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Default A Wilderness Photologue - Bandipur & Palaniappa Estate (Devashola)

Hi friends,

I had a wonderful good Friday weekend,I will keep the description short and let the pictures do the talking, to start off made a booking quickly in the Jungle Lodges Bandipur resort, I have stayed in almost all jungle lodges but Bandipur somehow seems special all the time, be it their food, service, safari's. So i set off with my parents on Friday morning and reached the resort by noon

Day 1 : Bandipur

Few Photos of the resort,

Name:  jlr1cs4b.jpg
Views: 14295
Size:  382.2 KB

Name:  jlr2cs4.jpg
Views: 9507
Size:  344.6 KB

Had a delicious lunch of ghee rice and chicken curry with tasty rasam later on. I took some avian photos around the resort,

Asian Koel,
Name:  Akcs4.jpg
Views: 9304
Size:  158.6 KB

Brahminy Starling (Myna)
Name:  star vcs4nb.jpg
Views: 9487
Size:  372.2 KB

We set off on the safari which is included in the stay package and were greeting by a plethora of fauna, birds

Name:  ph2cs4nb.jpg
Views: 9146
Size:  365.1 KB

Name:  phcs4nb.jpg
Views: 9109
Size:  493.4 KB

Red Spur fowl
Name:  rsfcs4.jpg
Views: 8672
Size:  168.4 KB

Hanuman Langur
Name:  langur cs4.jpg
Views: 8915
Size:  192.4 KB

Malabar Giant Squirrel
Name:  Mgs cs4.jpg
Views: 9702
Size:  533.0 KB

The toast of the day,

Name:  elephantcs4.jpg
Views: 8249
Size:  526.4 KB

The JLR resort at night

Name:  jlr nightcs4.jpg
Views: 8387
Size:  249.1 KB

The room we stayed
Name:  jlr night 2cs4.jpg
Views: 8035
Size:  266.3 KB.

Day II : Bandipur (Morning safari)
Got up next morning and got ready for our second Safari, this season at Bandipur is a haven for avid bird photography and i just love the colors of the forest. Its a must visit for any wildlife lover,

Blue Capped rock thrush
Name:  bcrtcs4nb.jpg
Views: 7935
Size:  413.3 KB

Comman Hoopoe
Name:  CHcs4nb.jpg
Views: 7900
Size:  299.0 KB

Red wattled Lapwing
Name:  Rwlwcs4nb.jpg
Views: 7880
Size:  384.3 KB

Peacock dance,

Name:  peacock 1cs4nb.jpg
Views: 12031
Size:  500.2 KB

Name:  peacock 3cs4nb.jpg
Views: 7553
Size:  466.6 KB

Name:  peacock dance2 cs4.jpg
Views: 8503
Size:  892.5 KB

Name:  peacock dance cs4nb.jpg
Views: 14515
Size:  877.3 KB

Changeable hawk eagle juvenile

Name:  CHE juvcs4nb.jpg
Views: 7461
Size:  349.1 KB

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Great stuff with load of goodies. Especially the last one.
Off topic but you can possibly consider a tighter crop for that.
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Redrage nice photography and let us know which camera was used, the lapwing and the eagle are very good one's.

A bit of cropping would have been more better.
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Dilip honestly man, your work quality has increased two folds man(not that you were any bad before) . My compliments to you, also looks like you are making full use of the 100-400 bazooka, guess its time I start taking lessons from you.

My vote goes to the last pic, menacing is the word.

BTW JLR by itself is a lovely experience, the staff and the place. Its sometimes hard to believe that a gov' owned place is this well managed.
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Beautifull Photos, I kinda liked the Myna photo the most. Will be definately waiting for more.
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Amazing photos redrage.
And for naming the birds - which I can never do except for distinguishing between crows, sparrows & Pigeons!
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Day 2: Palaniappa Estate (Devashola)

After finishing our safari and breakfast at Bandipur we headed towards Ooty and about 39 kms from there lay our final destination and 2 day getaway Palaniappa estate. I don't know whether my words and vocabulary are enough to describe this place, its really a true getaway from all the hustle and bustle and concrete jungle, located amidst 1000 acres of Devarshola tea estates, this place is another must visit to people seeking silent, serene stay and for me another beautiful place for capturing birds, but this time its special, i don't need to run around or rack my brains out to approach them quietly. They are a part of this estates and they play carelessly around not bothered about anything, the one place where i felt one with nature.

The beautiful Nilgiris
Name:  1cs4.jpg
Views: 7390
Size:  575.9 KB

Name:  4cs4.jpg
Views: 7196
Size:  483.7 KB

Name:  3cs41.jpg
Views: 7125
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Name:  2cs4.jpg
Views: 7132
Size:  342.2 KB

We had a booked a cottage called the Managers Bungalow and it had a fantastic view with a separate garden,swing and trekking routes from the bungalow.

The Managers Bungalow,

Name:  7cs4.jpg
Views: 7454
Size:  304.6 KB

Name:  PCcs4.jpg
Views: 6945
Size:  367.5 KB

There is nothing much to do here other than just laze around or grab a book and sit on the porch for this view,

Name:  MgrBu Viewcs4.jpg
Views: 6874
Size:  405.5 KB

My dad was able to peacefully mediate for an hour!

Name:  meditatedpp.JPG
Views: 6855
Size:  671.0 KB

Meanwhile i caught up some comman birds fluttering around

Red Whiskered Bulbul
Name:  bbnb.jpg
Views: 7460
Size:  296.7 KB

Red Vented Bulbul
Name:  rvbbnb.jpg
Views: 6761
Size:  313.4 KB

This guy seemed to be doing some push ups to impress the female and casually loitering around,

Rock Agama
Name:  RAcs4nb.jpg
Views: 6713
Size:  337.4 KB

The bungalow has 2 separate rooms and is fully furnished with TV(u would like to just catch up with news after 8 pm) because its not that safe to sit around outside as bison's, tigers & leopards prowl around at night. We arranged for a drive through the estate and went to their main office about 3 kms away. There is no coverage for Airtel in this place or anywhere within 5-6 kms radius. You do have network for Vodafone and BSNL though.

Name:  Estate Office.JPG
Views: 6957
Size:  538.9 KB

Day 3:
We had asked for a guide on the previous day and trekked for about 3 hrs around the beautiful estate , managed to see a bison on the way,

Name:  IGcs4.jpg
Views: 6973
Size:  508.7 KB

Name:  5cs4c.jpg
Views: 6603
Size:  467.7 KB

Name:  6cs.jpg
Views: 6683
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Name:  flower1cs4a.jpg
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Name:  flower2cs4.jpg
Views: 6535
Size:  468.8 KB

Some elusive and beautiful birds

Oriental White eye
A Wilderness Photologue - Bandipur & Palaniappa Estate (Devashola)-owecs4nb.jpg

Changeable hawk eagle
Name:  CHE2cs4nb.jpg
Views: 6437
Size:  260.6 KB

Velvet fronted nuthatch
Name:  vf nh4cs4nb.jpg
Views: 6553
Size:  489.2 KB


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Amazing capture of wildlife. Enjoying the pics. Keep them flowing.
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All the bird pictures are awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing. Keep 'em coming.
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Wonderful photos man! Two questions
1. Which camera? Filters? PS job?
2. I too want to learn how to use PS to improve images. Any starting point on the web?
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Originally Posted by null View Post
2. I too want to learn how to use PS to improve images. Any starting point on the web?
You gotto learn to compose 1st my friend . There aint no fun in trying to improve an image when it aint composed properly. Bottom line " COMPOSE" and PS jobs are just add-on's.

I have seen dilip's work earlier and can vouch that his PP job is mostly only with the contrast , crop and brightness and nothing more than that.
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Default Wow!!!

Absolutely fantastic pics redrage and of course thanks for naming all of the birds.

Hoopoe sounds and looks good!

Again amazing snaps and great locations. 5 stars for all those birds.

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That 100-400 L series is showing its magic !
Super shots !!
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Red, speechless. amazing pictures!

keep them coming
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fantastic pics.[ i normally use the word nice pics but this time its really fantastic.]

"ye dil mange more".
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