.jpg
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The road to Kinnaur was in amazing condition with breathtaking views.

Jaypee Dam on Satluj river.
Name:  18.jpg
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Size:  112.0 KB

Amazing road.
Name:  19.jpg
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Size:  108.4 KB

Approaching Kinnaur.
Name:  20.jpg
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Size:  117.8 KB

Welcome to Kinnaur.

Kinnaur is in the northeast corner of Himachal Pradesh, having the three high mountains ranges i.e. Zanskar, the Himalayas and Dhauladhar, enclosing valleys of Sutlej, Spiti, Baspa and their tributaries

The people have strong culture and beliefs generally follow the Buddhism and Hinduism, believing the Pandavas came and resided in the land while in the exile. In the ancient mythology, the people of Kinnaur are known as Kinners, the halfway between men and gods. Thousands year old monasteries still exist in the area.

Welcome to Devbhoomi (The Land of God).
Name:  21.jpg
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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

Sangla Valley.

We were approaching Sangla Valley. Sangla Valley is located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the most beautiful valleys in the country. In Tibetan, the term Sangala means “pass of light”.

We crossed one of the gateways of Kinnaur. A road carved out of a big rock. This & these kinds of images attracted me to Spiti. After some time, we reached small Sangla village. We stopped for a while and moved ahead to reach our next destination Rakchham.

The gateway of Kinnaur.
Name:  22.jpg
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Sangla Valley.
Name:  23.jpg
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Close up of a snow cladded mountain.
Name:  24.1.jpg
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One more Closeup.
Name:  24.jpg
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At Rakchham Village.

We reached Rakchham around 1500. Rakchham is a small beautiful village at a height of around 2900Mt. One interesting fact about Rakchham is the men in the village normally take care of the herd of sheep and cows whereas women tend to do farming and household chores.

Beautiful Rakchham Village.
Name:  27.jpg
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A Random House.
Name:  25.jpg
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Size:  149.2 KB

Beautiful Village.
Name:  26.jpg
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Size:  86.2 KB

We checked in at the only hotel available in this village. It was an amazing place. Rooms were clean and the owner was very co-operative. We had a long walk in the village, met some locals and clicked them. View from room’s balcony was amazing.

Exploring Village.
Name:  28.jpg
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Size:  103.4 KB

Exploring Village.
Name:  27.1.jpg
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Size:  78.2 KB

Hardworking Women.
Name:  25.1.jpg
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Size:  91.6 KB

A smile for Camera.
Name:  29.jpg
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Size:  75.7 KB

Kids at Rakchham Village.
Name:  T1.jpg
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Size:  111.9 KB

View from Room's Balcony.
Name:  26.1.jpg
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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

To Chitkul (The Last Village of India).

After a wonderful day and amazing night stay at Rakchham, we headed for Chitkul. Rakchham to Chitkul is 12 Kms. Chitkul is the last inhabited village near the Indo-Tibet border. The Indian road ends here. Potatoes grown at Chittkul are one of the best in the world and are very costly.

The road to Chitkul was tough but beautiful. The views on this road were breathtaking. We all were in good mood and excited to see the last Village on Indo- Tibetian Border.

To Chitkul.
Name:  30.jpg
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Size:  108.4 KB

Narrow road.
Name:  31.jpg
Views: 10279
Size:  102.3 KB

Baspa River was with us.
Name:  32.jpg
Views: 10258
Size:  98.3 KB

A big cave (Man-made?)
Name:  33.jpg
Views: 10261
Size:  105.4 KB

We faced a live landslide on the road. Within no time this Hitachi earthmover came and cleared the road for us.
Name:  34.jpg
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Size:  118.7 KB

At Chitkul Village.

We were at Chitkul village in no time. It's a small but beautiful village. We had a small walk in the village. Talked to some of the locals, had our brunch at one of the cafes, which was actually "Hindustan ka akhari Dhaba" (India's Last food joint).

The last village of India.
Name:  35.jpg
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Size:  66.3 KB

"Hindutan ka akhari Dhaba"
Name:  36.jpg
Views: 10188
Size:  96.4 KB

Beautiful Chitkul.
Name:  38.jpg
Views: 10161
Size:  75.9 KB

Walk/drive 20 km on this road & you"ll be in Tibet.
Name:  39.jpg
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Size:  71.0 KB

Life at Chitkul.

We had a small walk in the village and talked with locals. Some glimpse of Life at Chitkul.

Government High School.
Name:  40.jpg
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Size:  125.9 KB

Man taking care of Child.
Name:  41.jpg
Views: 10142
Size:  66.5 KB

Nothing to Do.
Name:  42.jpg
Views: 10140
Size:  94.4 KB

A lot to do.
Name:  43.jpg
Views: 10153
Size:  109.5 KB

Temple Construction.
Name:  44.jpg
Views: 10115
Size:  92.0 KB

This Temple named "Mathi Temple" was under construction when we were at Chtikul. Fully Constructed Temple.
Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue-45.jpg
Pic Courtesy:

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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

To Kalpa Village.

We left Chitkul, our late lunch was planned at Sangla village. We had a brief stop at Sangla. There was small school Van with locals kids. I went there, played with them and clicked some of their photographs.

A cute Kid.
Name:  49.jpg
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Size:  50.2 KB

Cutie with her friend.
Name:  50.jpg
Views: 10066
Size:  62.1 KB

The Prince of Kinnaur.
Name:  51.jpg
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Size:  56.8 KB

At Kalpa Village.

We reached Kalpa at 1545.

Kalpa is a small Village at a height of 2960. From Kalpa, we can get views of three peaks Roldan 5499 meter, Jarkanden ( 6473 Mt) and the Kinnaur Kailash at 6050 Mt height.

I found nothing special about this village. Our hotel was outside of village facing Kinnaur Kailash range, which was hidden behind clouds. Our night stay was at Kalpa. After checking in, I went to visit a nearby apple orchard and talked with its lady owner.

As per her, due to apple and Potato farming, people in Kinnaur region are very rich. Kinnaur is one of the highest per capita income region in India.

Owner of a nearby apple orchard. We talked a lot and she offered me tea.
Name:  52.jpg
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Size:  69.3 KB

Close up of Kinnaur Kailash range.
Name:  46.jpg
Views: 10012
Size:  45.7 KB

Close up of Kinnaur Kailash range.
Name:  48.jpg
Views: 10027
Size:  65.6 KB

One more close up
Name:  47.jpg
Views: 10019
Size:  39.0 KB

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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

To Tabo Village (Via Nako Village).

Kalpa was a dull village but our night stay was nice. We stayed at small guesthouse outside of village with the amazing view of Kinnaur Kailash Range. Unfortunately, during the entire time, Kinnaur Kailash Range was behind clouds.

Early morning we started for our next destination. Our next destination was a small village named Tabo with a thousand-year-old Monastery. But before that, we were going to visit a small Lake at Nako village.

The road to Nako was nice with amazing views.

Yours Truly on the road to Tabo.
Name:  53.1.jpg
Views: 10091
Size:  129.6 KB

Beautiful Road.
Name:  53.jpg
Views: 10074
Size:  129.4 KB

Name:  54.jpg
Views: 10078
Size:  123.3 KB

We were entering Spiti region.
Name:  55.jpg
Views: 10049
Size:  104.4 KB

One Small turn on this road and all the green mountain was behind us. The shade of mountains changed, there wasn't any vegetation on this mountains. These Mountains were dry and rocky.

The road to Nako Village.
Name:  56.jpg
Views: 10098
Size:  126.3 KB

Dry Mountains, with Spiti river in Valley.
Name:  57.jpg
Views: 10000
Size:  83.6 KB

Road Merging with River.
Name:  58.jpg
Views: 10040
Size:  128.8 KB

Lifeless Mountains.
Name:  59.jpg
Views: 9958
Size:  72.4 KB

A small green dot.
Name:  60.jpg
Views: 9964
Size:  88.1 KB

There was "Lamayuru Moonland" kind of formation on the road. We stopped a while with this formation clicked some photographs and moved ahead to Nako Village.

A different kind of Soil formation.
Name:  61.jpg
Views: 9977
Size:  103.3 KB

Just like "Lamayuru Moonland"
Name:  62.jpg
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Size:  100.2 KB
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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

At Nako Village.

We reached Nako village. We stopped at a small Dahaba outside of Nako village, where we met 53 motorcycles of "RE Himalayan Odyssey". Some of them were my friends. They asked me why I am not on a motorcycle and travelling by a TATA sumo. Well, I didn't have any answer for that.

After some light breakfast, we headed for Nako village. View from Nako village was amazing but Nako lake was disappointing. It was one dirty man-made pond, that's it. I was so disappointed with that pond, I didn't take a single photograph of that thing.

At Nako we met our first Praying wheels and "Om Mani Padme Hum" stone carvings.

Breathtaking view from Nako Village.
Name:  63.jpg
Views: 9893
Size:  49.6 KB

Nako Helipad.
Name:  66.jpg
Views: 9961
Size:  92.1 KB

View From Nako Helipad.
Name:  999.jpg
Views: 9882
Size:  45.7 KB

Frist Praying Wheels of our Trip. At Nako Village.
Name:  64.jpg
Views: 9902
Size:  83.2 KB

All those stones had "Om Mani Padme Hum" carved on them.
Name:  67.jpg
Views: 9952
Size:  124.7 KB

To Tabo village.

We skipped our lunch & left Nako. We were going to entre Lahaul & Spiti district now. Roads were in good condition but mountains were dry and scray.

We registered ourselves at Sumdo Police CheckPost and kept moving. We were approaching Tabo village, where we were going to stay for a night.

Sumdo Police Check Post.
Name:  68.jpg
Views: 9937
Size:  97.2 KB

A naked Mountian.
Name:  69.jpg
Views: 9871
Size:  62.9 KB

Welcome to Lahual & Spiti.
Name:  70.jpg
Views: 9889
Size:  85.0 KB

Natural stone Carvings.
Name:  80.jpg
Views: 9918
Size:  116.8 KB

Approaching Tabo.
Name:  81.jpg
Views: 9828
Size:  53.7 KB

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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

At Tabo Village.

We reached Tabo village at 1900.

Tabo is a small town in the Lahaul and Spiti district on the banks of the Spiti River. The town lies on the road between Rekong Peo and Kaza, the sub-divisional headquarters of Spiti. We checked in a small hotel and had a walk in this small village. It was a very small village with 1000 years old monastery and one newly made monastery. We visited Tabo caves.

Small Tabo Village.
Name:  82.jpg
Views: 9869
Size:  96.8 KB

Tabo Caves.
Name:  88.jpg
Views: 9878
Size:  106.5 KB

Tabo Monastery.

Next Day Morning, we visited Tabo Monastery.

Tabo Monastery was founded in 996AD. With its original decoration and art images intact, it is considered to be the oldest continuously functioning Buddhist monastery in India and the Himalayas. A thousand years ago Tabo served as a meeting place between two cultures, Indian and Tibetan. This is graphically illustrated in the artwork in the various temples.

We explored all the temples inside that campus.

1021 Years old Tabo Monastery.
Name:  86.jpg
Views: 9853
Size:  90.9 KB

Stupas inside Monastery Campus.
Name:  83.jpg
Views: 9832
Size:  97.0 KB

Tabo Monastery Campus.
Name:  87.jpg
Views: 9834
Size:  86.5 KB

At Tabo Monastery.
Name:  86.1.jpg
Views: 9816
Size:  98.5 KB

Praying Wheels.
Name:  91.jpg
Views: 9819
Size:  106.3 KB

There was one more Monastery just next to this old campus. It was a newly built Monastery. We visited that and talked with their monks. As per them, Tabo Monastery is one of the favourites of Dalai Lama.

New Stupa At new Monastery.
Name:  84.jpg
Views: 9782
Size:  99.1 KB

New Monastery.
Name:  85.jpg
Views: 9761
Size:  73.8 KB

I made some friends.
Name:  89.jpg
Views: 9769
Size:  92.2 KB

...and some more friends, In charge of Tabo Monastery.
Name:  90.jpg
Views: 9758
Size:  78.0 KB

Shopping at Tabo Monastery.
Name:  92.jpg
Views: 9800
Size:  124.7 KB

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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

To Kaza (Via Dhankar Monastery.)

Tabo was a small town, there was nothing to do except visiting Tabo Monastery and Caves. We were told that some 10 Km far there are some thousand years old mummies. I wanted to go and visit that, but other friends rejected my idea.

So, once again, we were on road, going to Kaza, but before that, we were going to visit Dhankar Monastery. Our lunch was planned at Dhankar Village.

We started for Kaza.
Name:  93.jpg
Views: 9699
Size:  50.8 KB

We headed to a small Village named Dhankar
Name:  94.jpg
Views: 9770
Size:  111.5 KB

Spiti River was with us.
Name:  95.jpg
Views: 9707
Size:  86.5 KB

Dirt Road.
Name:  96.jpg
Views: 9707
Size:  78.4 KB

Shadows of Clouds.
Name:  97.jpg
Views: 9681
Size:  87.1 KB

Approaching Dhankar Village.
Name:  98.jpg
Views: 9678
Size:  87.3 KB

At Dhankar Village.

We reached Dhankar Village.

Dhankar was the erstwhile capital of Spiti Valley Kingdom during the 17th century. We visited Dhankar Gompa (Monastery). Dhankar Gompa is a Buddhist monastery situated in the Spiti Valley. It stands perched at a height of 12,774 feet and falls between the towns of Kaza and Tabo.

Dhankar is a small town with this beautiful Monastery and a fort. We skipped the fort, had amazing lunch at one of the hotels at Dhankar watching Dhankar Monastery.

Welcome to Dhankar.
Name:  99.jpg
Views: 9665
Size:  82.7 KB

Dhankar Monastery.
Name:  100.jpg
Views: 9662
Size:  79.6 KB

A closeup of Dhankar Gompa.
Name:  101.jpg
Views: 9677
Size:  100.9 KB

Dhankar Village.
Name:  102.jpg
Views: 9667
Size:  102.4 KB

Lunch at Dhankar Village.
Name:  103.jpg
Views: 9658
Size:  98.8 KB

Lunch, watching Dhankar Gompa.
Name:  104.jpg
Views: 9669
Size:  110.2 KB

After a late lunch at Dhankar village, we started for Kaza.

We spotted some far village. Our driver told me that we are going to visit one of this kind of village next day. Roads were good. We were enjoying our journey. Dry and barren mountains were beautiful. I read somewhere that Spiti is actually a desert and receive very low rain

At one of the turns, which was going towards Pin valley, our driver stopped and offered to take us to Pin Valley. I was ready for it, but other friends wanted to stick to the itinerary. We didn't turn and headed to Kaza.

A Small Village.
Name:  105.jpg
Views: 9641
Size:  92.0 KB

Going to Kaza.
Name:  106.jpg
Views: 9635
Size:  109.0 KB

A Water stream coming out of Mountian.
Name:  107.jpg
Views: 9630
Size:  108.8 KB

Natural Carving.
Name:  1212.jpg
Views: 9611
Size:  87.4 KB

We ignored Pin Valley.
Name:  2121.jpg
Views: 9613
Size:  99.1 KB

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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

At Kaza Town.

We reached Kaza at 1800.

The town of Kaza, is the subdivisional headquarters of the remote Spiti Valley in the Lahaul and Spiti. Kaza, situated along the Spiti River river at an elevation of 3,800 metres (12,500 ft) above mean sea level, is the largest township and commercial centre of the valley.

We checked in at our hotel, & had a walk in town. Its a busy town bustling with tourist and trekkers. I find a Cybercafe. I uploaded almost all of my photographs to Gdrive.

Approaching Kaza.
Name:  110.jpg
Views: 9571
Size:  60.5 KB

Some Random village oppsotie site of Spiti River.
Name:  109.jpg
Views: 9576
Size:  71.5 KB

Frist view of Kaza Town.
Name:  111.jpg
Views: 9561
Size:  79.2 KB

Welcome to Kaza.
Name:  108.jpg
Views: 9557
Size:  55.4 KB

Chau Chau Summit from Kaza.
Name:  112.jpg
Views: 9557
Size:  58.1 KB

Next day morning we started to visit a nearby village named Kibbar.

Kibber is a tiny village high in the Spiti Valley at 4270 metres or 14,200 ft. The village has around 80 houses, unique, given that they are made of stone instead of mud or adobe brick. It was beautiful. I read somewhere that Kibbar and Komic are some of the highest "Motorable" villages in the world. Komic was in the same region but it was out of our itinerary.

Approaching Kibbar Village. Notice that Tiny Sumo.
Name:  117.0.jpg
Views: 9588
Size:  110.6 KB

Far View of Kibbar Village.
Name:  117.jpg
Views: 9556
Size:  66.4 KB

Kibbar Village.
Name:  118.jpg
Views: 9552
Size:  90.6 KB

Kibbar Village.
Name:  119.jpg
Views: 9518
Size:  55.2 KB

Kibbar village.
Name:  120.jpg
Views: 9564
Size:  112.7 KB

We reached Kibbar.

It was a small village with a small school, a monstery and a post office. There wasn't any dhaba or food joint (don't know about current status).

We had a walk in the village. Met some children.

One of the kids asked me to visit his house.

I asked,... why?
He said,... they have a baby yak.

Wow, Why not "Chalo".
After all, who gets a chance to see a baby yak?

We spent 2 hours at Kibbar Village and then headed to Key Monastery.

Welcome to Kibbar.
Name:  121.jpg
Views: 9538
Size:  81.9 KB

Exploring Village.
Name:  122.jpg
Views: 9535
Size:  92.8 KB

At Monastery.
Name:  123.jpg
Views: 9522
Size:  74.2 KB

Cute little baby Yak.
Name:  124.jpg
Views: 9543
Size:  119.6 KB

Angry Yaks.
Name:  125.jpg
Views: 9501
Size:  79.0 KB

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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

To Key Monastery.

We had an amazing time in Kibbar village. Parents of that kid (who invited me to see baby yak) were amazing people. They invited all of us for tea. They told us that there was a school in the village but the teacher is not regular.

From Kibbar, we headed to Key Monastery.

It was just 20km from Kaza town. There were some villages on another side of Spiti river. It was breathtaking, those villages, their plantations, their orchards, their fields.

Approaching Key Gompa.
Name:  129.jpg
Views: 9477
Size:  58.5 KB

Road to Key Monastery.
Name:  130.jpg
Views: 9477
Size:  59.5 KB

A Village and it's green farms.
Name:  131.jpg
Views: 9488
Size:  83.5 KB

Some Village.
Name:  132.jpg
Views: 9494
Size:  80.8 KB

Frist View of Key Gompa.
Name:  133.jpg
Views: 9464
Size:  66.2 KB

Welcome to Key Gompa(Monastery)

Key Gompa is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery located on top of a hill at an altitude of 4,166 mt, close to the Spiti River, in the Spiti Valley.It is the biggest monastery in Spiti Valley and a religious training centre for Lamas. The successive trails of destruction and patch-up jobs have resulted in a haphazard growth of box-like structures, and so the monastery looks like a fort, with temples built on top of one another.

Key Monstery is flagship attraction of Spiti valley. Just like Thikse Monstery for Ladakh, Qutub Minar for Delhi, TajMahal for Agra, Gateway of India for Mumbai.

Welcome to Key Gompa.
Name:  137.jpg
Views: 9449
Size:  84.4 KB

Key Gompa.
Name:  134.jpg
Views: 9440
Size:  83.8 KB

A close up Of Key Gompa.
Name:  135.jpg
Views: 9449
Size:  113.9 KB

The front side of Key Gompa.
Name:  136.jpg
Views: 9401
Size:  62.4 KB

View From Terrace.
Name:  138.jpg
Views: 9401
Size:  58.8 KB

We Explored Key Monastery.

Removing those military shoes and wearing them back was a hard task.
Name:  126.0.jpg
Views: 9447
Size:  109.1 KB

Students at Key Gompa.
Name:  126.jpg
Views: 9413
Size:  92.0 KB

Students at Key Gompa.
Name:  128.jpg
Views: 9388
Size:  72.2 KB

The Monk who sold his Ferrari.
Name:  127.jpg
Views: 9433
Size:  112.7 KB

We came back to Kaza.

My other friends went to the hotel for an afternoon nap. I went to explore Kaza Town. There was one newly built Monastery & stupas.

Stupas At Kaza.
Name:  113.jpg
Views: 9400
Size:  89.2 KB

Stupas At Kaza.
Name:  114.jpg
Views: 9373
Size:  76.4 KB

A colourful Monastery at Kaza.
Name:  115.jpg
Views: 9411
Size:  119.0 KB

A colourful Monastery at Kaza.
Name:  116.jpg
Views: 9404
Size:  113.6 KB

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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

To Keylong (Via Kunzum Pass)

After a comfortable night at Parasol Retreat, Kaza, next day early morning we started for Keylong.

Keylong is 168 Km from Kaza but before that, we were going to visit kunzum Pass and Chandra Tall. We started early and decided to have our Breakfast at Kunzum pass. Owner of Parasol Retreat Bishan Thakur was travelling with us. He has one more hotel at Keylong where we were going to stay for next two nights.

Thanks to Bishanbhai, he took us to a hidden lake. A small detour from the main road.

We started for Kunzum Pass.
Name:  140.jpg
Views: 9337
Size:  36.4 KB

View from the Road.
Name:  139.jpg
Views: 9358
Size:  77.0 KB

View From The Road.
Name:  141.jpg
Views: 9348
Size:  71.9 KB

A hidden Lake. Not Visible from Road.
Name:  142.jpg
Views: 9366
Size:  101.7 KB

A small Detour from the main road.
Name:  143.jpg
Views: 9341
Size:  78.4 KB

As per Bishanbhai, A few locals knew about this lake
Name:  145.jpg
Views: 9336
Size:  70.0 KB

Approaching Kunzum Pass.
Name:  144.jpg
Views: 9348
Size:  91.1 KB

We reached Kunzum Pass at 1000.

Kunzum Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 14931 ft. Kunzam La is the gateway to the Spiti Valley from the Lahaul Valley. Though higher than the Rohtang Pass, Kunzam is safer and provides easier ascent and descent.

Kunzum pass is the Starting Point of Spiti river and Chandra river both start flowing in each other's opposite side.

I kept an eye on this Mountain from Kaza.
Name:  149.jpg
Views: 9332
Size:  77.4 KB

We were getting closer to it.
Name:  150.jpg
Views: 9339
Size:  94.0 KB

At the Kunzum top. We met this Mountian.
Name:  151.jpg
Views: 9307
Size:  73.2 KB

Kunzum Pass (TOP)
Name:  153.jpg
Views: 9323
Size:  80.9 KB

A close up of Stupas at Kunzum Top.
Name:  152.jpg
Views: 9333
Size:  107.6 KB

Making Of Spiti and Chandra Rivers.
Name:  154.jpg
Views: 9313
Size:  81.4 KB

We had our Breakfast At Kunzum Top

There were some locals and some taxi drivers at Kunzum Top. One of the drivers gave a bad news to Bishanbhai, that there was some issue on the Road to Chandra Tal. We had to skip Chandra Tal.

At Kunzum Top.
Name:  kt1.jpg
Views: 9321
Size:  94.2 KB

Post Breakfast Click with K top.
Name:  kt2.jpg
Views: 9312
Size:  108.8 KB

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Default re: Lahaul and Spiti : A Photologue

From Kunzum Top, We headed to Batal.

Headed to Batal.
Name:  155.jpg
Views: 9342
Size:  135.9 KB

The road to Batal was full of Glacier's tongues.

( Glacier's tongue? This happens to you, when you keep reading tsk1979's travelogues.)

It was amazing. We stopped at many places. The road was rough and narrow. We met many local shepherds with their Sheep and horses.

Crossing some Glacier.
Name:  156.jpg
Views: 9329
Size:  118.6 KB

A tongue of Glacier.
Name:  157.jpg
Views: 9296
Size:  94.7 KB

Name:  158.jpg
Views: 9303
Size:  94.7 KB

Life Never Ends.
Name:  159.1.jpg
Views: 9314
Size:  132.7 KB

Local Shepherds.
Name:  159.2.jpg
Views: 9297
Size:  120.3 KB

We reached Batal Dhaba at 1400.

Chadra Dhaba, Batal and it's Chacha- Chachi are well known. After 2012, there were many incidents of people getting stuck at this dhaba for days and ChachiChachi helped them.We had simple but tasty lunch there.

Approaching Batal.
Name:  160.jpg
Views: 9252
Size:  80.2 KB

Dhaba at Batal.
Name:  161.jpg
Views: 9254
Size:  67.3 KB

Chandra Dhaba.
Name:  162.jpg
Views: 9275
Size:  108.2 KB

We started from Batal.

Our Progress was very slow. We crossed some more Glaciers. We stopped for a while at a small village named Chattru. After Gramphu, we were on my familiar Manali- Leh road. We met many taxis and Motorcycle groups after Khoksar. Manali- Leh is always a busy road during June-July-Aug-Sept.

Our sumo at Glacier.
Name:  163.jpg
Views: 9283
Size:  127.3 KB

A tough Water Crossing.
Name:  164.jpg
Views: 9263
Size:  112.0 KB

We met many Motorcycle Groups.
Name:  165.jpg
Views: 9286
Size:  123.3 KB

A broken Bridge on Manali- Leh highway.
Name:  166.jpg
Views: 9290
Size:  126.4 KB

We reached Keylong at 1600.

Keylong is located along the Manali–Leh road, about 7 km northeast of the intersection of the Chandra Valley, the Bhaga Valley, and the Chenab Valley; on the banks of Bhaga River. Keylong is the district headquarters of Lahaul and Spiti and is home to most of the government offices and facilities in Lahaul, and also hosts a regular bazaar.

After Khokasr, mountains and fields again became green. The architecture style of local house was changed. It was familiar territory. I knew what to do and what to drink in Keylong. We checked in Bishanbhai's another hotel. We were tired. My friends went to their rooms and slept.

Notice the architecture style of the local house.
Name:  167.jpg
Views: 9273
Size:  121.7 KB

Welcome to Green Lahual Valley.
Name:  168.jpg
Views: 9236
Size:  75.7 KB

Welcome to Keylong.
Name:  169.jpg
Views: 9251
Size:  89.2 KB

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