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hrag 25th May 2009 08:50

Sunday School outing - Gardens, Ice creams & Playing in Water
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A Sunday morning spent waiting at the NICE Road - Mysore Road junction photographing my ORVM

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quickly turned into a school outing to Brindavan Gardens
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and much more.

As always, the rides
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The sweetheart who stole all our hearts
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To be continued

pjay_in 25th May 2009 09:12

Great, a different theme here for a change. Looking for some narrative and more pics.

Lukeskywalker 25th May 2009 09:51

My My!!! Hrag in the travelogue section and that too starting one, lol. Now we've seen it all.

Great outing, will be posting pics and report shortly.

hrag 25th May 2009 09:59

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We were all supposed to meet up at the NICE Road - Mysore Road junction at 6:30 am. After a lot of suspense (Amit, Shahnawaz, Deepak, Perez & Aniruddha can elaborate here), we caught up with the rest of the gang at McDonald's on SH17 (Bangalore - Mysore state highway).

I must mention here that Hari, Jyo and myself had a sumptuous breakfast of thatte idlies at Bidadi - we were all supposed to have breakfast here but due to various reasons (the gang above can elaborate here again), they didn't turn up on time :D

We finally reached Brindavan Gardens and..

The headmaster wants to take us on a tour while all of us just want to sit in the shade and sip cool beverages
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Deepak & Priya follow reluctantly
Attachment 139662

Hey, a fountain
Attachment 139663

A view of the gardens
Attachment 139664

The school bus ambles along
Attachment 139665

and stops to take "nice pics"
Attachment 139666

Amma, I just got here, I can't come back home so soon please:
Attachment 139667

Please Amma, please - I want to play some more
Attachment 139668

Hey boys, enough of standing in the sun - let's find some shade
Attachment 139669

Let's have fun!
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iceman91 25th May 2009 10:12

Arre Rishi, I know a picture says a thousand words but do put up a report too.
Nice pics though :D

theMAG 25th May 2009 10:21

Next time you schoolboys go for such school-outings, give me a shout, will ya ?!

akroy 25th May 2009 10:24

Looking at the heading that too posted by Hrishi, I thought for a second, "When did he leave his job and started headmaster-giri?"
Nevertheless, Nice to see the headmaster among his pupils enjoy Ice-Creams, tea, coffee, juice for a change.

Must say nice and healthy transition indeed (from Meet section to Travelogue section)

Hari, Sorry I couldnt join for this trip!! Thanks for your SMS !!


hrag 25th May 2009 10:34

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Hey this feels like school days again
Attachment 139685

Return to innocence - Dharini leads her mother on a chase
Attachment 139686

Amit is very tempted to jump into the water to remain ice-cool. Dharini still leads.
Attachment 139687

Watching me watching you
Attachment 139688

Dharini going strong
Attachment 139689

This is where all the water comes from
Attachment 139690
Attachment 139691
Attachment 139692

This one's for Siddu
Attachment 139693

Shahnawaz: Man, that monster truck was something else!
Amit: I bet it'll be faster than a VTEC :p
Attachment 139694

Perez 25th May 2009 10:39

Lovely trip, had a superb time, will post some pics soon.

Amit/hrishi, thanks for the ride in your cars; have only one word for amit's "stock" baleno...WOW!!!clap:and as for hrishi's "truck"; please add one more person to the "I love Tata Safari" club :)

benbsb29 25th May 2009 10:45

Hrishi, you seem to be growing younger every day. So, did you guys get to choose the school bus of choice?

Been ages since i went to Brindavan. It feels so much better when the crowds which throng the place are absent.

hillram 25th May 2009 10:47

Hey Nice pics and sounds like a great meet.
KRS Dam and Brindavan Gardens rekindles my sweet memories of stay in Mysore nearly a decade back.

mjothi 25th May 2009 10:54


Originally Posted by benbsb29 (Post 1318592)
Hrishi, you seem to be growing younger every day.

Umm, so you mean he is Older lol:

Anyway, man I think this is first of its kind in T-BHP, a travelogue from our Hrag!!! Why don't we have the thread edited as - "First in T-BHP - Hrag's Sunday School outing - Gardens, Ice creams & Playing in Water" :D

ASHISHPALLOD 25th May 2009 11:52

is it just me? can't see pics of post no 13, i.e. your last post.

it seems that some big boys had real kiddy fun in the summer vacations.

@ general khan,
man! you look like cowboy in that sports shoes, jeans, white belt; goggles and hat missed.:thumbs up

hrag 25th May 2009 12:09

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The parking lot at Brindavan Gardens was so empty
Attachment 139762
Attachment 139763

We then decide to head to Balmuri to play in the water

Dharini is ready for action
Attachment 139764

Pictures of the coracle ride:

Jyo is all smiles
Attachment 139765

Priya takes "nice videos" while Farha has something on her mind
Attachment 139766

Deepa is grinning like a schoolgirl
Attachment 139767

If Priya can take "nice videos", so can I, says Deepak
Attachment 139768

Farha just remembered she doesn't know how to swim :eek:
Attachment 139769

We spot the shooting of a "romantic scene" of a TV serial - our boatsman said it was a comedy serial :D
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Attachment 139771

hrag 25th May 2009 12:34

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Priya is happy with the camera
Attachment 139782

Jyo & Farha relax by the water
Attachment 139783

Suzan deep in thought - when was this murukku made?
Attachment 139784

Sherrel strikes a pose
Attachment 139785

Deepa is still grinning like a schoolgirl
Attachment 139786

Deepak: man some of my parts are freezing - just have to maintain a stiff upper lip
Attachment 139787

Aniruddha serious about having fun
Attachment 139788

Hari & Jyo in the water
Attachment 139789

Deepak & Priya with Dharini
Attachment 139790

Aniruddha & Deepa
Attachment 139791

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