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shreehari 22nd June 2010 23:31

A trip down the memory lane--Vegas ,LA Trip.
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This one is atleast 6 months old.Why i have not wrote about this before is just because i felt too lazy to write it. & why i am writing it now is because i felt like browsing through my pics late in the eve & while browsing the pics i felt it will be fun to recollect things and pen down the experience as it has happened yesterday. So in a typical bolly wood style join me on a flash back.

Time:4:30am PST
Place:-252w 2230N ,Provo,Utah,US

Myself along with my 3 collegues rush towards my Nissan Altima with our luggages for the next 3 days.I fire up the car,& while others are busy settling down inside the car,I clear the snow on the wind shelid & side view mirrors. its freezing cold & my thermals & jackets were becoming useless.I quickly got inside the car & grabed the Gps in the car and fed in the destination as Disney drive,LA.(I just loved the way the coordinate system works in US ,u feed in th e coordinates & the GPS just takes you to the door step without any problems it just wonderful--will die to see it in I ndia.)After a few minutes of making sure that every thing was in place & a quick pray to shirdi sai baba ,we start towards our destination,Disney land in LA.

We were deputed in our HQ for 3 months for some project purpose & this was the first time we guys were traveling outside india. It was the month of Dec & entire US was getting ready for xmas & new year , we too decided to make use of this time & we set out to celebrate our 1st international vacation.
10-15 min after we left our hotel we took the ramp to I 15 s .Here we were driving through heavy mist at a speed of 60 mph.The mist was so thick that i was scared to death for an hour or so untill sun showed up from somewere & and the mist started receding.The drive after that was the most beautiful one which i have ever done in my life.With snow laid landscapes on either sides , we sped through I 15 s untill we saw some boards on our sides which talked about some historical fort,it was almost 8:00 in the morning & we were feeling hungury so we decided to pull over & visit this fort.

The fort is known as cove fort and has its on historic importance.

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After walking through the fort for some time we ran back to our car..The cold was un bearable.We quickly ate some bread whcih we had carried with us & then after a couple of snaps we headed again towards LA.

INFO:-This place is around 120 miles away from provo towards vegas.Big sign boards on I15s will guide you to this place.

Our ride for this entire trip.

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Vegas comes on the way to LA & we drove through vegas assuring ourselves that we will be back for the new year eve celeberations in vegas.

As we came close to LA we satrted seeing some greenery here & there & this was the first time in 1 month that we were seeing some other colour on land other than white.

After 10 hours of continous driving we reached Disney land.We stayed @ super8 hotel in Disney DR.The rooms were pretty decent for the money paid & it was close to the disney parks.

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After a cup of tea & little chit chat,we decided to head towards the famous Hollywood walk of was almost a hour & half drive from Disney land.

& then on that night we walked on some of the greatest names of hollywood

The next day we decided to start exploring Disney land friends decided to cover both the Disney parks namely the Disney land & the Disney adventure park.Myself not being a big fan of the adventure rides decided to stay out of the adventure park .

INFO:-don’t forget to checkout passes for these parks.The passes come with multiple entries to these parks & are much cheaper too.Southern california pass is a good value for money though.

Being a holiday season the park was literally over crowded still i managed to cover almost every thing in Disney land.
I had returned to my childhood days & was running around on different rides.I had never had so much fun in my life.

These were some of the rides at disney which was a great experience.

The disney street.
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Some performances at Disney land

Attachment 373190

a submarine drive in Disney land.
Attachment 373204
Attachment 373205

The elevated tram which runs across Disney land and near by areas .i wish that namma metro comes any were close to this.
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Attachment 373221

After these i went ahead to see some more rides in the park & then around 9:30 in the night the sky was lit by Disney’s special holiday fireworks which was an amazing experience.

After these spectacular fireworks it was time to enjoy the beauty of the castle in the park standing silhouetted against a dark sky.

That marked the end of tiring but a very beautiful day.
30th morning we woke with Hollywood on our minds.It was the day when we were visiting the famous universal studios.
The traffic on that day got us 3 hours late to our destination

INFO:-Try to reach around 9:00 & if late cover the lower part of universal studios first & then come to the upper level.Usually all tourists will be stuck at the upper level & thats when all the rides on the lower level will be free.

The first show we watched was the shrek.the 4D experience of this show was amazing.This was followed by the studio tour were they took us through different location.A slight drizzle ruined the entire fun of this trip & i could not capture any snaps which are worth mentioning during this studio tour.but still for the sake of it here are some.
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The below is some Fast & Furious set it seems.
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even though there were a lot of scenes worth photographing here i was very afraid of getting my new camera wet so just managed to click a very few snaps.

Two of them which really left a mark in our memories were these.
the first one straight from the location of war of worlds..

& the second one were we were put in midst of a raging flood.

after these we continued our day by going to there award winning show the water world were they brought in front of us the entire climax of the film.

like wise we covered the entire studio that day.some of there show's worth mentioning are the Simpson’s,Jurassic park & the revenge of the mummy’s.
This again marked the end of a very tiring but a very fruitful day.

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31st we were returning back to Vegas for celebrating new year in Vegas..but we seldom knew that this day was going to be our most tiring day of our life’s.

While returning back we visited a near by beach called newport beach & then it was time for having some fun with the camera.

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INFO:-If you are not used to directions,don’t even think of coming to LA without an GPS assisted car.even though we had GPS we were lost a couple of times.

after spending some time in this beach we left for Vegas & reached vegas around 6:00 in the eve.

we stayed @ Arizona charlie hotel in vegas which was a bit far from the strip

INFO:-look out @ for deals on hotel & try to get a hotel near by the strip

we went straight away to the hotel that day and around 7:00 in the night we returned to the vegas strip.We expected rush on the streets on that day but what we got was 10 X of what we expected.The entire US was on that strip & what a crazy crowd.we almost escaped a stampede on the new year.

amidst all this chaos we still somewhere enjoyed the craziness & on the 1st around 3:00 am we returned back to our hotel to grab some sleep & to give our paining legs some relief.

On the 1st of jan 2010 around 10:00 am we left Vegas & reached back in Provo safely around 7:00 in the night.

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That marked the end of a beautiful year & start of a even more wonderful one.

So that was my experience of USA.Hope you liked what ever i scribbled above.

I would like to recollect here one of those quotations i read some were.

“Good days are to be gathered like grapes, to be trodden and bottled into wine and kept for age to sip at ease beside the fire. If the traveler has vintaged well, he need trouble to wander no longer; the ruby moments glow in his glass at will.”

Fordmanchau 22nd June 2010 23:53

Hey Harish,
Wonderful log with great pictures. What a delight man, probably third thread of yours right!!
Post more pics man!!!

akbaree 23rd June 2010 00:01

You gave a grand welcome to 2010. Nice pictures and thanks for sharing.

mandyrana 23rd June 2010 09:50

Nice Pictures, Did you went to Grand Canyon and Hoover dam.
You can get last minute deals on hotels @ also

shreehari 23rd June 2010 10:40

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Originally Posted by Fordmanchau (Post 1949285)
Hey Harish,
Wonderful log with great pictures. What a delight man, probably third thread of yours right!!
Post more pics man!!!

Thanks Fordmanchau,and happy to hear that you liked it.I am sharing some more snaps here.

This is another snap of cove fort.
Attachment 373388

Some sites around disney land

Attachment 373391

Attachment 373387

Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Attachment 373389

Columbia of Disneyland which takes the tourists around a small lake.

Attachment 373390

a small water fall inside disney land

Attachment 373394

A shot from inside the submarine

Attachment 373398

The train which runs around disney land

Attachment 373392

Attachment 373397

another ride in the night

Attachment 373396

the disney street just before fireworks

Attachment 373393

Disney land entrance at night

Attachment 373395

Holly wood walk of fame

Attachment 373399

Some sets at Universal studios

Attachment 373400

Attachment 373401

Attachment 373402

and finally a shot of casinos in vegas

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shreehari 23rd June 2010 12:22


Originally Posted by mandyrana (Post 1949568)
Nice Pictures, Did you went to Grand Canyon and Hoover dam.
You can get last minute deals on hotels @ also

We were not able to go to Grand Canyon & Hoover dam But yeah had visited Arches Nations park & canyon island in Moab, but then that's a new travelogue :) altogether.

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