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sree70 22nd April 2010 21:21

KODAIKANAL- Princess Hills in Summer 2010.
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Hot! Hot! Summer in Bangalore & record high temperatures (38deg).
Planned to cool off in a Hill station.
Places in Mind: Kodai, Ooty, Coorg & Yercaud.
On 12th April decided to visit Kodaikanal the princess Hills.
Who all ?(team)- My family & Wifeys cousin sister's family - 4Adults & 2Kids.
When ? (period) Needed atleast a week to complete our pending works & got advised from another cousin not to visit kodai on weekends as there would be mad rush & lot of traffic. I didn't want another tarffic jam rides like in bangy. So decided to visit kodai on 18, 19 & 20th April.
Where to Stay? (roof cover) After lot of browsing & reading reviews about accomodation in kodai found Villaretreat (VT) best suited for us.
Enquired about availabilty of rooms in the resorts & could manage to book 1 Standard Room & 1 Classic room. Luckily ours was the last booking for the particular days.
How? (mode of transport) After owing I20 Asta petrol car i never prefer any other mode of transport. So it has to be I20 Rajah.
Which way? (Route) Had 2 options.
1) Bangalore>Krishnagiri>Salem>karur>Dindigul>Kodai road>Vattalagundu> Kodaikanal ~ 480 KMS - NH7 route
2) Bangalore>Krishnagiri>thoppur>mettur>bhavani>perun darai>kangayam>dharapuram>palani>kodaikanal Kodaikanal ~ 440 KMS NH7 & SH routes
Since in Jan2010 i had driven on NH7 from Bangalore to Kanyakumari and wanted to explore an other route & the 2nd route being a shorter opted for it.

First day of the trip 18April:
The checkin time at Villaretreat resorts (VT) was at 10-45 am & had to leave bangy on saturday mid night to reach at the checkin time. But due to my saturday's heavy work schedule decided to leave @ sunday early morning.
Left Rajajinagar/bangalore @ 4-45am & picked up the other team members @ basavanagudi. Stuffed all the luggages in the spacious/300lts I20 boot & left basavanagudi @ 5-15am.
The bangy traffic on sunday early morning was very less & almost empty on the new elevated express way from silk board to electronics city.
Paid RS30/- toll @ the new toll gate.

laluks 22nd April 2010 22:02

Hey sree, waiting for the pictures.
So the toll is 30Rs to exit bangalore :)

StarVegabond 22nd April 2010 22:28

I have never been to Kodai, i am tuned in to know more

jacs 22nd April 2010 22:38

Sree more pictures please! Cant wait, Kodai is one of my favorites since childhood. Especially the cycling around the lake, lot of memories :D

sree70 22nd April 2010 22:46

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The other fly over upto attibele is also opened (toll fees 20/-) & helped us to reach Hosur border quickly.
Reached krishnagiri BPCL @ 6-15am & filled fuel & it was too early to have the breakfast @ A2B here. So drove upto another A2B on the right side of NH7 before toppur toll gate.
Breakfast place
Attachment 335437
After having heavy breakfast & spending 30mins left the place @ 8-00am.
Found a gaint with a baby parked on NH7
Attachment 335438
Passed the Toppur toll gate & after 8kms drive took a right turn which leads to mettur / SH20.
A sign board indicating the right turn
Attachment 335439
Found this guy toppled, spilling metal scrap on the road
Attachment 335440
Reached mettur @ 8-50am & took few snaps on the bridge & the road condition was good.
Attachment 335441
River cauvery crossing mettur
Attachment 335442
Left mettur @ 8-57am & passed bhavani @ 9-45am and took NH47 to reach Perundurai. After 18KMS drive on smooth NH47 took a left turn which leads to perundarai. There is a sign board indicating the left turn.
Reached perundarai @ 10:15am & took SH96 towards kangayam.
In between the strecth there is a fly over construction in progress & had to take narrow deviated roads & reached kangayam @ 10:53am.
Another SH in good condition
Attachment 335449
Further took SH37 & passed Dharapuram and reached palani foot hill via SH83 @ 12-00 noon.
Palani temple hill veiw
Attachment 335452
The 375 kms ride from bangalore to palani took 6hrs45mins including refuelling, breakfast, waiting @ toll gates & taking snaps. The drive on NH7 upto toppur gate is very well known. The SH20,37,96 & 83 are 2 lane & the road conditions are good. The route is very sceinic & one can really enjoy the nature & is different from the boring NH7(my opinion). Even the traffic was less on these routes.
In palani we can take the bypass road to Kodaikanal & avoid the temple traffic but i drove inside the town after paying RS30/- car entry fees.
Parked the vehicle near the temple premises & saw a huge sunday crowd.
Took a break journey & had packed snacks got refreshed after drinking tender coconuts. Were tempted to visit the famous palani temple after seeing the Car rope way & Electrical winch to reach the hill top & thought if possible can make it while return journey.
Left palani @ 1-00pm towards kodaikanal.

sree70 23rd April 2010 00:03

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Expreince of Palani to kodai ghat road section:

The temperature @ 1-00am at the foot of palani hills was around 38deg. The distance between the foot hill of palani & Kodaikanal top is about 69kms. Of which the initial 18kms is a flat / normal road & the remaining 51kms is ghat section road with 14 hair pin bends. The roads were recently aspahlted & was in its best condition and wide enough to accomadate 2vehicles expect for buses.
At the entry point of the ghat road
Attachment 335498
Attachment 335499
Attachment 335500
Attachment 335501
As we drove & climbed the hill the temperature started decreasing & was able to feel the cold of hillstation. Switched of the car AC. On enroute saw many vehicles descending the hill (coming back from kodai) and felt happy that the weekend crowd is moving away from kodaikanal.:)Attachment 335511
Ghat section roads veiw
Attachment 335505
Attachment 335506

Attachment 335511
Reached Kodaikanal top @ 3-20Am and the total time took to travel in between was about 2Hrs. Had south indian veg meals lunch @ Astoria veg which is situated very near to Kodaikanal bus stand.
After the lunch checked in to Villaretreat @ 4-10pm and found the rooms alloted to us was clean & tidy. The reception at VT was also good.
Villa retreat entrance & my team members
Attachment 335534
The weather in kodaikanal started getting more cooler @ 4-30pm & we rested in our respective rooms. After a breif nap got rereshed & came out for kodai exploration.

MX6 23rd April 2010 00:15

A trickle called silver cascade. Not bad for 12th Apr actually. Bring it on buddy.

ampere 23rd April 2010 05:08


Is that snap you posted taken from the top of Villa Retreat? Is nt it the Vaigai?

sree70 23rd April 2010 06:51

@ laluks, Hey Sirji, yes 30bucks & another Rs20/- to cross over attibele.
Doesnot matter since it helped me to reach Krishnagiri from Basavanagudi in a hour.
sorry: I made mess while uploading photos in the previous post.
The falls photo is of Silver cascade falls & the last photo is of the palani foot hills clicked while climbing the ghat.

sree70 23rd April 2010 08:13

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Came out of the rooms & 5-45pm & after exiting the villaretreat compound found Coakers walk on adjacent side & Byrant park on opposite side.
Walked towards the park & bought entry tickets.
Bryant park is a 20.5hectare botonical garden with lawn & a glass house which shelters fine varities of hybrid flowers & grafted trees.
Pathway in the park
Attachment 335610
lush green inside the park
Attachment 335611
Glass house in the park
Attachment 335612
colorful flower
Attachment 335613
A huge Bodhi tree
Attachment 335614
A veiw of the huge park
Attachment 335615
While enjoying in the park @ 6-15pm a mist started to cover the park
Attachment 335616
Attachment 335617
A tree in front of the mist
Attachment 335623
Colorful flower garden
Attachment 335627
Gandhiji's statute in the park
Attachment 335628
Kids playing in the lawn
Attachment 335639
At 6-35pm it started pouring & since there was no shelter around came out of the park. Walked to the lake side which is opposite to bryants park exit gate.
Sipped hot tasteless tea on the lake side shop & watching the lake waited for the rain to reduce. Luckily we carried umbrellas.:)
Lake at 7-00pm
Attachment 335644
When the rain slowed down walked upto the lake. Watched the drizzling rain drops falling into the water with a light mist in the sky. The veiw was fantabolus.
It was 7-45pm & then we walked to the resort room and after the rains the weather became more colder.
Everyone were hungry & the weather was perfect to have hot hot North Indian veg dishes.
Tookout the car & drove upto Rasoi a punjabi veg resturant next to Astoria veg near bus stand. Had hot Veg stuffed Parathas, Jeera rice & lassi. The food was tasty but the place & cleaniness was yac.
After the dinner again went to the lake & drove around the 5.0kms circumference of the lake.
Lake @ late night
Attachment 335653
Then drove back to the resort & walked to the backyard of the resort from here had a beautiful Jewel box veiw.
The night spectular veiw from kodai hills of the lights in the downhill periakulam town (not sure) is popularly known as Jewel box veiw.
Could not catch the jewel box veiw
Attachment 335654
Discussed about the next days programe in the reception & planned to visit berajim lake. To visit the berajim lake a permission is required from the forest office. Got the information that the permission would be issued at 10-30am onwards for limited numbers and the line would start as early as 7-00am.
So didn't want to waste time on this and asked the resort people to arrange for it along with a private vehicle with driver.
At 10-00 pm checked into the room & watched IPL3 for a while & slept thinking about next day's thrill.
That was our 1st day events.

aargee 23rd April 2010 08:42


Originally Posted by StarVegabond (Post 1851328)
I have never been to Kodai, i am tuned in to know more

Ah!!! news to me.


Originally Posted by sree70 (Post 1851481)
Reached Kodaikanal top @ 3-20Am and the total time took to travel in between was about 2Hrs.

3:20 PM I guess.

Your trip brings back my memories of the college day trip that we'd at Kodai & the lunch at Astoria.I too have exactly the same snap of the green park & the yellow flower that you'd taken.

My Wifey hasn't visited Kodai & I haven't visited Ooty, so its tie break for both of us as where to go & till date we haven't gone to both the places together. Your travelogue will help to show a glimpse of Kodai to her. Tks.

jacs 23rd April 2010 09:37

Oh! It rained? Though the places would be muddy and unclean, you could really feel the chill. But i think you lost the wonderful cycling around the lake, I did it many a times since childhood and still love to :).

Sad that you got bad tea, Masala tea is quite famous in Kodai with Banana Baji and its fun to have when served hot in this chill weather.

:thumbs up Waiting for more!

sree70 23rd April 2010 09:52


Originally Posted by jacs (Post 1851745)
Oh! It rained? Though the places would be muddy and unclean, you could really feel the chill. But i think you lost the wonderful cycling around the lake, I did it many a times since childhood and still love to :).

Sad that you got bad tea, Masala tea is quite famous in Kodai with Banana Baji and its fun to have when served hot in this chill weather.

:thumbs up Waiting for more!

@ jacs, wait for the next day thrills
@aargee, typo error yes it is 3-20pm.

ravibhat 23rd April 2010 11:56

Good report, I always wants to revisit Kodai. Interestingly I cant remember visiting this park last time when I had been to Kodai. will try next time.


addyhemmige 23rd April 2010 12:42

Nice report Sree. I loved the pics, especially the one of the lake where it is rainingclap:. It's been a very long time since I had been to Kodai. Hopefully I can see more of it through your travelogue:)

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