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roopakr 14th July 2009 22:50

Scotland Saga: The 1st Installment
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One weekend + two cars + eight travellers = an experience to remember

The basic idea behind this thread would be to show the unadulterated, authentic natural beauty of the highlands and, of course, the rides that took us places.

The journey
I had a quick, one-day trip to the Highlands of Scotland once in winter and it was then that I realised how different and beautiful the same places would be in summer. That realisation ignited the idea for this last trip I am sharing with all of your now.

The journey of seven adults and one kid began on the morning of the 4th of July, in two hired cars. Cars? Yeah, they were, of course, a major factor of the trip. When the plan includes driving through never-ending roads surrounded by mountains and forests, cars definitely end up being the stars.

The ride
I couldn’t stop myself from opting for the FIAT Bravo, as soon as I knew I could rent it out. Vauxhall Astra was the other option in the same segment of hatchbacks. It was later after booking the cars that I realised how the cars’ availability depends on the renting location.

Since Bravo was not available in the renting location near my place, Volkswagen GOLF and Peugeot 307 were offered as suitable replacements. GOLF would have been a fun car to drive, definitely; but with the experience of having a Peugeot Engine in one of our old Ambassadors in India, I knew the latter was quite powerful and sturdy enough for the trip.

As the size of both the hatchbacks was almost same, we decided to opt for the Peugeot.

By 10:30 AM, we already had the keys to a Black Astra 1.9cDTi and a silver Peugeot 308 Hdi.

The needles cruised till...
I was only insured to the Peugeot, so I could drive only it for the entire journey. With the specs in my head, I couldn’t resist pushing the pedals down.

These are the speeds that we were able to attain
1) Astra: 100 Mph (161 km/hr)
2) Peugeot: 120 Mph (193 km/hr)

I was sure that there was still room for another 30 to 35 mph, if only the speed cameras were not there to warn us.

The sights
In two days and one night, we visited the following places:
1) Village of Luss
2) Loch Lomond
3) Glencoe
4) Fort Williams
5) Fort Augustus
6) Loch Ness
7) Urquarht Castle
8) Inver Ness

To capture these sights and the preserve the moments for posterity, I used my Canon Rebel XS.

The trip was fruitful and meaningful, in terms of travel, experience and the enjoyment of being with friends; but words may prove boring for those who have not been there. So, the words end here; the pictures start.

(Comments and reviews are entertained.)

To start with , snaps from our first stop,
The LUSS village (Loch LomonD)

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MileCruncher 15th July 2009 00:32

Good pictures mate. Post pics of the rides as well.

hillram 15th July 2009 00:44

During my trip to Inverness,I eagerly awaited the Loch Ness Monster :-)
Did you by any chance encounter it?

Nitin 15th July 2009 00:45

I guess its just me, but every time I read about a Scottish travelogue, and I see pics of a lake; I begin to look for Nessie! Quite dumb, I know.
Interesting pic of the Loch Lomon. What time of the day was this pic taken?

roopakr 15th July 2009 02:22

@Milecruncher :- Pics of the rides coming soon.
@Hillram :- Yeah found Nessie and fed it as well, LOL. Do you need a pic?
@Nitin :- I think it was around 12 , when i clicked these pics.

Fordmanchau 16th July 2009 00:06

Nice pics of the lake with the cloud hovering over.
Awaiting the pics of the car.

roopakr 16th July 2009 02:07

Rides alone....
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The rides that took us places....and some shots of the bikers
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Attachment 159564
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Fordmanchau 16th July 2009 10:08

This is hot stuff roopakr. The wheels look extremely enchanting!! peugeot in particular looks like a Hatchback with a big boot inside.Last foto is awesome, good fotos. keep them coming!!

roopakr 16th July 2009 12:22

Thanks @ford. Yes peugeot 308's heavy and wide front makes you think that it's a big car with boot.

finneyp 16th July 2009 12:32

Nice pics Roopakr! Love Scotland for its scenic beauty!

BTW what cam you have?

roopakr 16th July 2009 16:38

@finney , I am using a canon rebel xs or also known as eos 1000d. I did mention it in my first post.thanks for the comment :)

MileCruncher 16th July 2009 18:10

The pics are awesome and the rides and the scenery come out really well !!! Some more landscape please :)

I once had the Astra 1.6 coupe with the panoramic windscreen. Awesome car. Also had the Vectra 1.9 cDTi 6 Speed Manual. Awesome car, with good 100 + MPH stability and still returned about 46MPG.

rjstyles69 16th July 2009 19:38

roopakr lemme guess , this is your 1st travelogue here. Splendid man, you have come out with flying colors. Excellent images and lovely composition.

roopakr 16th July 2009 20:06

Riju, Yeah this is my first travelogue and it feels good to hear such a comment from a great photographer :)

14000rpm 16th July 2009 21:01


Originally Posted by roopakr (Post 1387648)
Riju, Yeah this is my first travelogue and it feels good to hear such a comment from a great photographer :)

A good photographer you definitely are. The pix have got something in them that makes them look awesome. kudos. Did you do any bit of post processing on the pix?
Scotland is definitely a beautiful place. missed a chance of being placed there at clients place near Edinburgh. went to US instead.

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