1992 Mazda Miata Turbo

ananthkamath’s Team-BHP Garage
1992 Mazda Miata Turbo
Engine Specifications:
  • 1596cc DOHC
  • Stock block, head and valvetrain
Turbocharger & Induction:

Home-built fully custom setup with:
  • MHI TD04L-13T turbo
  • Denso intercooler from Ford Probe
  • Denso bypass valve from Subaru STi (that's right no boy racer BOV here)
  • Custom charge tubing
  • Cone filter
  • Custom-built exhaust manifold
  • Custom-built downpipe
  • 2.25" catback exhaust
Not dynoed but at 12 psi I have put several car lengths on E92 M3, Mustang Cobras and even a BMW Z3M coupe on the freeway.

Fuel & Tuning:
  • Custom-built standalone ECM in stock Denso case and un-molested factory wiring
  • 330 cc injectors @ 38 psi base pressure
  • Closed-loop fuel calibration
  • Closed-loop idle control
  • Closed-loop electronic boost control
  • Stage 2 clutch and 2 lb lighter flywheel
  • 3.9 ratio and stronger diff from 1999 Miata.
Wheels & tires:
  • 16 x 7 Rota RB panasport-style
  • 215/45 R16 Kumho Ecsta XS auto-x compound tires
  • Bilstein HD dampers
  • 425/340 lbs/in springs
  • Adjustable coilover spring perches
  • Polyurethane jounce bumpers
  • Heim-jointed Flyin Miata front sway bar
  • Hard Dog roll bar
  • G-force 6 point harness
  • A/c Vent boost gauge
  • Concealed RS232 port for ECU
  • Either Radar detector or speeding ticket (coming soon)
  • Faded paint for that true bomber look
  • Stock except wheels and tires

In final race trim - first place in class and 12th out of 130  cars that day

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.....but not any less fun Autocrossing with a completely stock car = Fail! Newly turbocharged...and first cosmetic upgrade, the MR2 wheels Initial turbo setup....engine bay has significantly changed since Turbo   Stock suspension   crappy tires = Bigger FAIL than no turbo Doing the clutch At Waterford Hills - I was faster than an Elise and several C5/C6 Corvettes despite having never dri In final race trim - first place in class and 12th out of 130  cars that day DSC01113.jpg
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abhik K car on the outside, beast inside!! 11th August 2009
ananthkamath lets see how this year goes....i'm in the same class as modified STi's and the disadvantage of tires, but there's still a decent chance. 31st March 2009
Scooby STi I'm talking about people you and I have raced with dude, all the literature in the world will not convince me that those STis and EVOs in Detroit were being driven to their full potential! That includes me, on a twisty AUTO X circuit anyway, Rally X being a totally different matter.... :) 31st March 2009
ananthkamath Oh yeah, neither are NASA Time trials drivers: Scroll down to TTU Class and see how a 250 whp Miata compares to a 700 whp Evo.

How many more examples you want boss........
26th March 2009
ananthkamath I dont think SCCA Nationals drivers qualify as douchebags: - R2.pdf , compare D Prepared and B Street Prepared times, almost identical; plus the D prepared cars are naturally aspirated. 26th March 2009
Scooby STi "they routinely kick STi and EVO *** out on the track."..... Mostly driven by Douche**** . I will admit you have a stink fast car though. 26th March 2009
ananthkamath There is now a thread on the build:
17th September 2008
ananthkamath thank you for the kind words. car will be dyno-tested by end of fall. suspension is excellent right out of the box, so nothing more than a good set of coilovers and anti-roll bars is planned.

this car will be prepared for NASA Time Trials for the 09 season.
11th August 2008
islero What plans for the suspension? And have you dyno-ed the car after turbo-ing? I third that; we need a new thread!!! 10th August 2008
ported_head Miata engine bay seems spacious! Neat job! 21st July 2008
chetanhanda ananth dude u need to start a new thread for this car.. 2nd June 2008
ananthkamath autocross runs only in summer anyway where I live. and structural rigidity, stiffness etc. takes back seat to a car which is agile, nimble and forgiving. The 240SX is one of the worst cars you can auto-x. Miatas are among the best out there for this, they routinely kick STi and EVO *** out on the track. 22nd May 2008
sujaylahiri Why choose a convertible for autocross? Why not something like a Nissan 240SX which has a permanent roof? I mean we don't get the best weather in North America where we live.

Also fixed roof = better structural rigidity and stiffness.
22nd May 2008
ananthkamath Well some stuff is still being sorted out. The setup is home-built except for the welding work. Manifold is custom-built by ETD Racing, standalone is scratch-built by me based somewhat on megasquirt. 19th May 2008
v1p3r Lol, not so stock anymore, eh? How did the labour work out for you? And what exhaust manifold did you use? Which standalone? Why not start a new thread? 19th May 2008
dipen Guess no one can ever resist more bhp forever. 19th May 2008
ananthkamath plans changed, not going to be in stock classes anymore. Watch this space! 28th March 2008
ananthkamath sorry to disappoint; my philosophy with this car is to be competitive in the stock class 17th October 2007
pawan put the 20b engine should be a killer. 17th October 2007
ananthkamath I have dunlop wintersport M3. LS2 hmm, i'd rather turbocharge the existing engine 15th October 2007
islero how about plonking in an LS2? :D....... dont know how well it would do in the autocross after that tho....with all that iron in front.... 15th October 2007
islero Hey nice car man, my bro's got a 1997 model.....what tyres you running right now? 15th October 2007
highwayblaze nice pics! :) thanks to ananth i drove this car. it drives like its on rails--LITERALLY ! fantastic! 11th October 2007
ananthkamath Thanks. 2nd October 2007
hkanitkar And clean too !! :D 27th September 2007
hkanitkar Sweet !! 27th September 2007
Rtech Neat! Perfect car for your purpose! 4th September 2007
ananthkamath its completely stock so it must be around 120 hp 3rd September 2007
lancersfx That us a cool ride ananthkamath's .....I Have played NFS UG using this car and it is awesome for drifts....So whatz the BHP its running....?? 3rd September 2007
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