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subs 16th July 2010 18:54

Local Specialities while on the road!!
Hi fellow BHPians,
I just thought, we guys do 'road' around the country quite a bit. Could we just pick up local specialities of each area, state or city that we have come across. It could be food, flowers, clothes, etc., etc,. I am mainly fascinated by local restaurants that we guys may not be aware about while on the road, but once we have a record of restaurants to visit and what the speciality is, am sure a lot of us would make it a point to visit there and enjoy the local flavour. Lets help each other by mentioning the item, the name and locaiton of the shop or hotel where you can find it.

For eg, on Mysore Road, I always visit the Kamat Lokaruchi for awesome food and ambience, though a bit more expensive than local hotels in that area, the place is worth a visit.


mallumowgli 17th July 2010 12:39

@subs - this is an excellent idea, though the example given by you is not exactly what i thought this thread should contain

Here are my offerings

1. Ramassery idlis - People travelling to Palakkad can try this out. Named after a village 4 kms off the Cbe-Palakkad highway from Pudussery. This is a fluffy kind of idly, the size of a small dosa made in a centuries old special way and cooked traditionally in earthern stoves fired with tamarind wood. Tastes a bit different - like a cross between an Uthappam and the Kerala Appam. The village is totally nondescript, famous only for these idlis. The idlis can stay without becoming stale for 3-4 days

2. Unniappams from Hotel Jungle view - Kattikulam to Tholpetty route, Wayanad, Kerala

Am not sure whether this thread belongs here or the shifting gear section

pramod 17th July 2010 14:10

This thread needs to be on Shifting Gears section.

Mods can move this thread i guess.

aargee 17th July 2010 14:13

Thread exists already; though primarily for accomodation, it also has about food enroute -

pramod 17th July 2010 14:14


Originally Posted by subs (Post 1984591)
For eg, on Mysore Road, I always visit the Kamat Lokaruchi for awesome food and ambience

Subs --> Kamat Lokaruchi is not a local speciality of Bangalore/Mysore. They Serve North Karnataka food.

subs 19th July 2010 19:58

HI Pramod

Thnx for the response. You are right that they serve North Karnataka Food.

Maybe, I have not worded my thread properly. What I meant was good food, hotels, shops etc,. we find enroute to various detsinations that we fellow BHpians could visit without taking too much of a diversion from our main route, not necessarily local.

Apologies for the confusion.


subs 19th July 2010 20:04

hi mallumowgli

Apologies for wording my thread wrongly.

What i meant was good food joints that we could visit enroute to our destination without taking too much of a diversion, though not necessarily local cuisine. It could even be souvenier shops, spice outlets like the ones we find in wayanad, tea leaves or coffee powder etc., just to make it easier for our fellow BHpians who take that route and struggle trying to find good genuine shopping or eating material.

Thanks for the response friend.


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