1997 Mahindra Classic

GTO’s Team-BHP Garage
1997 Mahindra Classic
Engine Specifications:
  • 2498cc Diesel
Engine Misc.:
  • Brand new fitted in 2008
  • Diesel. No mods.
  • Stock
  • 4x4 with low ratio
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Michelin All terrains mounted on three spoke 15" alloy wheels
  • Custom air-con. iPod dock + Boombox and various other miscellany.
  • Various add-ons.


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OmThoke Hey GTO I was thinking of picking up a new Mahindra Thar - do you recommend buying a new one, or restoring an old one? And, any take on Maruti Gypsy vs Thar? Bolero is also an option, but I want an off-roader, because I've already got several choices for my city drive, and comfort. 9th April 2013
DrvSafe WOW.That's a monster. Guess you must be just breezing through your off-roading sessions 9th July 2012
carzone I am new to the team here. Had read about your off roader on the forum, but having seen it here, I must admit, its awesome. Me too dreaming to get this kind of offroader once I start getting some money in my pocket. ;)
Till than will have to be content with my WagonR!
Nice pics of a great car!
4th July 2012
GTO Yup, sure did. Take a look at the video:
5th July 2011
ns1976 Whoa! Awesome pics.... I am extremely curious to know... The pic where the Jeep's in the ditch, did you guys manage to drive it out.... :-)

But fantastic awd you got here...
5th July 2011
SerenityI Rush, Thanks. Got the canopy done, however, the chap messed up my doors something bad....!! I downloaded a few of your JP snaps to show by example and get the mess corrected. Could you please do me a favor and send me a few snaps of the door from the inside? One to see the finish, second to see how it seals in with the jeep body. my mail address is dsouza-dot-denzil-at-gmail-dot-com.

The way this guy has made it... it looks real weird and is not functional as well. Apologize for contacting you out here...
\m/ \m/
23rd June 2011
GTO Congrats Serenity! The Classic was my daily drive for a couple of years too. On the canopy, all I can tell you is to use material similar to that of the Mahindra Thar, and ensure no leaks. Look up my latest Classic thread for more info. 24th May 2011
SerenityI Rush, got myself a Mahindra Classic with a Bolero engine for about 3.5 Lacs with Maxxis Trepadors and power steering. I am looking to fit in a canopy (its my primary car...i know i know i know....but its always been a dream..n what better time to live a dream right?).... I like the canopy that you have....i am trying to get a person in Blore to get this done for me... Would you have any do's n don'ts?
I am new to Jeeping and driving to a certain extent...
23rd May 2011
GTO Thanks Noopster! Hope you've stopped by my Jeep threads (review & off-roading) too. 17th April 2011
noopster Awesome ride Rush. I knew you had a classic Merc and a preworshipped Civic but am not much of a regular in the 4X4 forum so may have missed this. Nice! 16th April 2011
blueblooded i have been following you since my introduction to team-bhp , and am really enamored with your passion for the classic .Its been my dream to own one for my leisure drive across the city and occasional escapes to vindhya ranges , lets see when it comes true 15th August 2010
GTO @ Viraat : That would be my name :) 27th July 2010
Viraat13 I noticed the RUSH sticker. Does it signify your liking of the band Rush or something else!? 26th July 2010
GTO That's the air-con condensor's electric fan. After-market and lifted from a Tata Sierra. Chilling effect, I assure you! 15th July 2009
.anshuman In one of your posts i observed a radiator fan on the outer side of the radiator,is it stock?or fitted for a/c? 14th July 2009
*VT* Awesome jeep GTO.
Its a real off-roader! :)

8th July 2009
Blue Thunder Good to see the new pics of the 2.5L Classic : now for some off-roading pics ! 4th August 2008
GTO Well, the engine has been installed and even started. Currently, the rear axles & diff are being overhauled. We expect to take her for a test verrrrrry soon :) 5th May 2008
Blue Thunder any updates after the new engine swap ? Please do post some pics of the classic with the new engine. 5th May 2008
GTO No ways, monster. The Classic is not ideal for highway runs. Harsh ride and constant exposure to the elements. 22nd September 2007
Monster_BHP Do you think it would be an ideal vehiel for travelling across India? I am looking for that ideal 4x4 for my touring, what would you suggest? Thanks. 22nd September 2007
GTO Yup, front leg room is limited. I have cut a portion of the body and taken the seat further back for comfort. 3rd September 2007
Monster_BHP I very nearely bought a Classic, but when i sat inside my legs hardly fit, my right leg was outside and i could hardly move my legs! 2nd September 2007
GTO @ BDN317 : Sure, will be glad to answer any queries. Please open up a new thread on the Classic so that others may also benefit from our interaction. 9th August 2007
GTO @ Turbo : Nope, its a 4x2 now. The petrol conversion was a mess so will be reverting back to 4x4 diesel in 2008. 9th August 2007
bdn317 myself a proud owner of classic... wud like to discuss some of my doubts.. pls reply.. 8th August 2007
bdn317 Well... very very happy to see the snaps... ur jeep could never hav got a better owner... really appreciate the way u hav kept it... 8th August 2007
TurboDiesel Is it Still 4WD or you have changed it to 2WD 21st May 2007
BUSA hey GTO, any news on the petrol conversion? 13th November 2006
Proxima Any news on the petrol conversion? 1st October 2006
sahil_parekh hey GTO nice pics of gr8 jeep 8th September 2006
AUTO MAVERICK hi rishabh!! it me sheridan ex-employee of milestone, lower parel!! u wont remember me how r u?? ur jeep really looks cool and sexy!! 2nd September 2006
turbodrive55 nice picss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 27th August 2006
sunilchakola The Swimming Jeep..... nice pics man... 17th July 2006
BUSA any report GTO on your new engine? 14th July 2006
roadntrack where did you fit the filter? is it covered and facing the roof 14th June 2006
headers Nice Jeep..Infact am in search of one... 23rd May 2006
ram What crown and pinion do you have in the diff. ( 4.27:1 ) ? 10th April 2006
Max hey GTO, have you taken out that fabric shield and droped down front glass on bonet !! i saw such kind of mahindras jeeps at goa and they lookd STUD ! 7th March 2006
triggercool I loved your jeep . Even i have one its willys low bonnet even i am looking for 4X4 adventure 6th March 2006
sajo Saw in another thread that your Jeep actually has a stereo!! With the rag top?? If it was Pune, it would have been gone in abt an hour.:) 20th February 2006
rallystar nice pics GTO. if I am not mistaken the muckriver pic is during Goa great escape , near the Nestle factory. 4th February 2006
Edmund Awesome ride moderator!!! 29th January 2006
NFS Nice pics... I too love Jeep... Where were these offroad pictures taken from? Looks like kerala... What were you doing with that jeep on MuckRiver.jpg 24th January 2006
falcon Nice pics GTO! Would love to check it out sometime... 8th December 2005
aah78 love the pictures in the off-roading environment. thats where a Jeep should spend its life. 3rd December 2005
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