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Nice write-up and pics, Nazim. Hope there are more such outings with such coverage which would benefit many.

God, when I was a school going kid I abhorred History, but as I am getting closer to being history I seem to be loving it. Hmmm... the vagaries of life.
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Here come a Local

Originally Posted by pulsar56 View Post

That's correct. But sad part is most of the locals in the area don't even know about the existence of this place.
Well u r not quite right there. I grew up in the asmangadh area till I was 19 years I have been there couple of times to this place.There's a little confusion to the name of the French general & the Moosarambagh name.

But as a local of this area now I know the story behind the tomb!

The Knowledge came from the book "White Mughals" , a 2002 history book by William Dalrymple.

& BY GOD WHAT A BOOK!!!. From the mysore war to the social life of the hyderabadi during the good old times everything is mentioned in Extraordinary detail!!!!!

Hyderabadis If u care & want to know about your city Just read this book!!
Attached Thumbnails
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-white_mughals.jpg  

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Nazim - great write up and pictures. Thanks for bringing up a topic that is close to my heart, that is, looking out for lesser known heritage sites. Though I did not live in Hyderabad long enough, I am not oblivious to the rich heritage of Hyderabad that is manifested in so many monuments across the city.

One of them is Moula-Ali Dargah

Name:  dargah.bmp
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This Dargah is built on a hilltop near Moula-Ali, in North-Eastern corner of Hyderabad. Moula-Ali dargah is unique in a sense because it does not contain the buried remains of any sufi saint like in the case of other dargahs, it was built on the site of a miracle. The Moula Ali Dargah was built in the memory of Hazrat Ali, the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad. Legend has it that Yakoob, a eunuch in the court of Ibrahim Quli, went to the hill after he saw Hazrat Ali seated on it. To his surprise, he saw the impression Ali's palm on a stone, which he had dreamt. He had the impression cut out and installed in a shrine. Ibrahim Shah later built a mosque beside the dargah. A Ashurkhana , a Baradari (pavilion) and an Nqqar khana (place for beating drums) were built during the Qutb Shahi period.

As per Moula-Ali Dargah is a good trekking option, if one can negotiate 400 steps leading to the top.

BTW, this dargah is apparently one of the 11 heritage sites identified by “Heritage conservation committee” of HUDA. Does any one here know what are the other 10?

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nag: the following link shows that as of June 2006, there were more than 150 heritage buildings identified, and all this 3 years back. Now the count must be much much more for sure. The startinf of this new item says: "These are in addition to 137 buildings, nine precincts, notified earlier"

The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Hyderabad News : Fourteen Heritage Buildings identified

and the following links have the heritage structures mentioned in them.


Hyderabad Heritage Structures - SkyscraperCity

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Evocative experience - seeing the state of the monument one wonders at how TV and telephone towers are the only ones maintained in this day and age!
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Dear Friends,

Since this is a thread for Hyderabad heritage monuments, the photologues by Nazim, followed by a good write up about Moula Ali, by Nagasiva Reddy, which inspired me to join in with my little contribution.

Just just over a week back I happened to take my niece to the "Qutub Shahi Tombs", she has come down from Houston and is visiting Hyderabad, she wanted to learn more about her roots and see India's rich culture.
Some photographs shot there, of the tombs and a mosque and a closeup of the very impressive filigree work on the structures.

As the Qutub Shahi kings were originally Persian (Iran) by descent, the distinctive domes and arches, proportions are very strongly reflected here, like the mausoleums in Iran. Also the torquise coloured, mosaic tiles, there are traces of inscription from the Quran on the mosaic tiles on the exterior of the structures.

A place where the last ritual bath, before burial is given to the departed is highly impressive, as underground ducts and pipes carved in stone which used to supply hot and cold water are unique.

The huge limestone and granite foundations and pillars, used to support the massive structures are very cleverly concealed in decorative minars and masonry limestone arches to create the majestic unique structures which are a blend of Indian and Persian design.

Tomb of Hayat Begum, mother of the king.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-t25.jpg
A mosque by the tomb.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-t28.jpg
Another view.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-t27.jpg
Symmetry in motion.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-t24.jpg
Arched corridor circulating on all four sides of the grave.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-t4.jpg
Sultan Mohammed Qutub Shah, founder of Hyderabad is buried here. Tomb on left.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-t22.jpg
Serenely divine.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-t29.jpg
The last bath was given here, beyond the arch in the wall, in center.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-t32.jpg
Another magnificent tomb.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-t34.jpg
Close up of the filigree work.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-t33.jpg
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Fazal saab,

Beautiful Pictures of the Qutub Shahi Tombs!
Can you please post the directions/how to reach so that anyone who wants to visit will be benefited?

The second last picture shows two lads playing cricket!
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Fazal saab,

good insights on the architecture and functionality of Qtub Shahi tombs complex. It is, however, the pictures that take the cake. 'am expecting more such gems from you about other monuments in Hyderabad.

Nag Vasireddy
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Fazal saab,AWESOME !!!!!

I had my distant relatives as the guardians of the Tomb of Hayat Begum (in Hayatnagar) I had visited this place loong time back!!, dont know what's the situation right now?!

Also when I visited they told me about a "Serpent with a diamond" which causes immense light in midnight(Forgot the name of the snake)which was to be found the near by ruins- mere story I guess!!

Its SAAAAAAAAADDDD to see children playing & plants growing on the dome!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The directions to this heritage site is very easy, take the Mehdipatnam to Toli chowki road, at Toli chowki crossroad, the straight one goes to Gacchi Bowli, don not take that, but take the left road from the Toli Chowki circle...this 2 kilometer takes you directly to the gate of the Monuments. People will most gladly show directions or even escort you there. But the right question to ask would be the directions to the "7 tombs". This is the name most locals know it by.
Thanks for your appreciation.

Nagasiva Reddy,
Thank you, Your writeup about Moula Ali was equally good, to the point and factual.

The kids playing cricket in the foreground is nothing compared to the official disrespect allowed at this place.

The tombs are under the authority and care of the Archeological Department of India, now vehicles of visitors and tourist are not allowed beyond the outer gate, justifiable, for reasons that the vehicle exhaust fumes would cause damage to the monuments.


As money is paid by film units that shoot at the premises are allowed merciless, unlimited freedom here. (let the pictures of the same day, unfold the story).

It should be remembered that this place is the last resting place of humans who once lived. Forget the fact that history remembers them as very good rulers, who were loved for by their subjects for their judicious rule and religious tolerance.

The last resting place for the departed is sacred in all races and religions of the world, irrespective of the religion.

Some of the primary protocol to be maintained, when you visit these places
(graveyard) all religions are:

Bathe and cleanse yourself, physically, be in a clean state.
A calm and pure state of mind.
Recite prayers for the departed.
Do not indulge in any loud or vulgar gestures, the ones buried here,
are your elders. Respect them.

Remember, this is the place where one day you will be brought to, on the end of your last journey. This is imminent

This Tombs built more than 400 years ago, for this?

The department of archeology, charges fee for the film shoots, thus earns revenue. So it is justified if the power generators for lights, cameras, AC makeup vans etc., which run on diesel continuously, but as an eyewash lighter vehicles of tourist are banned from coming beyond the first gate which is about half a kilometer away.

Food stalls and sit outs for film units are allowed, and the leftover food is dumped as garbage in the graveyard premises.

Loud blaring music played for groups of dancers to perform.

Rape scenes enacted. (what we have seen in Hindi and other regional movies)

Love scenes, songs enacted.

Heavy equipment damaging the structure. etc.

The government can't go wrong, money is coming in.

Generators and makeup van parked in the midst of the monuments.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-vans.jpg
Two generators running.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-generators.jpg
Film unit having lunch.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-lunch.jpg
Garbage piling up, before the end of lunch.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-garbage.jpg
Cameras, lights......ACTION.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-camera.jpg
A wider angle.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-shooting.jpg
Dancing to blaring music.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-dance.jpg

The kids playing cricket pales in comparison, doesn't it?

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OHH this is really not good.
But what happens to the money gained by these events is a real shocker!!
It could be wisely invested into the restoration of the building also there are a lot of plants on the dome why no one bother's to do anything!!.
I am currently working in dubai, a place where history is building now, but there's no glorious past like what have there. But if cautiously observed the way they are trying to preserve what little they have is amazing!
we sometimes crack a joke like 'Something out of nothing'!!
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Add this pic of tombs silhouetted against the setting sun.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-sun-tombs-3.jpg
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Wonderful thread Nazim.We should now do a regular Heritage drive and check out all those sites like:
1.Golconda Fort,Habsi Kaman,Musa Burj
2.Falaknuma Palace
3.Chowmohalla Palace (though we were there for the DHAA Rally)
4.California Hangers
5.Paigah Palace and Tombs
6.Military Reformatory,Trimulherry
7.Trinity Church,Secunderabad
8.Gyan Bagh Palace,Nampally
9.Aziz Bagh
10.Bhagwan Das Pavillion
11.Military Hospital,Bolaram
12.Ronald Ross Institute / Begumpet Hospital
13.Pittie Haveli
14.Vicaji-Pestonji Fire Temple,Secunderabad
15.Lakshman Bagh,Gachibowli
16.Aza Khana-e-Zehra,Darul Shafa
17.Bella Vista,ASCII
18.Mahalaqa Garden Stepwell in CIEFL
19.Sitaram Bagh
20.Bai Manechbai Nusserwanji Chenoy Fire Temple
21.Jubilee Hall,Public Gardens
22.Flag Staff House Bolaram
23.Princess Esin Centre: Purani Haveli
24.Hakim's Tomb
25.Cinna Moula Ali Kadam Rasool,Secbad Cantt
26.Rang Bagh Temple,Nanakram Guda
27.Malani Residence (Featured in many Telugu films)
28.All Saints Church,Secbad
29.Gun Rock,Trimulgherry
30.Le Palais Royale,Ibrahim Manzil,Secunderabad
31.Victoria Memorial Orphanage,Saroornagar
32.Hayath Bakshi Begum Mosque,hayathnagar
33.Asman Garh Palace,Malakpet
34.Dargah Hazrath Shah,Agapura
35.AP State Museum,Public Gardens
36.Salar Jung Museum
37.Ibrahim Mansion,West Maredpally
38.OU Campus
39.Toli Masjid,Kulsumpura
40.Clock Tower,Secbad
41.Badashi Ashur Khana,Rikab Gunj
42.St.Mary's Church , Secunderabad
43.Darga HAzrat SHah Khamosh,Nampally
44.Office of Land Administration,Station Rd , Nampally
45.Osman Sagar Aqua Duct near Kokapet Village
46.Mahboobia Girls school,Gunfoundry
47.Clock Tower,Mahboob Chowk,Hyderabad
48.St.George's Church,Abids
49.Nizam Club
50.Secunderabad Club

Believe me guys the above heritage sites are marvellous and worh visiting once in our lifetime.
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Aza Khana e Zehra

Aza Khana e Zehra.
Built by the MIr Osman Ali Khan (the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad) in memory of his mother, Zehra.
This Ashurkhana or place of Majalis, meetings, Sermons to mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussain the grand son of the prophet Muhammed, who was assassinated in Karbala (Iraq) along with his 72 family members and friends more than 1 430 years ago in history. Imam Hussain chose to die in battle and face the wrath of Yazid, than accept him as the Caliph of Islam for his evil and wrongful leadership which was contradictory to the teachings of Islam.
Built about (construction period 1941-1958) 70 years ago, this magnificent place has very recently been tastefully restored to it glory by a prominent person from her person fund at the cost of Rs 50 lakhs.
This is a treasure trove for many ancient Arabic and Persian calligraphic text framed and exhibited within, The most rare and inimitable is the entire Koran hand written on silk, over a design of an Alam. The miniature writing is spread over approx. 3X5 feet fabric.
The 4 chandeliers are very rare and the cost runs in crores, they are in Istanbul cut glass. The size of the central chandelier's is very grand.
The Alam (Staff, Flag) are in gold and embedded with huge precious stones, many of which are only exhibited in the month of Muharrum.
The acoustics are extremely well designed, where you can hear a person clearly from one end to the other end of a 400X200 feet hall. Ground floor is for assembly of the men and the mezzanine floor is for women.
Since animal or human forms are not allowed in Islam, only geometric and floral patterns are extensively used on walls and ceiling along with scripts from the Koran in a harmonious colour theme.
This place also was awarded the heritage award in 1999, much before its very well restored state today.
Aza Khana e Zehra by night.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak1.jpg
Mir Osman Ali Khan. The builder.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak3.jpg
View from the main entrance into the hall.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak23.jpg
View 2
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak22.jpg
The central chandelier.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak20.jpg
Main entry into the hall, with the smaller chandilier.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak7.jpg
Names of the 14 infallible's, on the ceiling from where the main chandelier hangs.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak5.jpg
The Central chandelier in its splendor.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak.jpg
The smaller chandelier, from below.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak6.jpg
The mezzanine level for ladies and the Koranic script in black.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak9.jpg
Ceiling to mezzanine design in floral and geometrical pattern.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak10.jpg
Detail of column supporting the mezzanine.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak11.jpg
The Alam's, notice the size of the precious stones in second row too.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak19.jpg
The complete Koran, hand written in miniature text.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak16.jpg
A closer view of the same.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak17.jpg
More closer, notice the numerical in red (it is smaller than type written font size)
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak18.jpg
A painting of this building exterior encased in calligraphic design and text, more than 70 years old.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak21.jpg
The HUDA, Intach Heritage award.
Hyderabad - Heritage Sites - A Lazy (Nizami) Travelogue-ak2.jpg


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Great Photographs - have lived in Hyderabad off and on since 1977. But this is the first time I am hearing about this beautiful building. Could you please provide some information about the location.
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