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Default Travelogue :Coastal Karnataka Keeps calling me back ( Murudeshwara and Kundapura)

Hola folks

Am back after a wonderful trip to coastal Karnataka. The whole trip was a mixed bag of events which never deterred us from promising to go back to Coastal Karnataka for the unadulterated experience (minus the bad roads).

My banter

Day 1 : Friday the 22nd of August

Wake up by 4am and as decided the previous night after multiple calls with my friend Mallik we decide to leave Bangalore by 5 am. Apparently this never happens and we leave only by about 5:30am.

Hit NH-4 only to find its traffic clogged towards Bangalore and some of the revered drivers as usual end up using the wrong side of the road to beat the traffic.

We continue our drive cruising and cursing these imbeciles for their sheer ignorance towards traffic etiquette's.1st stop is for breakfast at Kyatasandra for the thatte idlis. Savor on the thatte idilis and we are off cruising on NH4 again.

With our bellies full we are enjoying the pleasure of the good roads with the breeze in our hair from Tumkur and beyond. Somewhere between Tumkur and Gubbi we hit the 1st obstacle in our journey.

The car hits a boulder which was left back by some moron whose vehicle had broken down. The stone was pretty well camouflaged with leaves strewn around. I hardly had time to react and avoid the boulder since a NHC had just cut across my path in an attempt to overtake me, he swerved to the right and managed to avoid the boulder.

We were at the receiving end and hit the stone real hard.(Please note I wasn’t tailing him).

Was left with a busted rim(rear left) and a bruised ego.Mallik and I walked back and cleared the boulder off the road, searched for the alloy lip and no luck. Got the spare tyre on and decided to continue with our journey. Deep down inside of me I was cursing the dude whoever left the boulder on the road.

Realized it was time let go off this mishap and continue our drive since our families were with us. Cut down on my speed and was hovering around 90-100kmph.

Further on in the journey we hit a bad a patch of road between Kadur and Tarikere.Its just a few kms and is manageable. Take it easy and you should be thru with the bad stretch without much problems.

Time for a few pictures

Name:  DSC_0043 Medium.jpg
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Size:  102.1 KB

Yes we had good roads too.

Name:  DSC_0048 Medium.jpg
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Attachment 43526

Name:  DSC_0068 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0069 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0073 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0091 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0097 Medium.jpg
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During the drive called up Ravi (ravibhat) asking for a shop where I could get a tube installed in the battered alloy. Ravi thanks much for your help buddy. I found a shop at Shimoga called MRT tyres and got the tube installed from there. Well our need for the hour was to find a well equipped shop that had the hydraulic machine to remove the tyre from the rim and install a tube.

(Dint wanna try any roadside shops since most of these chaps follow the crude method of separating the tire and alloy)

By 2pm our bellies were rumbling again and decided to have lunch at Ashoka in Shimoga town. Pretty good food and their restrooms were also pretty clean. Advisable to stop here if you are travelling this way.

Next stop was at the infamous Talaguppa Railway Station before reaching jog.A few pictures from Talaguppa Railway station and Jog falls.

Name:  DSC_0103 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0106 Medium.jpg
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How I miss watching Malgudi Days .Gave them a touch of Sepia to add that retro look.

Name:  DSC_0112 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0115 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0118 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0126 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0140 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0152 Medium.jpg
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After our stop at Jog we took the Honnavar route to reach Murudeshwar. Landslides and fallen trees are in abundance on this route. So watch out and re-consider if you plan to night driving through this route.

Shot somewhere along the Honnavar -Murudeshwar stretch.

Name:  DSC_0165 Medium.jpg
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By about 6pm we are at Murudeshwar and checked into RNS Yatri Nivas, dinner was at Naveen Beach Resort. Hit the sack by about 11pm and call it a day since we planned to leave to Kundapur the next morning.

The car performed exceptionally without missing a single beat and yes occasionally we redlined her the moment we found a good patch. The sound of the free flow in the ghats when revved is to die for.

Name:  DSC_0181 Medium.jpg
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Route Taken : Bangalore-- Nelamangala--Tumkur--Gubbi--Tiptur--Arasikere--Kadur--Birur--Bhadravathi--Shimoga--Sagara--Jog--Honnavar--Murudeshwara.

Distance : 492kms.
to be continued …. My Sojourn has only started .

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Wow, those are some wonderful compositions, great use of wide angle. I need to get myself a wide angle now.
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Oye! Our man is back at coastal Karnataka.
This time as usual, some nice pictures Riju. Good use of words is interesting to read thru.

Keep it up! Keep it up!
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Phenominal pics!. Wow!
Talaguppa railway station is a must visit. Just takes us back a hundred years!! Not sure if the railbus has stopped now. Amazing ride. It took about 2 hours to reach Shimoga .... Unforgettable experience indeed.
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Wonderful Camera work.
Good writeup and eagerly waiting to see some more pics.

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Nice pics, Riju.!!
Keep them coming.
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Superb Pics and narration !!! Waiting for the next ones.

- Chandra
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Laavly pics boss. Superb colors as well. What camwa?
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PHEW! Those are phenomenal pictures! Keep it coming!
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Good going with Photos and writeup Riju, its awasome stretch to drive in rainy season to Murdeshwara, Bad roads here and there can be neglected with rejoysing scenary.

I wish roads are in good shape we could have adventures a lot! Bad roads stopping me to explore the places these days.

Keep them coming!



PS Shimoga has couple of decent tyre shops, They sell most of the brands of tyres and Alloys.
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Originally Posted by rjstyles69 View Post
Hola folks

Am back after a wonderful trip to coastal Karnataka. The whole trip was a mixed bag of events which never deterred us from promising to go back to Coastal Karnataka for the unadulterated experience (minus the bad roads).

Very nice photos taken on route ....keep up the travel plans...include Uttaranchal in your future plans....

Uday Naik

Note From Support Staff: Please do not quote the entire long post for replying

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There you go Riju, I was waiting for this travelogue. Nice writeup

Must say amazing pics !! Keep them coming !!

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Riju: Nice travelogue. Absolutely stunning photos. BTW whatz the make of camera? Keep them coming...
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Guys thanks much for your compliments, its quite encouraging.Our Armour for the whole trip will be revealed in the end. Thanks again .

Day 2 : 23rd of August

Wake up 6:30am and walk out to my rooms balcony to get a view of the sea and the beach. If you guys have stayed in RNS you probably would know that the rooms are elevated and built on a huge rock.

My much awaited cup of coffee arrives and I open the balcony door , here is what I get to see.
Spend good 45 mins oogling and leching at gods creation which we humans call the beach. I cud sit all day there and watch life pass by without feeling bored.

Name:  DSC_0189 Medium.jpg
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Size:  49.2 KB

These pics have been shot at 300mm from the Sigma 70-300mm APO II DG Macro. Pretty impressive for a noisy lens.

Name:  DSC_0192 Medium.jpg
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Size:  36.3 KB

Name:  DSC_0194 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0209 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0213 Medium.jpg
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Size:  52.7 KB

Wake up Mallik and ask him also to click a few pics while the ladies are still sleeping. Time to awaken the ladies since its already 7:30am and hot water supply to the rooms stop at 8:30am. By 9am we are ready to check out of RNS Yatri Nivas , by then the women head over to the temple for their darshan.

Name:  DSC_0226 Medium.jpg
Views: 8417
Size:  70.1 KB

By about 9:30am we are back on NH-17 maneuvering and avoiding pot holes with Kundapur being our destination. Fill up the car at a bunk near Bhatkal and by about 11am we at are Turtle Bay.

Shot on NH-17.

Name:  DSC_0229 Medium.jpg
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Size:  63.8 KB

Check-in, order for breakfast and none of us could really wait to hit the beach. The plan for today is pretty simple : eat n play n sleep n eat n play , after all that's what we are here for.

We call for a masseuse for the ladies at 3:30pm and start playing volleyball in a small creek which flows inland from the sea during high tide.

Our personal space

Name:  DSC_0276 Medium.jpg
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Size:  81.4 KB

Name:  DSC_0279 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0274 Medium.jpg
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Size:  54.5 KB

By about 3pm I have managed to tan every inch of skin and none of us had any energy left in us. Decided to call it a day at the sea and have lunch. I gulped a beer while waiting for lunch to be served.Had lunch and the ladies left for their much awaited massage while me and Mallik caught up with some sleep.

Soujanya 1 and Soujanya 2.

Name:  DSC_0336 Medium.jpg
Views: 6291
Size:  79.3 KB

Woke up just in time for the sunset. Was already toying the idea of silhouettes and what better model than Mallik himself. Got him to pose for the camera and went click click.

Name:  DSC_0368 Medium.jpg
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Size:  30.6 KB

Name:  DSC_0374 Medium.jpg
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Size:  33.0 KB

Name:  DSC_0377 Medium.jpg
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Name:  DSC_0391 Medium.jpg
Views: 6152
Size:  32.5 KB

Buddy thanks for being that much needed model to pose and not cribbing about the stances I asked you for.

By now its 6:45pm and the sun just goes down the horizon (Sunsets are pretty late here) . Have a quick bath and then as usual there was mayhem with some call center dude's( I was told HSBC bangalore) who have landed here creating ruckus. I was in the state of mind to whack one of these dude's if needed.

However we decide to order for dinner and I gulp a few more beers. By 10pm call it a day and crash.

to be continued..
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Awesome pics and travelogue! Keep them coming!

OT: Malgudi days can be viewed for free on Watch Free Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Promos, Animation, TV Channels, Yoga and More on
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