2005 Sabre XR 100 Mountain Bike

aniguchisan’s Team-BHP Garage
2005 Sabre XR 100 Mountain Bike
Engine Specifications:
  • Two standard sets of legs, chain driven via pedals.
Engine Misc.:
  • All stock.
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • I wish....steroids?
Fuel & Tuning:
  • A bit of elbow grease, and this baby's a-runnin'.
  • 21 speed. Chain driven.
  • None
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Full aluminium body shell.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Full front and middle suspension (fully independent suspension). Twin springs up front, mono-springed in the middle section. 26" wheels and tyres. Small diameter drilled disc brakes on each wheel.
  • A leather saddle, with flaming designs.
  • Front and rear reflectors. Silver aluminium body with black, yellow and white flaming decals/paintjob.

  • Also fitted are a front and rear lighting system. On the middle-section of the handlebars, is a three-LED white light projection beam, with a 1.5 km range. The rear consists of three red LEDs.
Other information:
  • I admit it isn't a car or a motorbike, but it's my new pride and joy. In accordance with the fact that this is the TBHP Garage, I thought it would be most sensible to shoot pictures of my 'ride', in my 'garage' itself. Party on, dudes.


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Created: 17th December 2005 21:07
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Author Comment Date
Doge Came here expecting a Maserati, not disappointed lol. 29th December 2014
aniguchisan Yes akshay, gone since September 2006 in fact, as you can see in my comments. The memories were short-lived, but shall forever remain. Sniff :_( 20th March 2009
akshay4587 Hey i just read it in your signature-Stolen?
is it for real?
If yes too bad:(
20th March 2009
speedzak Amazing! Congratulations on this great piece of technology. Very soon, I'll try and get one too! :p 18th April 2008
abhi1309 Nice bike....where to get such stuff in India? 3rd August 2007
]-[eaton cool dude just awesome got a cool ride maaan 23rd July 2007
aniguchisan Aluminium, so wasn't very heavy at all. Probably under 25 kg, but I can't give you a figure, as I'm not too sure. 11th June 2007
R32_GTR how much does it weigh?? 4th June 2007
aniguchisan Keep the comments coming though, these pictures and your appreciation mean a lot. I had it for just under a year, but boy was it worth it... 23rd February 2007
aniguchisan Some sad news - my garage was broken into during September 2006, and this bike was stolen. Haven't seen it since. :( 23rd February 2007
iraghava Lovely, lovely bike! I bet you remain in shape due to all the exercise you're getting :p Glad to know you're enjoying it!! 22nd February 2007
Sidewinder$ nice ride... brother...i love them yaar .. seriously AUSUM... 12th February 2007
aniguchisan Haha, thanks buddy. Special thanks for appreciating the description. 19th July 2006
tidzterdesign hey nice bike and yeah....nice desicription especially the turbo 16th July 2006
aniguchisan Thank you. Yes, I'm my own engine :p 9th June 2006
v1p3r Nice bike. Your engine is a bit optimistic "two standard sets of legs"??? 6th June 2006
aniguchisan Thanks, mano. 22nd May 2006
vinod wow cool bike dude 17th May 2006
prabuddhadg Firefox road bikes retail at Rs22 to 26k. They sell only aluminium bikes. Even their touring bikes are alloy. 5th April 2006
khanak even metro cycles in mumbai deals in imported bikes though they dont have anything too good 20th March 2006
aniguchisan How much do such bikes retail for at Firefox? 16th February 2006
dhirajs for all you bikers,such bikes are now available in india too,at firefox(mg rd)new delhi. 15th February 2006
aniguchisan Khanak, the bike doesn't tip forward on using the front brakes, it's a rather smooth retardation. However, I'm more prone to using the rear brakes. 31st January 2006
aniguchisan Edmund, thanks. The bike is from the UK, and I live here in London itself. 31st January 2006
khanak does your bike tip forward when you use the front brakes? iv always had that problem on imported bikes until i started loosening the front brakes up. 29th January 2006
Edmund Awesome bike you got there, where is it from? 22nd January 2006
aniguchisan Thanks a lot, dude. I got my first mountain bike when I was 10; I still remember how thrilled I was. I'd just upgraded from a BMX. Yes, I love bikes! 19th December 2005
hkanitkar nice ride man... loved the mountain bikes since i was 8-9 yrs old ... really cool 19th December 2005
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