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Bengal Bonding 5th October 2010 00:00

Digha and Talsari from Dakhineshwar
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Firstly it was the Recession,Then it was its recovery ,We had enough reasons for not taking the long pending road trip.We also realized we were getting old.OLD....If that was the right word.

A drive of 3 hrs to work everyday was making me take driving as a pain than a pleasure. Finally I had to take up the challenge to Win over the laziness.
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The 6.00 am stipulated start time was delayed to 6.45 as Shinning Armour (The name decided for my Maruti Esteem VXi 2004 for the travelogue)and the other members was getting ready to hit the road..

The clear blue sky greeted us for the journey and assured to make the journey memorable and the drive pleasant.We reached Kolaghat in an hours time .The bridge at Kolaghat has been repaired and we were lucky not to get stuck.The road from Kolaghat to Nandkumar is under construction and needs special attention to drive as the lane is Two Way and without proper Road direction.
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The Kanthi -Digha road is picturesque with road condition not too good,yet drivable.

As we reached Digha ,it was 11.30 and we went straight for the hotel at New Digha.(AC room ranges from 700/- to 1500/-.) We took a Super Deluxe and a Deluxe room.The Super Deluxe Room has a dinning Area and thus the Lunch and Dinner session continued without much disturbance and loss of privacy.

After a sumptuous lunch at Hotel, we couldnt skip the luxury of a great afternoon nap.

In the evening we went to the Sea Beach and got a wonderful atmosphere and a perfect view of the Sun Set. Sun Set is also a time to cherish on a Sea shore.
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After spending time at The New Digha Beach,We went to Old Digha Beach. Coffee at The beach is amazing and sitting on the concrete embarkments,a pleasure.After a session of Adda at the beach,we bought some great artefacts at a very reasonable rate.

We also enquired at the WBTDC Tourist lodge at Old Digha and concluded it better to stay in New Digha in future vacations as well.

The Dinner followed at The Hotel itself over a great session of Adda and we sharing our past experiences of long drive with our wives.Special mention to Geon Khali (Will share it later on how Urban behavior can offend Rural sentiments )

We missed the Sunrise as all of us preferred to leave it for the next time and concentrate in our most preffered activity i.e SLEEPING.

After Breakfast,we headed straight for the Beach and had a fantastic time there.few things that really fascinated me are
1. The beach is very well maintained and Clean and
2. "Atithi Devo Bhava" campaign has really gained popularity,as we experienced few tourist teasing few girls in the beach only to picked up the photographers in the beach and handing them over to the police post after few blows.

Now it was time for us to check out and Shinning Armour also had its bath and was ready .One word of caution ,Be careful about how these people clean your car as i had a tough time driving back because of the water spots and they cleaning the inner side of the wind screen with the same cloth. i forgot to warn them not to touch the wind screen from inside.

Next destination was Chandaneswar temple and Talsari Beach (aprox 5 kms) A fascinating beach with a perfect bike ride. They charge Rs 70/- if you drive a bike separately and Rs.50/- for being pillion.As for the beach I would let the pictures do the talking.
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In short if you dont visit this place you miss a lot.

As we headed back , we were invited for Lunch by a professional acquaintance.He had specially ordered Crab for us and the only word that comes to my mind is ,its outstanding.Dont miss crab if in Digha.

We left Digha at 3.30 to be at Kolaghat by 6.30.One word of caution again. The Sumo will be at there best all the way out and it is friends advise to Drive Safe.I drive the highway daily and know how dangerous it can be to get tempted to race.

It was time to join my friend for his birthday party and we picked up the cake only to rejoin the hectic life of ours..............and with a promise to continue our move.....We are not getting old......

This Travelogue is not a guide for travellers but a awkening call for those who have lost the Call of the Highway .A nice title for my book if ever i try.

Special Thanks for making this journey memorable goes to

Shining Armour
Lotus Sunscreen of my wife
Rubber Slippers from Power
Towel (As there is no changing place)
Soubhadra and Payal for being such Wonderful companion and lastly but never the least RINI (My only wife).

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akroy 5th October 2010 04:49

BB (Hope you are fine with this short name), well you just posted the travelogue at the stroke of midnight.

Nice pics. Digha looks amazing through your lens. daroon hoechhe.
Which camera did you take the sunset pics?


planet_rocker 5th October 2010 15:06

Do you get to see the hermit crabs at Digha - i thought they were popular at Shankarpur & Mandarmuni. Lovely set of pictures.

Do give a small introduction in the "introduce yourself" section.

Welcome to Team BHP.


The road from Kolaghat to Nandkumar is under construction and needs special attention to drive as the lane is Two Way and without proper Road direction.
this was still under construction couple of months back, with large potholes near the diversions - one can easily get stuck behind trucks post 5.00PM.

chethan.ram 5th October 2010 15:14

Nice short write up. Pictures are good, especially the ones taken in the beach are amazing.

Bengal Bonding 5th October 2010 22:32

Dear All,
Just returned from the wonderfully pathetic drive from office.
Thanks for the comments they really made me feel better.
The camera used for the photos is Canon Powershot A560 and Abhi you are welcome to call me BB.
Sir Planet_Rocker thanks for the information as I had no clue that they are called hermit crabs,They fascinated me and am sure to do some google research on them shortly.
You are right, the crabs are not found in Digha the pics of the crabs are of Talsari Beach.

I will surely try to introduce myself once I get acquainted with the page options.

Control your emotions and Drive safe.

Bengal Bonding 5th October 2010 22:51

I presume the Crabs are red Fiddler crabs.Just thought of sharing from my first stage of research.

ranjith.rajaram 7th October 2010 10:58

Apart from Digha Beach you will find Red fiddler crabs march in line on the Bakkhali Beach as well.

I guess Red fiddler crabs are only found in eastern Region (West Bengal) of India.

issigonis 7th October 2010 11:52

Olive Ridley nesting grounds in the subcontinent


Came to know that the major nesting grounds of the endangered Olive Ridley turtles nearby are (apart from the famous one off the beaches of Orissa) :

1. Konkan coast
2. Makran coast
3. Coromandel coast ( Tamil Nadu)
4. Eastern sea board of Sri Lanka

Regards, drive safe

Saurabh M 7th October 2010 21:10

Nice little writeup. Welcome to TBHP.

OT: Do take some time out to go through the TBHP rules section.

Bengal Bonding 11th October 2010 00:46

Dear Saurabh M,
Went through the rules section and found my mistake.Please guide how to edit the writeup.
Your garage is amazing.

khoj 11th October 2010 02:29

You can self edit your posts within 20 minutes of posting. For any changes after that you have to request the moderators. You could use the report button to self report your post and in the window that opens make your request to the moderators for the necessary editing.

The travelogue was interesting for me as when I saw the title, for a moment I thought you had driven several thousand kilometers from Dakhineshwar on the East coast to the West coast to places with similar names here namely 'Dighe & Talasari'.

Bengal Bonding 11th October 2010 23:14

Dear khoj, We will surely catch up for the drive may be in the future.

As of now these thousand kilometers are satisfied through my daily drive to office with my odometer reading increasing 2500 every month.

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