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Old 19th November 2009, 22:49   #16
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@Lukeskywalker - You are one lucky guy, you have already visited Paradise twice!
Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us here. The whole travelogue & the pictures just rock!
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Old 20th November 2009, 05:45   #17
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Hari, What a wonderful travelogue all of a sudden. I thought you might be Black Storming in India. needless to say wonderful pics.

The food also looks a bit of South Indian touch. I also see Jyo is doing a MPython stunt.

Well Changi can never bored, isnt it? Looks like you are a Frequent flier to Truely Asia.

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Old 20th November 2009, 08:56   #18
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Oh, those pics remind me of the years I spent in Singapore. I and my family used to have tons of those Rambutans. Can't say the same about the Durian. The old chinese would squat right next to the vendor stalls and gorge on these with great relish. Seems smellier and fleshier they are, the better. One of my colleagues bought some and put it in the office fridge in the morning. The whole office stank of kerosene and we spent almost an hour trying to figure out where the smell came from. My colleague grinned sheepishly when we finally found the durians.
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Old 20th November 2009, 09:45   #19
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@ Starvegabond
Thanks Arvind, so when do we meet up?

@ Ravibhat
Ravi, thanks for the comments, so how's your Safari doing?

@ Ksethuraman
We did not go snorkelling due to the weather,
Well did not miss much if we missed out Genting the way you have described it. Batu caves, well we were not too keen on walking anyway.

@ Nuttynair
@Lukeskywalker - You are one lucky guy, you have already visited Paradise twice!
Thanks Ranjith,
Well when Paradise calls, how can one decline?

@ Akroy
Thanks Abhi, Black Storm will have it's share of travelling here in India,
Yes, I was quite shocked when Jyo calmly put the python around her neck, that's one snap I'll cherish.

@ Roameo
Well, like I have mentioned, the Durian is a fruit repulsed and loved equally, same goes for our own jackfruit, I agree, the smell is something which lingers for a very long time.
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Old 20th November 2009, 09:53   #20
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Luke: Lovely pictures and a good story, the pictures with the python rock!!!! The beach pictures and some of the pictures from up above are a scream too.... thx for sharing lots of information.

Missed out on Langkawi last time I was there with family in KL, time constraints. Your t-log has re-kindled the desire to go there some time in future. Heard tell from friends that there's a bunchy jumping bridge there, don't know it the jump happens now-a-days?

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Old 20th November 2009, 10:08   #21
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Nice short travelogue.
Hope, our group's coming Malaysia and Singapore trip will be equally enjoyable.

@nikhilb2008-THE BEST Satay Chicke is in Genting Highland Hotel buffet.
thanks for info. i will try it out in feb2010.

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Old 20th November 2009, 10:11   #22
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Superb travelogue!

You didnt miss much in Genting. The only good thing in Genting(actually, the ONLY thing) is the amusement park. It's good, but nothing great. I think what you ended up doing was much more fun!

However, THE BEST Satay Chicke is in Genting Highland Hotel buffet. What incredible chicken and the peanut sauce is unmatched. Even in the rest of Malaysia! But you've anyway eaten a lot of great food! It's making my mouth water!

EDIT: Oh yeah, there's a Casino in Genting as well, but it's just to donate some money to the owners of the casino which you could have spent elsewhere on yourself!
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Excellent, simple, to the point travelogue Lukeji I was slowly scrolling down the pics and when I first saw the car parked right at the beach, I immediately recalled my experience when I had parked a Maruti Esteem at an isolated beach near Mangalore. THAT was an experience.

So I was thinking how did he manage to park there and drive away. But a few posts later..... Err it would help many prospective travelers if we all could mention cost of the trip (cost of hotel etc.).

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Lovely Lovely pics Lukeskywalker... brought back some good memories of the place I visited for my honeymoon
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Hari, any pics of the car when stuck?
Also, from the pics it seems like the rice served was similar to the "boiled rice" predominantly used in Kerala.
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Old 20th November 2009, 15:52   #26
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Lukey, nice to meet up with you and Jyo at Singapore and thanks joining for dinner
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Old 20th November 2009, 15:52   #27
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You lucky dawwwggg(pun intended) gotto visit the same place a 2nd time. Nice beach shots there Hari and thanks much for sharing your experience. However taking the car to the beach isnt a good idea. I am sure the next time you would really give it a thought even before you let your mind wander on the idea of taking a car to the beach .

It aint safe at all, I did it once in ECR only to be stuck there for a few hours and hoping that the tide wouldn't take my car with it.Luckily a few locals helped us with a tractor.
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@ Ramkya1
Thanks Ramky, I have not heard of bungee jumping in Langkawi, but there is another hi adrenaline sport called the "Canopy Walk" in which you rappel across trees high above ground, I believe it is a great experience. But again due to bad weather most of the outdoor activities were off limits.

@ Ashishpallod
Thanks Ashish, I'm sure you will have a lot of fun on your forthcoming trip.

@ Nikhilb2008
Nikhil, we more than made up for missing Genting by savouring the local cuisine.

@ Ashwinsid
The costs apart from air tickets were as follows
2 nights stay at Langkawi = approx 8000 Rs
Car rental for 2 days = 3300 Rs, it was almost double of what I paid last time due to high season this time.
Food Expenses at Langkawi = approx 5000 Rs.
Shopping = Dutyfree so it's up to individual, we had nothing to shop this time.

Add another 10k if you want to partake in Mangrove tour/island hopping or any of the local beach activities.
All prices quoted above are for 2 people.

@ Rocky_Balboa
Thanks friend

Unfortunately did not click pictures of the car when stuck or while retrieving it as I was quite anxious to get it out and it would have looked mighty silly if I was taking snaps whilst others were working in the hot sun to help me.
The rice is normal 'sticky' rice you find in most parts of Southeast Asia.

@ Gowda79
The pleasure's all our sir, Thank you for taking time off in the rain and being with us.

@ Rjstyles69
Well I hope I can revisit the place again as it has that kind of an effect on me, as to taking the car onto the beach, I was careful enough to park where it would have come out without any effort, just that when it initially lost traction I took that guy's advice (foolishly) and backed it almost into the water.
Many cars are parked at the spot where I had parked the car, only my rear wheels were on loose sand, and the front wheels dug in because of the incline, you can see where I had initially parked it in these photos.

Name:  89.JPG
Views: 644
Size:  114.9 KB

Name:  90.JPG
Views: 633
Size:  108.5 KB

But all said and done, it is really an eyeopener and I would not try the same stunt again, no matter how beautiful the beach (or the car for that matter) is.
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Old 20th November 2009, 17:41   #29
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Hey Hari

what man, you went on such a wonderful trip, but completed your travelogue within 2 pages ?

i had thought that i would have some good time till year end atleast, if not end of financial year

i am yet to read the description, wil ldo so over the weekend,
but photographs look great.

i will call you over next 2 days.
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Old 20th November 2009, 18:20   #30
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@ Starvegabond,
Arvind the entire trip lasted about 4 days, what more can I write? Also, the destination being a repeat, the number of photos are also cut down drastically, you can read and see more photos on the link provided in my last post of the travelogue.
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