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bblost 1st January 2008 17:56

Ride to Durgam Chevuru – Hyderabad.
Ride to Durgam Chevuru – Hyderabad.

Most people who know Hyderabad will be surprised that a ride Durgam Chevuru is being written about.

That’s because this lake borders the Hi Tech City area and almost everyone who works there sees this lake either en route or maybe even from their office windows.

But there is another approach to this beautiful lake from the old Bombay highway.

Click on the url given below

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If for some reason the url breaks out here are the latitude and longitude values

It shall be centered on a mud trail.
Follow the trail upwards and you will find Durgam Chevuru.

Go there and figure out a way to get onto the path as the main access way is cutoff due to pipeline work.

Do not go late in the evening.
The route is not exactly easy to handle for a first timer.
Be careful, but remember bones heal.

If you are riding without a helmet you are just plain stupid.

I have seen an Amby on the top the last time I went there.
Anyone with a nice jeep may want to try this out:thumbs up.

Have fun, ride safe.

TrueDreamer 1st January 2008 18:03


Originally Posted by bblost
Most people who know Hyderabad will be surprised that a ride Durgam Chevuru is being written about.

I was surprised by seeing the title itself about this. Anyways it would be useful to those who visit Hyderabad on their way to destination may be useful if they plan to spend time in city.

bblost 2nd January 2008 10:05

This is not exactly a tourist spot!

the off roading element is very nice, there is one more trail I have shortlisted behind the durgah on the top.
will post up on it once I do it.

TrueDreamer 2nd January 2008 13:25

Though not a tourist spot, its a very nice place to hangout in the evenings when you have some time to kill.

vnabhi 2nd January 2008 14:46

Can we do that bit on a car? Or is it only Jeepable?
Looks interesting though, seeing the lake from a different angle.

bblost 2nd January 2008 15:01

If the car has a great ground clearance then YES.
but not right now as the approach way is cut off due to the pipeline work.

The whole stretch is about a KM in lenght.
You can walk up, inspect and then decide if you want to risk your car on it.

BTW, the spot is also great for anyone wanting to try rock climbing.

bblost 11th January 2008 11:17

some pics uploaded in my gallery

mobike008 11th January 2008 19:22

Interesting! I used to visit durgam cheruvu when it was known as secret lake and there used to a steep road that you would dread to do even in the best of SUV's.

Alas, that road now has been taken down due to the developments that happened in that area.

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