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AMAN_SACHDEV 16th September 2009 15:12

Leh-Ladakh in my Safari 4x4 -Photologue..July2009
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Hello Team-Bhpian's,
I am not good at writeup so I just wanna share my pictures of my tour to Leh Ladakh this year in July.
It was a total of 3500kms trip .

We started form Gurgaon at around 9pm after buying 2 mountain bikes for riding down hill on mountain passes.
Put the bikes in rear after folding middle seats.
We reached around 6 or 7 am at mandi. Had a 4 hour nap there and reached manali by night.

Next day left Manali around 2 pm for Keylong.
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Attachment 192483

Weather at Rohtang Pass was beautiful
Attachment 192484Attachment 192485Attachment 192486Attachment 192487
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Night Stay at Keylong.
A water crossing on way from Keylong to Barlachala
Attachment 192489
Attachment 192490

Now comes the suraj tal
Attachment 192491

It was the most beautiful pass ,
Attachment 192492
Attachment 192493
Attachment 192494

We did a bit of biking there as we got exhausted in 15 mins,
Attachment 192495
Attachment 192496
Attachment 192497

Reached Sarchu around 6pm and stayed there for night in camp sites,
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unni.ak 16th September 2009 15:16

You were missing for quiet some time. But, back with a bang eh. Please keep posting.

pulsar56 16th September 2009 15:19

Nice pictures there!
You must have too much stamina to ride the bike at those heights! :)
Awaiting rest of the pics.

Country Road 16th September 2009 15:20

Amazing stuff. Keep the pics coming.

harishnayak 16th September 2009 15:22

Wow , Looks like quite a trip. I like your idea of taking the mountain bikes.

If not a good write up , please lets tons of pictures doing the talking.

AMAN_SACHDEV 16th September 2009 15:31

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At Sarchu we felt a little breathless for the first hour but later on our body got calibrated with it.
We did cycling there for around an hour nearby our camp site.

Next day woke up at 5 am to leave for Leh,
Weather was superb, it was raining.
Attachment 192514

a weak bridge
Attachment 192515

And now the Gata Loops,
Attachment 192518
Attachment 192516
Attachment 192517

Took only one short cut there, some short cuts were looking really really steep with lots of gravel , so didnt took any chance.

More pics on way to Nakeela Pass,
Attachment 192519
Attachment 192520
Attachment 192521
Attachment 192522

Tried off roading at LachuLungla,
It was really steep, safari started skidding sideways, engaged reverse quickly and safely came down.
Attachment 192523
Attachment 192524

rideon 16th September 2009 15:32

Very nice pictures!

Must have been quite some trips. How about some more pictures?

Country Road 16th September 2009 15:33

Since you had 2 mountain bikes at the back I presume that only 2 travelled?

Did you get to use the 4 x 4 at all?

rideon 16th September 2009 15:38

"Where Heaven meets Earth - The Journey" - I guess this is what the second picture for the Nakeela Pass might be named as!

Awesome pictures! Keep them coming.

AMAN_SACHDEV 16th September 2009 15:39


Originally Posted by Country Road (Post 1485927)
Since you had 2 mountain bikes at the back I presume that only 2 travelled?

Did you get to use the 4 x 4 at all?

Yes only Me and my Cousin bro.

Used 4x4 at many places, at a dry river bed where we got stuck but got uot easily with 4L, at river crossing just near pangong lake I thing that was pagal nala.
In Moree Plains , where at some places car was sinking in 2wd.

jealousdiamond 16th September 2009 15:43

Great captures , Keep them coming :)

snaronikar 16th September 2009 15:52

Nice pics. Looks like all the people here are heading towards Leh/Ladak. I have read atleast 5 travelogues visitng this region in recent past in this forum. BTW, pls attach/arrange the pics one below another. Otherwise, pics will appear in horizontal direction. People who stay in Northern part are most gifted ones as you are so near to Himalayas and can plan visits. Waiting for more pics to come. :)

kpzen 16th September 2009 15:56

Stunning pics !! Keep them coming.

suman 16th September 2009 15:57

Ah hah, so its finally begun! Nice start Aman, keep 'em flowing. Did you stay at Camp Himalayan Saga in Sarchu?

How did the BFGs behave on this terrain?

kolimuttai 16th September 2009 15:59

Awesome... I loved the pictures...

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