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pawan_pullarwar 3rd April 2009 12:05

Palio: Pune-Mysore-Kodaikanal-Munnar-Banglore-Pune
For last one year I was thinking of traveling to Kerala. This financial end, my extra leaves were balanced on company, which was mandatory to take or it will laps. So decided to do Kerala trip. Decision was so sudden I did not care to ask for company. I had done 4-5 trip, driving 800-900 KM in a single day in my Palio, so this was again decided to go by Car.

Occupants - Me, Wife and my 2 year old son.

Destination - Kodaikanal and Munnar (Ooty was not in the list at the time of planning).

Rout - Pune-Mysore-Kodaikanal-Munnar-Banglore-Pune.

I took my diary, made columns, Place-Fuel-KM-Rest-Time

12th March (Thursday) I had finelized about the trip. So many work to do within two days (12 and 13 March). Packing, Shopping, Camera and Car servicing. Did all the shopping on Thursday, Friday I requested for a quick service of my Palio at B.U. Bhandari. Had a talk with Service Manager Sameer, he was agreed. Did normal servicing oil change, fuel filter change etc.

More to come...

akroy 3rd April 2009 14:16

Nice teaser, waiting for the big one with lots of pics.


prince_pervez 3rd April 2009 14:33

Attaboy! Bring it on!

mjothi 3rd April 2009 15:06


Originally Posted by pawan_pullarwar (Post 1244110)
I took my diary, made columns, Place-Fuel-KM-Rest-Time

Now tell us, what you filled in this with picslol:

MadRash 3rd April 2009 15:29

Oops. Another travelogue on Pune to Bangalore/Mysore? I really love TBhpian's thirst to drive.
No wonder you haven't cared about company. Lets start. We all give you company.

lohithrao 3rd April 2009 15:35 write about the car too...

iceman7 3rd April 2009 15:55

i will be watching this thread closely. Please post some pictures soon

ravi@64bhp 3rd April 2009 18:10

Pawan, waiting eagerly for some nice pics and log.:)

ASHISHPALLOD 4th April 2009 10:40

arey pawan,
teri gaddi start kyo nahi ho rahi hai?

when will you start from poona and reach to munnar?

raasta bahot lamba hai?
itni deri kaisi chalegi

pawan_pullarwar 6th April 2009 13:50

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Sorry guys for late response. Did not get time to write in weekends.

Here it goes,
I did packing on Friday night. I put all the luggege in the boot in the night itself to avoid morning hurdles.

So, as ususal I did not sleep well in the night, after every 1-2 hour checking for the time. My wife woke up at 2am, I am at 2:30am, we did ready my son in the night itself, we picked him up while he was sleeping.

I started exactly 3:24am and the odo was showing 46505KM. I dont use the reset switch, cause my son has habit to reset it whenever he gets chance.

Below is the log till Arsikri.

SAHIR.KITTUR 6th April 2009 14:08

" Pawan got stuck in a traficc jam in Arsikiri " !! ??

pawan_pullarwar 6th April 2009 15:09


Originally Posted by SAHIR.KITTUR (Post 1248122)
" Pawan got stuck in a traficc jam in Arsikiri " !! ??

No trafic jam, It was Rangpanchami and most of the shop were shut down and everybody was playing color.

pawan_pullarwar 6th April 2009 15:13

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There is a right turn from Arsikri for Mysore. When I left from Pune I had decided to go Kodai via Banglore. But I asked locals near Arsikri and everybody suggested to go via Mysore. It took me almost an hour and frustration to find the right turn for Mysore in Arsikri. The road was under construction and the right turn seems like going into some fields via river. I passed that road twice but did not assume that there could be a road.

I used to fill up the petrol whenever niddle goes half. Most of the time I was doing 120+ KMPH up to 140KMPH with AC on all the time. Twice I manage to reach 160KMPH for few second on long slop.

pawan_pullarwar 6th April 2009 16:32

Reached Mysore 905KM 14-Mar-09
Petrol 21.5 liter 1000/- 14-Mar-09 6:45PM ODO->47325KMs
As my wife did not know the driving, I have to drive all the journey. I had picked up 6 cans of RedBull Energy drink. First CAN I have emptied at this petrol pump.

Reached mysore at 14-Mar-09 8:00PM ODO->47410KMs

Total Pune-Mysore distance 905 KM. Total time 16.5 hours.

pjay_in 6th April 2009 16:45

Waiting for more.. and more pics too.

And you took a photo while ripping at 140 kmph?

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