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Default Goodyear launches Assurance Triplemax 2 tyres.

To coincide the 120th anniversary of the Goodyear establishment the co has augmented the Assurance series of tyres with the introduction of Triplemax2 range of mid size car tyres. The new variant gets a boosted compound formulation of Carbon-Silicon to aid braking, and downsized rubber blocks on the tyre’s contact surface to further cut down road noise.

The company claims tested road noise inside the cabin to stand at 62.4dB while driving at a constant speed and at 60.1dB during coasting, both of which claim to be lower by 1-2dB over competing products.

The TripleMax 2 series comes with an asymmetric tread pattern. Christened 'HydroTred' in Goodyear speak, this tread pattern allows for quick dissipation of water while on a wet road and thus, significantly minimises chances of aquaplaning. The tyres also get an enhanced, two-layer sidewall reinforcement which was brought in, keeping in mind the condition of Indian roads.
The Triplemax 2 will be available in 14, 15 and 16 in rim sizes. The detailed options available is in the link below. The tyres however will be launched in India by end of 2018. This will see the Triplemax 1 to be gradually phased out.
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Default Re: Goodyear Assurance tyres, Triplemax 2 launched

I am on Goodyear tires for last three years and will have clocked 50K. I remember only like 3 punctures and still its going strong with just one complain of loud noises. It still brakes on time and perfect running condition
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Default Re: Goodyear Assurance tyres, Triplemax 2 launched

I'm on Goodyear Assurance TripleMax 2's for my Fiat Linea T Jet Plus. Size 205/55 R 16. I was on 5 year old Michelins before this. Have completed about 500Km thus far.

Chose them over Michelin 4ST's and Yokohama Blue Earth's for the value for money factor primarily. My car is 9 years old and I dont do / see myself doing more than 6000Km - 7000Km per year.

My review in this short ownership,

1) Grip - Both wet and dry grip are as good as the Michelin's. In fact better as I have fresh April 2019 tyres so the rubber is softer as compared to the previous 5 year old Michelins. No complaints.

2) Road Noise - So far there is no obtrusive road noise as such. On asphalt roads road noise is minimal, while on concrete roads its a bit louder. As Goodyears have a reputation for getting nosier as they age, I'm not expecting better than Michelin performance. But acceptable performance uptill now.

3) Looks - The tread is good looking, the tyre seems to look wider than it is actually giving a well filled up tyre well and "perfectly tyred" stance. Even the side wall is pleasing to look at.

4) Fuel Efficiency - Again no noticeable difference. Have'nt gone for a longish trip, so cant comment further.

5) Comfort - The fly in the ointment is in the ride comfort. The ride seems to have become stiffer. The potholes / speed breakers jarring us more than the older tyres. Ive reduced the tyre pressure by 2 psi. Though there was a marginal improvement, I dont want to deviate from the recommended tyre pressure in interest of tyre life and performance. So not quite happy on this count.

6) Handling and Steering Feel - As I drive a Linea T Jet, the steering feel has always been superb. The older Michelins were fantastic in this regards. The GoodYears though not bad, still make you feel the Michelins were better. Long sweeping turns are ok, but on sharper and faster turns the feel is slightly numb. Not that the steering input causes the Car to handle badly, but something is missing, slightly. Maybe I'm overthinking this. Will see when I hit the Ghats sometime, will be able to observe it better.

7) Value for Money - At Rs 6650/- I think the Goodyears are extremely VFM. The Yokohama Blue Earths at Rs 7800/- and Michelins 4ST's at Rs 8900/- were quite expensive in comparison. Saved almost Rs 9000 bucks over the 4ST's for a set of 4, which is a lot when you factor in that my car is 9 years old and being a Fiat Linea has almost 0 resale value now. The 2 Year unconditional and 5 Year total warranty are an added plus. The dealers (Premji TyrePlus, Thane) had good things to say for the warranty claims settlement of GoodYear.

A discerning or a demanding person may opt for the 4ST's, but the GoodYear Assurance Triplemax 2's make a fantastic case for an VFM good all rounder, with little compromise on the comfort level on bad patches.
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