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View Poll Results: Have you had Issues with your Michelin tyres?
Yes (Bulges, premature tyre wear, frequent punctures etc) 48 16.55%
No. They're quite problem free 242 83.45%
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Default Michelin Tyre Woes: Fact or Fiction? (Michelin users please vote)

I've read a number of threads here on team bhp maligning michelin tyres. While the impression I've gotten from most reviews is that they are a bit fragile for indian roads, that is still the opinion of a few. They are fabulous tyres, and they do deserve a fair chance.

So please, if you have bought a pair of michelin tyres, please do let us know if they have been the trouble free magic carpet, or faced issues like the tyres wearing out too soon, or bulges/tyre damage,

A small request is that only past/present michelin owners vote in this poll. Others, if you have an opinion, post here, but please refrain from voting.

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Old 12th January 2010, 00:32   #2
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I have michelin Xm1+ 185/70/R14 in my swift D since around a year now, i used for 9 months before i went to UK and believe you me they were run hard in the 18500 km i ran it.
By hard i mean I did not go hard over speed brakers, Nor did i drive like hamilton over bad stretches but on roads i have taken it till 150's and 160 for long stretches, braked hard, hard turns etc etc.

They have stood their ground minus a punture. Wear i would say is okay, would last for another 20 thousand km as my dad is using it now and he drives very slowly.

Magic carpet ride i dont know about as I changed from 165's to 185's so the profile went down by 10 and i found the ride on the 70 profile harder than the 80 profile which is obvious so i will not be able to comment on that.

But otherwise i would say its a trouble free tyre and you should go for it.

Ps: It has been on lot of highway trips too at break neck speeds for hours, never felt short of grip ever.

Hope this helps
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Have used Michelin Certis, Pilot Precedas and currently using XM1. No issues with any of the designs.
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Used michelins back in 2000-01 no issues and I voted 'No/fiction' in the poll based on my experience.

I'll be the 1st to admit that most drivers tend to ignore their tyres (see my 1st post in the Michelin LC thread). But I am staying away from Michelin for now. If a BS can go thru the same experiences that a Michelin tyre can and come out relatively unscathed then there is something we need to think about.

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Awesome tyres! Michelin XM+1 Energy. 30,000 KM on my Dzire ZDi. One puncture. No issues at all. Still silent. Still comfortable. Super grip.
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I started using Michelin after GPS2, and there was a big difference in the noise. Also, the ride is marginally softer. I have been using them for a couple of months, will comment later after some time and mileage with long-term comments.

After reading comments here, I try to be easy on the tires since they are expensive and noiseless and I do want them to last 30-40000 kms.
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I use Michelin XM1+ 185/65 tubeless on R14 alloy wheels on my GTX. Have been using them for the last 11,000 kms. Absolutely no problems so far.
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Originally Posted by JVH View Post
I use Michelin XM1+ 185/65 tubeless on R14 alloy wheels on my GTX. Have been using them for the last 11,000 kms. Absolutely no problems so far.
Same here. Using XM1+ (195/60/R14) for over 15K kms and touchwood, nothing wrong and not even a puncture so far.
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I had Michelin XM1 (not the Plus) on my Indigo after upgrading after the intial set of BS wore out at 60000km. The ride was definitely better, but I faced sidewall issues in two tyres. One had a bulge and another had a cut. I do not know whether I was plain unlucky, but the fact is that this happened. I sold that car since.

My Verna and Civic are both running on BS Turanza ER60 (both upsizes) and my experience with them has been better compared to the Michelins.
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Thank you Greenie! (see, I didnt call you Horny this time! ). Oh wait! I did!
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I have been running on XM1s for almost 41K kms on my SwifDy and I can vouch for the amazing grip they offer on dry roads. Have had only two punctures and a cut sidewall on one tyre (must have been a pot-hole).

I dont abuse my drive but I have driven on some of the dreaded roads on my way to Ooty/Vaalparai/Coimbatore etc. Twice I stood on the brakes to see the lock-up, once on a slippery road at 40kph and another at three-digit speeds on GQ when a lorry cut in front of me. I havent faced any issues so far and the service guy was also impressed with grip it offers even after 41K kms.

With alignment and balancing done on regular intervals (I've never rotated five, only fronts to rear, since the fronts were a bit worn-out than the rear), it has enough grooves to take me past 50K for sure. I havent changed my brake pads yet and use engine braking whenever possible.

Two things I hate in the tyres:
(1) Grip in slippery conditions, it isnt worse but it aint as awesome as in dry conditions.
(2) The road-noise is on the higher side

Would I buy them again - a definite Yes, despite knowing it has a softer side-wall.

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Originally Posted by Rocky_Balboa View Post

(2) The road-noise is on the higher side
This is news to me. IIRC, other owners including yours truly love the minimal noise the tyres offer.

You are comparing w.r.t ?
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I have been using Michelin since 2001 on various cars. Used Certis on Santro and Indica. Used XM1 and XM1+ on Santro and Swift. Using Primacy LC on City Vtec. Never had any problems.
Santro Mileage-220000. With tyres changed at 60k
Swift D--100000. Tyres changed at 60k.
Never had any problems. No grip issue. I still feel that Certis was a better tyre than XM1 any day due to excellent grip on Wet surface. I always drive hard and rough. No problems so far. never even thought about brand switch so far..
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I am using Michelin PP2 on my Petra. I had to replace one since it got damaged at relatively low speed of approx 50 kmph, but other than that, it has been good.

Road noise is there but probably lesser than my old Good Year GPS2. Grip is in different league compared to poor GPS2 and so is cornering ability. I have seen that the car handles much much better with PP2.
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Default Michelin only

Have been using only Michelin from Jan 2001 itself.
Certis, PP1, PP2, MXV8.
Pilot Primacy bought a week back only.

Very Satisfied. Had taken very hard hits on pot-holes but never failed me.

The new Pilot Primacy on my Civic-AT ( 2 no.s at front only) are soft and noise-free.

Will always buy Michelin only in the future.
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