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pulsurge 30th October 2010 14:24

Desert-ed Dreams: Ride to Rajasthan
Mumbai-Udaipur-Kumbhalgarh-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer-Khuri-Tanot-Khuri-Barmer-Ahmedabad-Mumbai: 3267 kms

The complete set of pics here:

Picasa Web Albums - Deepak - Desert Dreams...

Anandg 30th October 2010 23:11

Amazing pics of Incredible India man. The pics of the fort and its intricate detailing work is awesome. I can imagine the solitude the desert provides from the humdrum of life.I think discovery and other channels never show the world how beautiful and complex Indian art is. All we see is slumdog millionare type documentries that are a small sore on its true and giant heritage.

Anyways rants apart, let us know how was your experience while riding 2 wheeler? How was the availability of food and water, temperature and accomodation in this long route. I am sure food and hospitality would have been great as you are in land of marwaris.

justwheels 31st October 2010 14:19

Amazing pics and an amazing feat to accomplish. Now thats the passion called bikes. Rajasthan has a strange glory attached, the deserts are just wonderful.

And it was nice to see you both live the real incredible India in those mud cottages and eating the ever tasty food.

Waiting to get the details of your trip, the planning and care for a long bike ride. How many days was the trip planned, any special incidents, how did the Karizma's perform?

ampere 31st October 2010 21:52

Very nice! Each snap tells a story. Very well composed!

diksh 31st October 2010 21:57

Exotic view.....Deserts have always been a dream destination. Must say lovely photography.

lordofgondor 1st November 2010 12:18

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Pulsurge, those are some great pics! Your log is really making me nostalgic man. The hospitality of Badal ji, Khuri sand dunes, and those mighty bajra roties that Laxman cooks to be savored with spicy Daal and a night spent under the stars, Amazing.

Just can't resist posting a pic from my trip.

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sami316 1st November 2010 14:06

Pulsurge, amazing pics man. Can't wait for more. Please update at the earliest. Thanks again.

harjeev 3rd November 2010 17:26

Great set of pictures and getting to experience the traditional village experience is priceless.
Waiting for the updates.

BTW what S/w or H/w did you use to mark your tracks on the maps? Please share

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