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Default Pleasure trip to Wayanad in Kerala

Encouraged by all the travelogues in this section I am trying post my first one for the Wayanad trip.

After getting all the help and direction from our teamBHPians, i started for Panamara in Wayanad. Panamara is a small village 17km from Kalpetta. I started with my family & in-law family. We were 4 adults with 3 kids. Started as per plan around 5:30am on 25th decemeber 2007 from C.V.Raman Nagar. It was foggy and I found little difficult to drive initially as I never drove in nights before. Also, the wind screen was completely covered with mist. After initial struggle with the blower finally figured out to clear it.

The journey was through the MG Road and I took the Mysore Road through the elevated bridge after Stadium. It was a plesant drive. Reached Mysore around 7:30am. I took the Mysore city and reached the Palace. Took a few snaps outside the Palace and started again to Najungud.

Way to Mysore in early morning

Pic of Palace.

Once we reached there we had our beakfast. On the way from Nanjungud, the road was not so good. Also, many komadhas was blocking our ways. Finally with their "cooperation" we crossed that place.

Then we enquired the route for the Bandipur and reached the Bandipur forest.
Bandipur forest picture

I was so exicited to travel through the forest after reading all those travelouges mentioning about the animal crossing etc.

Spotted some deer.

Later I recognised that I should have taken the right in Guldelpet [I was searching for this right from begining but correctly missed!!!]. So, I ended passing through the Mudumali forest. The check post guy was so kind to ask for "just" 20rs. For what? No answer except for the smile. Anyway, gave 20rs and I could see him happy with that. Just enquired if there are any chances to see some animals. Seeing his watch, it was almost noon, he said its not possible.

Disappointed, we started our travel through the forest again. The road was with pot holes and I was driving the zig zag way to avoid the pot holes. I was going in 40 and suddenly noticed a pot hole in front. Without thinking for a second I moved to right and I saw a big lorry coming in opposite direction. I could hear him standing the brake. For a second I thought i am going to get something bad... luckily, I moved to left before he could hit me and heard him shouting all sort of bad words. Sorry, it was my mistake. Thanking god, we traveled further.

Now after reaching the Gudalur, we took the correct right to Kerala.

The route from there was real treat to eyes. I was little afraid of the hilly drives. This was my first drive on hills. Anyway, it was not so scary as I imagined.

Pictures of hills

Around 3pm we reached Sulthan Bathery and had lunch there. As some one mentioned here, the lunch was not at all expensive. I was trying for the curry mean (fish!!!) since one of my kerala friend said it would be great taste. I was unlucky that all through the journey, I could not get it. May be because of my untimely lunch times.

I was planing to visit the Jain temple or Edakkal caves before reaching my resort. But since I took a wrong route and it took alost 2 hours extra time of us, all were tired and wanted to go directly to resort. After an hour we were there in our resort. The first day was in a different house due to heavy booking.

Picture of first day house.

When I tried to take my car into the parking area, I heard a creeeech sound. Oh my god, my car bumper hit the slope which they put for getting into the parking area. Um... Then I realized that the slope was steep and some Mahindra's parked insdie. So, its for the Mahindra Jeeps thats found almost everywhere in there and not for a Zen. It had all of us inside and so it hit the ground. So, from next time, I just drove it with myself and asking other to get in or out before getting into the parking area. Good, that was the answer.

After some refreshment, we headed for a local river. The path to the river was through the plantation and it was not so easy. Only after reaching the river, we thought why did we took this assignment :( Anyway, it was a new experiance in there.

Pic of planation route to river.

Thats the end of day one and we went to sleep early. The next day, we got up around 7, had authentic kerala breakfast with puttu, kadala curry etc. We planned to go to Pookote Lake. The route to lake was so good. I wanted to fill petrol and was searching for BP, since I only use Speed for my baby. No luck.

So ended up with a Reliance pump. Oh, its expensive than bangalore. They had only Premium petrol and costed 54.xx. filled the tank. Now ready for the drive to lake. I was enjoying my drive throgh the hills and estates. All through the journey it was so interesting to see the names of the place. Chundalle, Yerumadu, yes.. u heard it right. Finally reached Pookote late. The lane to the lake was so narrow and was little difficult to reach the parking area.

Pic of bus and Jeep in parking area.

The entrance ticket was got. Then ticket for the Camera. It was interesting to know that 10rs for still camera [digital too], but 100rs for video camera.

Umm.. Anyway, got the ticket and went to lake. We took the rowing boat since it had a staff who rows the boat and we thought it would help us to relax rather than spending our energy

It was worth it. The staff was kind enough to allow us to try the rowing and we did. Was good. I saw the lilly in the pond and wanted to reach out there to take one. But he said he is suppose to pay fine if he row to that place. Not sure if he was right. But anyway, he did took us there and here is the pic...

Pic of lilly closeup.

Then we started to Chembra peak. From the main road I was asked to take a STEEP right to go to the Chembra peak. I took my szen and it was so steep that i was doubting if I can climb back. Then after reaching a little further from there, I saw a Chembra estate officer and enquired about the travel to the peak.

He said since it was noon, its better to visit the Soochipara and then try the Chembra peak. Ok, Chembra was cancelled. And I started for Soochipara falls. The climb was not so bad, my baby was really good to pull and climb the steep road with all of us inside. Great!

The route to soochipara was really awesome. The entire route was like you climb several hills and cross several hair pin bends etc. But it was so nice. But only thing is, I could see 90% only Mahindra jeeps with people flooded in it. Normal cars are very less. Seeing the route it made more sense too. After we reached the peak, I parked the car near the shops.

Route to Soochipara

Then we were told that we still need to go further down either by walk or Jeep only. We took the jeep and it was costing 50Rs. Real worth I would say. The road to the falls was so steep that ONLY a 4x4 could climb that. And one side its steep fall. Nothing to block. But inspite of this, the drivers drive it so proffessionally. If you are afaid of height, then better not peep out of jeep.After the final destination of jeep, again you need to climb down by foot for 10-15 min. The falls is untouched by humans and hence not much safety things are done. The moment you step in there, you could hear the hissing sound of the falls. The snow white falls was visible through the trees. It so ferousious.

The reach to the falls is also not easy. The step are so steep. Only 2 people can walk in parallel, its so thin pathway. But after you reach the falls, you will feel its worth the strain.

Just managed to reach the water pool in front of falls. Water so cold but was ok after some time. Had a good play in water and we returned to Panamara.

Soochipara falls

Back in resort we played the shuttle, kids were also enjoying the cycling. The resort is nice one with many indoor games and good place for spending your holidays.

Back to ente veedu

On the way back, we saw a accident of tourist bus in the NH212. Seems like he dashed straight to the tree on that curve without noticing the curve. May be slept???? No clue.
Bus & Tree :(

Tree house in the forest

Spoted a young tusker

On the way back to Nanjungud

Reaching Bangalore in dawn

Trip Details

Route -> Bangalore - Mysore - Nanjungud - Gudulpet - Sulthan bathery - Kalpeta - Panamara.
Mode of transport -> Heard there are many buses plying from bangalore to Kalpetta. People also take train to calicut and reach here through bus / jeep. But you will really enjoy if you drive through there.
Places to visit -> Pookote lake, sun rise valley, Chembra peak, edakkal caves, soochipara falls, Meenumutty falls and many more...
Stay -> Welcome to Ente Veedu. There are many others too like Vythiri etc.
Expense -> 2000/night, 150 for lunch/dinner + travel.


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Sorry guys. Just noticed that some of the images are bigger for the screen. I will take care of it from next time...
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You need to resize it to 800x600, then it will fit into the screen (15" screen). Nice Pics though.
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Nice trip there mjothi. PM one of the mods and ask them to help you resize the images for you.

BTW its Panamaram and not Panamara .
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Originally Posted by mjothi View Post
I was trying for the curry mean (fish!!!) since one of my kerala friend said it would be great taste. I was unlucky that all through the journey, I could not get it. May be because of my untimely lunch times.
Wayanad isn't exactly karimeen country, though it may be available at a premium in some hotels there. Karimeen is caught from the backwaters - so better keep it on your list if you have plans to visit Cochin, Alleppey or Kumarakom in future. Though most good hotels will have it on their menu, the best places to have it are the small places, especially toddy shops, that you would find along the backwaters!
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