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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

Car: XUV 5OO.
Tyres: JKTyre Elanzo-NXT 235/65/R17
Kms: 43300
Status: Three punctures in 2 tyres, 1 bulge reported in one tyre, a good tyre gone burst on a road construction near my home, spare tyre remains good.

Replaced with four Michelin Primacy SUV tyres of the stock size.
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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

Car- Swift VDi 2012
Tyres- Stock MRF ZV2K 165/80/R14
Kms- 54000 with one tyre replaced after 4 years for bulging. Replacing now after 5.3 years.

Thinking of replacing all four, except one replaced one year ago, with MRF Zlo 185/70. My running is around 10000kms per year. Any suggestions of different tyres under Rs.4000 per tyre? Or should Zlo be good enough?
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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

Car - Figo D 2013
Tyres - stock Apollo aceleres 175/65/R14

At 39k kms I switched to Michelin XM2. Done about 36k on them & 2.5 years. Great Ride quality, moderate grip on wet & good on dry. JUST one puncture in these many KMS. Planning to change as they have started developing cuts & rubber has started to peel. Wonder if itís a common problem with the XM2ís.

Trying to decide between CCS5 & Yokos Earth 1 or should I stick with the XM..?
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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

Car: S-Cross 1.3
Tyres: JK Elanzo 205/60/R16.
KMs: 95,000 kms and counting.

Replacing them with Continental MC5 or Yoko Earth 1 this week.
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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

Car- Mahindra Scorpio 2012
Tyres- Stock MRF Wanderers 235/70/R16
Kms- 83500 and some rubber left.

Project new rubber in progress.
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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

Car - Suzuki Baleno 2015
Tyres - Stock MRF ZVTV 185/65 R 15
Kms - 48k and still have around 4.5mm of tread depth left.

The local tyre shop tells the tyres should easily go about 10k kms more. I am not surprised!
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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

Car: Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Zdi plus, May 2016
Tyres: came factory fitted with 215/60/R16 Apollo Alnac 4GS, lasted exactly 68k kms, a couple of punctures, I bought a 5th OE alloy wheel & did 5 wheel rotation, alignment & balancing every 5k kms

Second set of 5 tyres Michelin Primacy 3ST, the car has run 1.42 lakh kms, so Michelin has so far run 74k kms, with just one puncture so far
Same policy of rotation, alignment & balancing every 5k kms
Tyre should last another 8-10k kms easily

I'm actually surprised with the life, with Primacy being a soft compound tyre
Planning to try the Primacy 4ST now

Pls note: the car primarily runs on highways, almost 90% on highways

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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

Car Terrano.
Front suspension overhauled, and First pair of tyre changed at 77000km on 16th March.
Second pair will be changed by June (before rains) I average about 4000km a month.
Tread depth was about 3.5mm

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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

Ride - Honda Amaze SMT (Petrol)

First pair - Goodyear, changed at 52120 Km, had zero punctures Changed proactively.
Second pair - Michelin XM2 - current mileage 73000 Km. One puncture on the sidewall

Usage: 70% highway & 30% in city. Will change on need basis.
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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

Ride - Skoda Rapid 2012

First Pair - Apollo - 40k km
Second pair - Michelin XM2 - 70k km
Third pair - Michelin XM2 - 5k + km
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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

I had michelin tyre on my new swift which I purchased in March 2017. It lasted for 84000 kilometres. It had still some life left it but I replaced with new Michelin set.
Now 112000 kilometres and still running good....
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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

2015 Fluidic Verna CRDI

Tyre Size - 195/55/R16
Current ODO - 2.15L kms

First Set - Bridgestone B250 - 22k
Second Set - Yokohama Earth1 - 60k
Third Set - Yokohama Earth1 - 68k
Fourth Set - Yokahama Earth1 - 65k (still running)

Highway - 80; City - 20

Factory Bridgestone’s were by far the worst tyres. Terrible road noise, loads of punctures and two of them had sidewall tears.

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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

Car- Honda Amaze (VX-AT)
Changed the OEM Goodyear tyres at 40K kms to Yokohama Earth-1s(upsized).
Ride quality seems to have improved and the up sizing has increased the grip.

Car- Hyundai Santro (2005)
Changed OEM Bridgestone tyres at 70k kms in 2009 to MRF ZVTS (Tube type).
Second set were MRF (tube type) again changed last year at 1,19,000kms. Car is restricted to the city and has very low running.
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Default Re: How many KM did your last set of tyres last?

i've been using only Michelin tyres since 15 years. It's one tyre which always gives 65-75K kms of life with periodic alignment and balancing. Though expensive, it's worth each penny you shell out extra.

Car : Skoda Laura MT TDI 2011
Current Odo : 1,83,000.
Usage : 95% highways.

It's presently on its 3rd set of Michelin.

First set : Michelin Primacy 205/55/R 16 with odo at 120. Changed prematurely at 45k owing to lesser side wall height and rough ride. It had life worth 15-20 k left though.

Second Set : Michelin Primacy 225/55 R 16 that lasted for 75000 kms from 45K to 120 k( this is till the wear indicator button that's embedded in the tyre ). Taxi folks would've extracted another 10k more.

Third Set : Michelin Primacy LC 225/55 R 16 that has clocked 63 k so far ( Odo reads 183 k now )and looks good to run for 10 k more.

My observations :

* Michelin tyre provides tremendous comfort and grip - both in dry and wet surfaces.
* Tyre Noise is almost non existent
* Less prone to puncture. I've had only 3 punctures in this whole of 183 k.
* It's a known fact that the tyre compounds used are soft( means more comfort) and hence not recommended for people who drive carelessly and roughly( suv style drivers) over broken and pothole ridden roads. Need to be little cautious with tyre sidewalls. Not a tough thing to do and not at all a downer.
* If i've to nit pick , once it has clocked 50-55 k kms, there's little tyre noise that sneaks in to the cabin compared to the first 50 K . Besides the tyre gets a tad harder.
* It retains the tyre softness for longer duration (4 years easily) provided the car is predominantly parked in shade. Other brands tyres tend to get harder much earlier in their life.( basis feedback from my friends )

Other cars which I've used Michelin in are Ford Fiesta and Santro with similar experiences.

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Default Hyundai i20 Crdi

On my Hyundai i20. Size 185/65-14

Stock Apollo Acellere - 36K kms.
Yoko C Drives - 55K kms.
Conti Comfort Contact 5 - 40K kms till now. Should last another 20K kms.

I feel, the CC5 are underrated. They are pretty silent, offer a good grip in dry and wet. The ride cushioning is very good if the correct tyre pressure is maintained.
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